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ISO private dining in Orlando...

Try Primo at the JW Marriot by Seaworld, they have a private room. Also there is Bice at the Portofino Bay hotel. Great food and a ok wine list..


5035 34th St S, Saint Petersburg, FL 33711

May 22, 2010
horvath42 in Florida

Shingle Creek Resort - Primo, K, Ravenous Pig

You should also consider Christini's on Sand Lake Road. Expensive but the food is fantastic.
Also, try the new Italian place on sand Lake Rd called La Neuovo Cucina close to Seasons 52.
Finally, try Vine Grille and Wine Bar on Sand Lake Rd.


May 22, 2010
horvath42 in Florida

Orlando Lake Buena - how to escape the chains. DC hound needs help

I think that you should try La Luce in the new Hilton Bonnett Creek.

Also, how about Christini's on Sand Lake

Nov 09, 2009
horvath42 in Florida

Orlando, 1st Time in 2 Years - Anything to Add to Itinerary?


You should try the following:
Ravenous Pig: near Winter Park
Primo@JW Marriott: Great Italian $$$
La Luce@Hilton Bonnet Creek: Great Italian $$
Luma on Park: Winter Park

Oct 14, 2009
horvath42 in Florida

Looking for Blue Costello

Have you tried Mazzaro's in St.Pete. They are on 22nd Ave. If they do not have it I am sure they can get it. Jeffrey would be the person to ask.

Good Luck

May 09, 2009
horvath42 in Florida

Dinner for 50?

Here are a few suggestions:

The Venue: Tampa/Clearwater
Berns Steakhouse: Tampa

not much to choose from. good luck

Apr 13, 2009
horvath42 in Florida

Wine- 1984

You can also look at West Palm Wines in Tampa Florida. They have a great selection of older vintages that are stored at cellar temps.
They are fantastic and can also look into anything specific and can usually get almost anything.

Mar 13, 2009
horvath42 in Florida

Todd English’s Da Campo Ft. Lauderdale, first impressions.

I agree with the wine list. Just to rant a little about restaurant wine lists. It bothers me that an Italian restaurant serving very good food will have a wine list that does not match the quality of the food, especially an Italian restaurant. These restaurants are looking for the cheapest wines to mark up the most to maximize profit. If they would only pick great wines and charge a little less they would sell more.
The other problem is that most restaurants do not train the staff on the wines nearly as much as they do on the food. There are alot of great Italian wines that are not expensive that can make up a great list. It is a shame that a restaurant would choose to have the same wines on there wine lsit that you can buy in Publix or for that matter most grocery stores. I would never buy a wine in a restaurant that is in a grocery store. This tells me that the distributor does not care where the wines go, they just want to sell the wines. The restaurant should also know that the wines on there list are in Publix and not want to have it on there list.
I wish that Italian restaurants would have a little guts to put the wines from Italy on there lists to go with the food and not have wine from France, Australia, South America....
All restaurants have to do is ask the distributor to come and do training for the staff and then the staff will know what they are selling instead of just being order takers.

NY Italian Restaurant

Restaurante Claretta
3036 S.W. Martin Downs Blvd.
Palm City, FL 34990 Map
Phone: (772) 219-9940
***This place is fantastic.

Feb 03, 2009
horvath42 in Florida

ISO Tampa Fine Dining

I would suggest Bern's Steak House. It is one of the most famous steak houses in the country. If you go ask to take the tour of the kitchen and the wine cellar. It is located on Howard Ave. close to Hyde Park.
Also, Ocean Prime near the airport in the International mall. Great steaks and seafood.

Jan 27, 2009
horvath42 in Florida

Primos in Orlando is booked - Any alternative recommendations?

I think that Ciao Italia which is across the street from the new Waterpark is great. It is about 5 minutes from your hotel.
Also, Bice at the portofino bay hotel near the Hard Rock is amazaing.

Good eats

Jan 26, 2009
horvath42 in Florida

What's up Tampa Bay?

It seems as though I read all these posts about new places opening up in Miami, Ft.Lauderdale, and so on. I rarely see anything in the Tampa Bay area opening that is from a famous Chef. Tampa is the most lacking in the state of Florida for big name Chefs opening a new place.
I hope to see some new blood opening in the Tampa bay area soon.

Nov 23, 2008
horvath42 in Florida

4 lunches, 4 dinners in St Petersburg

These are my recommendations for St.Pete.

Bella Brava---Lunch or Dinner
Vinoy Hotel---Lunch or Dinner
Mazzaro's Market---Lunch (Great sandwiches)
Cafe Alma---Lunch or Dinner

Nov 09, 2008
horvath42 in Florida

'08 EPCOT Food & Wine

I have not heard good things from friends who have gone. The wine is cheap and is the worst in years. My friends complained that it used to be about the best wines from around the world and not so much anymore. The current Issue of Robert Parker did the best value wines from around the world and Italy had over 600, which is more than France, Spain and the U.S.A. combined. But they are offering the wines from Banfi in the Italy area. This should tell you something.
Finally, Almost all the events are considerably more expensive than they were last year and they are showing off vintages instead of the better ones.
The event seems to be about the cheapest possible wines instead of the best wines from each country.
Good Luck

Oct 01, 2008
horvath42 in Florida

Need New Dining Recommendation in Orlando...

How about:

Christini's on Sand Lake Rd and Dr.Phillips

Sep 17, 2008
horvath42 in Florida

St. Pete - Bella Brava

They also do a half price wine by the bottle on Wednesday night I think. You should try the tasting menu next time. The food is great and the wine list is very reasonably priced.
They ahve added some new wines and there are alot of great wines for the money. A few examples of some great new wines: Firriato Chiaramonte(Nero d'Avola), Marramiero Dama Montepulciano, Mormoraia Vernacccia, Pra Soave and ..........

Aug 19, 2008
horvath42 in Florida

Looking for a new Italian experiance.

I am tired of the same old thing. I would like to hear of any new and or coming soon Italian restaurants in Orlando, Tampa or Sarasota?

Aug 02, 2008
horvath42 in Florida

Casa Tua and Tuscan Steak...Opinions

I also think that you need to consider Sardinia in SOBE. It is off the beach a couple of blocks. I went with a wine producer from Tuscany and he said that it is one of the best Italian places he has been to in a while.

Jul 17, 2008
horvath42 in Florida

Looking for a good non-chain place North Tampa/New Tampa Lutz

The problem with Benedetto's is that they go for QUANTITY instead of QUALITY. If the chef's specials are better than the normal menu, that tells me that they need to work on making the food on the menu better.
It seems as though they are not doing as well as they used to be. For the record, there should not be lemon juice in Veal Marsala.

Good Eats

Jun 14, 2008
horvath42 in Florida

Need Restaurants to Suggest in Orlando for Convention Attendees

Here are a few places that will not disappoint:

Bice@Portofino Bay Hotel
Seasons 52
Texas de Brazil
Luma in Winter Park
Ravenous Pig

Good Eats

Jun 12, 2008
horvath42 in Florida

Mazzaro's St Pete-Service Issues?

Just because you don't see a manager doesn't mean there isn't one. If you are in a restaurant, would you set there for that long without saying anything? I don't think so. Sometimes you have to ask for help.
If she looked at you and you notice she is looking at you why didn't you motion her over or say something.
Yes, someone should have come over but, it seems as though you could have made an effort.

Jun 05, 2008
horvath42 in Florida

Dining on or not too far from International Drive in Orlando

Here are a few choices for you not too far from where your staying.

1. Primo@JWMarriott
2. Texas de Brazil
3. Norman's@Ritz Carlton
4. Bice@Portofino Bay Hotel
5. Luma in Winter Park

I look forward to your comments on where you ate and how you liked the food.

May 24, 2008
horvath42 in Florida

Mazzaro's St Pete-Service Issues?

I think that everyone has a bad day. It sounds like you have never had a bad day at work. I think you should have asked for some help from the coffee bar person instead of just sitting there and getting more angry. It also sounds like instead of asking to speak to someone in charge about your experience and help them get better, you chose to tell no one except on the website which does Mazzaro's no good at addressing your problems. I am sure if they knew the problems you had they would have addressed the issue and turned your experience from bad to good.
I have been going there for five years and have had few problems and if I do I would bring it to there attention.

May 15, 2008
horvath42 in Florida

Any New Restaurants Coming to the Tampa Bay Area?

Looking for any new restaurants coming to the Tampa Bay area down to Sarasota and over to Orlando?

May 11, 2008
horvath42 in Florida

Help Me Decide: Primo or Norman's (Orlando)

In my opinion, I think that you would have a better dinner at Primo. You are treated more like someone they want to take care of rather than just another customer at Norman's.
The wine list is better at primo and there are not as many choices for dinner, but the food is amazing.
Good eats

Apr 20, 2008
horvath42 in Florida

Need fine dining suggestions for Monday night in Tampa

There isn't many to choose from. You may want to try the following: Armani's, Flemings, Ruths Chris or the Palm.
Good Eats

Apr 19, 2008
horvath42 in Florida

Steakhouses outside Disney World

This isn't a Steakhouse so to speak, but Texas de Brazil has great steak and other meats that come to the table as much as you would like.
Give it a try.

Good eats

Apr 19, 2008
horvath42 in Florida

Help in Orlando

Here are my suggestions for Orlando for very good food.
1. Primo @JW. Marriott
2. Bice@Portofino Bay Hotel
3. Texas de Brazil on International Drive
4. Maggiano's on International Drive
5. Vito's Chop House on International Drive
6. Bergamo's on International Drive
7. Seasons 52 on Sand Lake Road
8. Moonfish on sand lake Road

This should give you a few choices. Good eats.

Apr 11, 2008
horvath42 in Florida

New and exciting!!!!

What is new and exciting in the way of Italian food in Tampa, Orlando, St.Pete, Clearwater and Sarasota? I love to eat Italian food and would like any new suggestions for the named cities because I tavel quite often to these cities.
Also, name you favorites for best wine list.

Apr 07, 2008
horvath42 in Florida

3 Dinners in Orlando starting tonight

There is a nice restaurant in your hotel called Calla Bella. Here are my other suggestions:
1. Texas de Brazil---International Drive
2. Primo---JWMarriott--down by Seaworld.
3. Coq Au Vin---French

Good eats

Mar 31, 2008
horvath42 in Florida