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Sake in Montreal

Thanks so much for all these responses: I'll be digging into the SAQ website a bit.

Re: Japanese grocery stores--I'd still be interested in hearing recommendations for these. Especially if anyone has seen any green tea Kit Kat bars!

Feedback for my draft itinerary

Oh yeah, and if you see Food Wolf anywhere on your travels, it's worth hitting up!

Aug 31, 2014
parleek in Atlantic Canada

Feedback for my draft itinerary

Some good looking stuff there. Coastal Breakfast is a great idea (be warned it is very small and you will likely wait, but it's worth it). I would suggest making Edna a dinner location rather than a breakfast one: their breakfast is great but if I could only go once, dinner would be my pick. In my opinion the Bicycle Thief is overrated and the kitchen has an extremely heavy hand with salt: I'd swap that one out. Across the street from Edna is Field Guide, which does small plates and has the best cocktails in town.

I disagree with the poster below about Two If By Sea: their coffee is amazing. Their baked goods generally bring out a love/hate reaction from people. They go for huge portions and lots of butter. If you are staying downtown a trip on the Woodside ferry would take you to Johns Lunch and there is, I believe, a harbour side walking trail that would let you walk or bike from there to the downtown of Dartmouth where you could hit TIBs and take the Alderney Ferry back to Halifax.

If you go to Salvatore's, try to make room for one of their Coney Island heroes as well as some of their amazing pizza. I am not sure it's on their main menu, check the chalk board.

If it is the long weekend you are here, check hours, as many of those small businesses will be closed on Sunday or Monday.

Sake in Montreal

I don't see any recent posts on this topic so I thought I'd start a new one: where are the best spots for sake in Montreal? Both bar/resto and for take home purchase. Is there a particular SAQ which has the best stock? Are there any Japanese grocery stores that I should know about?

Quebec City: L'Affaire Est Ketchup or Patente et Machin

Thanks for the replies: we will try l'affaire est ketchup. Wish we had more than night in Quebec City!

Quebec City: L'Affaire Est Ketchup or Patente et Machin

Spending one night in QC in September and looking pretty seriously at having our dinner at either L'Affaire Est Ketchup or Patente et Machin. I've been reading some reviews and looking at photos of each, but I'd be curious to hear from someone who's been to both how you would compare them.

Montreal / Quebec City - 5 days - several questions

Of your Montreal restos that you link with 400 Coups, the only one I've been to is Hotel Herman. It was well over a year ago and I believe the restaurant was quite new at the time. The meal was a highlight of our trip to Montreal on that visit. The concept is sharing plates and we sampled a number of things from the menu. We sat at the bar which we agreed really added to the meal as it was bustling and you could really interact with the staff and see lots of other dishes going by. A bit of a vague description I am afraid but it was awhile ago.

Joe Beef Reservations?

Thanks for your replies. I wondered if they had stopped taking reservations because of how popular they are right now. It is odd though because there is still a link to Open Table from the Joe Beef website: it just gives the Temporarily Offline message as above. The phone it is I guess.

Joe Beef Reservations?

I'm looking into a Joe Beef reservation for a future trip to Montreal. Each time I have visited the Joe Beef website the Open Table link says "This Restaurant Is Offline Temporarily. Please Check Back." Is there currently something going on with reservations for this restaurant, or is there something I don't know about trying to get a reservation there? Thanks.

Seaport Farmers Market Rethinking Business Plan

Did anyone else see the story on the CBC with the above headline today?

What are your thoughts on how the market is going a year later. (It's been a year, right?


I for one have become a pretty dedicated Sunday market goer. I appreciate the quantity of vendors on Sunday while not missing the crowds from Saturday. A few of my favourite vendors don't make the trek for Sunday but enough do to make it worthwhile. I make occasional weekday visits. On a weekday there aren't a lot of vendors - but you can get meat, bread, fish, veggies and milk each day the market is open. And there are a number of lunch options. But they seem to be a bit in that trap of not having a lot of foot traffic and so not being able to attract more vendors.

My biggest "discovery" with the market is how close it actually is to downtown. I work in the downtown and have been surprised by how little time it takes to walk from my place of work (on SG Road) to the market on my lunch hour. I think the market would do well to highlight this to downtown business workers.

What have your experiences been with the "new" market?

Nov 09, 2011
parleek in Atlantic Canada

Raw oyster bars and local joints

Hmm, no replies yet. I think that might be because, though we are by the sea, Halifax isn't much of an oyster or oyster bar kind of town? You can get them on menus, but I don't think of anyone as being really known for this. Maybe that's just me. Here are a few places to look into:

Fish Fisherman Restaurant. They have an oyster happy hour daily. I admit I have never been here, but maybe someone else will chime in now that this is started.

The Press Gang also bills themselves as an Oyster Bar. They might be a good choice for oysters but my experience with them as a restaurant (admittedly quite some time ago) was that they were overpriced and uninspiring.

Bistro Le Coq has oysters on their main and their late night menu. Again this is a restaurant but they do have a bar area with a few tables that is a nice place for appetizers and drinks.

Gio has an oyster appetizer on their dinner menu: 6 oysters, 2 au naturel - 2 tempura - 2 rockefeller and you can order it with a shot of PEI potato vodka. Might not work if you are only interested in raw oysters, but an interesting take on oysters at what I think is the best restaurant in town.

Beyond oysters there are lots of restaurants in town worth trying. The scene doesn't change that rapidly so a post from even a year ago talking about the best restaurants would still have much that is relevant. Lately I'm really enjoying Brooklyn Warehouse for a restaurant that focuses on local food, a good selection of beers and a relaxed vibe that is, I think, unique in this city. I was recently really wowed by a meal made by Craig Flinn at Chives, another restaurant that focuses on local (and seasonal) cuisine.

Brooklyn Warehouse
2795 Windsor St, Halifax, NS B3K, CA

The Press Gang
5218 Prince Street, Halifax, NS B3J 3X4, CA

Nov 07, 2011
parleek in Atlantic Canada

recs for tasty baked goods in Halifax?

Ciboulette still always has muffins and they are delicious. They don't often have the sticky buns any more as an item you can just drop by and pick up one of, but I have been told by the staff you can order a half dozen with a day's notice.

(although just to contradict myself, when I was there last week, they did have some individual sticky buns for sale. not sure if it was just a one off thing or not)

Aug 22, 2011
parleek in Atlantic Canada


Nice to hear. As an occasional visitor to Fredericton, I'll be glad to add this to my list of places to investigate. Was going to ask what the other authentic place you allude to is, but see from some of your past posts it must be Panda. I'd second that as a place for a good meal based on an experience there back in the winter.

Have you tried breakfast at "Coffee and Friends"? The name almost kept me out when I was looking for a quick breakfast on the same trip when I had the Panda meal. Was pleasantly surprised to find a few Korean options on the menu amongst the relatively standard coffee shop eggs and bagels. Portions weren't big but made for a tasty, casual breakfast.

Aug 22, 2011
parleek in Atlantic Canada

what happens when was only sorta happening for me

Curious if others have been here yet and want to report. I'm heading to NYC toward the end of the month and was thinking of adding this to my list. Not sure if it'll be the same set up by then or on to the next, but am still curious to hear more experiences.

Feb 02, 2011
parleek in Manhattan

Food Trucks in Halifax?

I think the lack of replies speaks volumes - food trucks don't seem to be something that have caught on here yet. We'll probably have tonnes in five years when the rest of the world is on to something else, but right now there is little beyond fry trucks that I know about. All of the ones that I know of that serve something other than fish and fries seem impossible to actually track down. For example:

There had been a truck called Buddha Boys that was suposed to park on Argyle street by parade square, but I have never located them despite looking several times at lunch over the summer. I'd love to know if anyone knows what happened to them -- they were rumoured to have more Asian style fare.

Blazing Barlow does excellent BBQ - for awhile you could find him parked on Main Street in Dartmouth (past the NSCC in the parking lot by Dave's Fruit and Vegetables, but I'm not sure he's still there, he seemed to be focusing more on events and catering lately. He does have a website with contact information if you wanted to try:

There is a cup cake truck in town, I'm not sure how you find out the schedule, but I've seen it parked on the waterfront in both Halifax and Dartmouth. It's actually more of a motor home than a truck, but it seems to do the trick. I guess you could contact the store for more info:

If you do want fish and chips, I have heard good things from a friend who lives out Bedford way about The Battered Fish on the Bedford Highway. Haven't been myself. Here's their website (although I'm not sure it's still working....)

Oct 31, 2010
parleek in Atlantic Canada

MIX Fresh Kitchen

I get the sense they have been playing with the menu, I've been twice now - one for lunch during the soft launch and once for dinner. For the lunch trip, the menu did seem overly large, but for the dinner it was shorter (and I noticed it said something to the effect of it being a limited menu).
The space is beautiful, love what they have done with it: very modern yet warm and inviting.

For both of the meals I had, it was obvious that the restaurant was new. The first visit the staff were a bit tentative and obviously learning the ropes, the second visit was a really busy Friday night where the kitchen was having problems keeping up with the pace. I can't say enough about the great service we got from the front of house staff on that second visit. The place was mobbed but the greeters and wait staff were excellent in trying to get us served and out the door to a post dinner event we were trying to get to on time (which we did).

The first meal we had for lunch we had a pad thai and a thai beef salad: neither was overly flavourful, the pad thai better but the beef salad very bland. The second meal we went we opted for burgers: the menu description is a bit overwhelming - the number of toppings seems a bit hard to imagine it working : Jalapeño Havarti Cheese, Oulton's double smoked Bacon, Guacamole, Tomato, Lettuce, Grilled Red Pepper, Spicy Mayo.... but it worked well and was quite delicious. The fries were fine - nothing to rave about.

For me, Mix seems to be a good mid-range place: great atmosphere, food not too pricey: nothing that would blow your mind, but also food that is tasty and well presented. (Although I notice someone here raved about the ribs and that is the one thing I have heard someone else rave about in another forum - so maybe that will be the standout item on the menu?)

It will be nice to visit this place in another few weeks and see how its developed once they have settled into things a bit more.

Oct 31, 2010
parleek in Atlantic Canada

Where to find fresh Calamari in Halifax?

I've still never eaten at Fiasco - calamari or anything. I really need to add it to my list.

I had very good calamari a few months ago at Cafe 101 in the Holiday Inn in Dartmouth. Calamari was very fresh, and a beautiful mix of spicy and sweet in the sauce.

Oct 21, 2010
parleek in Atlantic Canada

Two Meals in Quebec City - Help Me Clear My Head

I am heading to Quebec City this week and find myself in a similar situation to the original poster. Only 2 meals - one dinner, one breakfast: midweek. As much as I would like to try some of the more high end places (like the ones mentioned as splurges in the original post), I think we are looking for something more moderately priced.

I am staying in St. Roch and am currently leaning toward Clocher Penché for our dinner but I'm wondering if anyone can help with a few questions about other possibilities.

Do Le Hobbit or Les Bossus have their own websites?
What about Le Pain Béni - I found a website linked to a hotel but there is no menu.

I am also curious about Le Lapin Sauté. The reviews here sound positive, and I think I even recall walking by this restaurant on a previous visit to Quebec City and noting it, but I find their website off putting - it makes it seem like a very touristy spot . What is the atmosphere like there?

Also, have I left it too late to expect to get a table at any of these places?

Le Pain Béni
24 Rue Ste-Anne, Quebec, QC G1R, CA

Les Bossus
620 Rue Saint-Joseph E, Quebec, QC G1K3B9, CA

Searching for a good food stop between Halifax and Charlottetown

There's a new spot in Amherst that has been open just a month or so called Art of Eating Deli and Catering -- it's downtown: 82 Church Street. I stopped in and grabbed smoothie a few weeks ago but didn't have time for lunch (or cash, and they were still running cash only at that point after just having opened). The smoothie was great and the space - small but cozy - was really nice. Display cabinet had lots of meats and cheeses. Amherst is quite a small town, but this felt much like an urban cafe. They have a page on facebook where they post their specials everyday and they always sound fabulous.

Sep 25, 2010
parleek in Atlantic Canada

Best pizza place in Halifax

From the sounds of your post below, I'm starting to fear you'll never find pizza in Halifax :)

As for combos at Tomovino's - I tend to stick to their Tomovino's Combo or the Ambrosia. I think I've had the Con Carne before as well, but you really have to be committed to meat consumption if you're going for that one.

I had another pizza this week -- and I have to say, it was below their regular standard. Still good, but I wouldn't wanted it to have been the one I staked my good pizza claim on.

Aug 31, 2010
parleek in Atlantic Canada

Best pizza place in Halifax

Thanks for your searching wishes!

I just thought I'd mention as well that Tomavino's has reopened in the South End in it's old location. I've had two pizzas in the last three weeks and am happy to have them back.

Aug 25, 2010
parleek in Atlantic Canada

Halifax: Chinese Food

Your husband should check out the Hungry Chili on Blowers Street in Halifax for great Szechuan -- but he should do it soon, as they are apparently closing at the end of the month and don't have a new location planned at this point.

For places that might do something you would both enjoy - perhaps Fan's in Dartmouth, or King Wah or Cheelin in Halifax. It's been awhile since I've been to any of these three but they are all places that I've heard people with a range of tastes speak highly about in the past.

Aug 18, 2010
parleek in Atlantic Canada

Seek Road Food Recs along Rt. 90 in MA

This place looks amazing! Thanks for the tip!

I'm actually driving this route for my return journey as well -- so I'd still appreciate any other recs folks might have.

Aug 18, 2010
parleek in Southern New England

Grocery and Alcoholic Beverage Stores in Nova Scotia

I couldn't agree more with eastcoastal's assessment of NS reds, I generally avoid them. That said, I have really come around to NS whites. I quite enjoyed a Gaspereau Muscat back in the spring. Paired with fiddleheads it was lovely. I think that it would go quite well with asparagus as well. Like was mentioned elsewhere in this thread, if you are in the valley, you can visit the Gaspereau Winery (and several of the other Valley wineries as well). I was at Gaspereau in the spring and we did a tasting of a number of their wines, which is how we discovered we like the Muscat.

I think some others have mentioned local beers in this post. Propellor in Halifax has great beers - their Pilsener is easy drinking especially in hot weather and I really enjoy their Porter if you want something darker. Propellor beers are available from NSLC liquor stores. I have also become a recent convert to Picaroons Beers (which are from New Brunswick). I believe they can be purchased at the private liquor store by the Pete's on Dreseden Row in Halifax -- not sure about other locations.

Aug 17, 2010
parleek in Atlantic Canada

Seek Road Food Recs along Rt. 90 in MA

Will be traveling west to New York State on I-90 later this month, would love some recommendations for lunch spots to help avoid the service plaza fare. Old school diners, good sandwich places, truck stops or food trucks are all of interest.

Aug 16, 2010
parleek in Southern New England

Perogies? In HRM?

There were previously at least 2 vendors at the market that had perogies. With the recent change from the old market to the new, I'm not sure where either of them are located now, but checking the market it probably the best place to start.

You had asked in your original post for "serving" perogies, so I hadn't responded with this. These aren't ready to eat - they are frozen to take home and cook up there.

Aug 16, 2010
parleek in Atlantic Canada

Help with itinerary

I'm kind of curious about your plans to hit Fisherman's Cove. Particularly as you said you don't want to do a lot of driving - it would be probably 30 minutes from downtown Halifax by the time you cross the bridge and pass through Dartmouth.

I'd be inclined to suggest Emma's for food out there. It's very casual (only breakfast and lunch) but has a small town feel while still offering quality food. Especially if you like fish cakes. I haven't been out there for probably a year but I used to go out every few weeks for brunch. I've never been to Boondocks.

If you are coming through Dartmouth, stop for coffee at Two If By Sea Cafe on Octerloney Street. Easily the best coffee in the city.

Aug 07, 2010
parleek in Atlantic Canada

Help with itinerary

Hey - saw today that the dates for the Incredible Picnics have been announced. Some of them are late August. Halifax (being held in Dartmouth) is the 22nd - earlier than you mentioned, but in case your schedule changes.

Jul 14, 2010
parleek in Atlantic Canada

Best pizza place in Halifax

You think getting good pizza in Halifax is bad, you should try living in Dartmouth. I used to be able to drive to the South End and get a pizza from Tomavino's but since the fire there they only have the Bedford location and that's just too far.

I know you said you've tried all the usual Halifax recommendations but I'm curious if you've tried Tomavino's and where it rates on your scale.

Also, anyone heard and rumours on when the south end Tomavino's might be reopening?

Jun 16, 2010
parleek in Atlantic Canada

Brunch suggestions for Halifax?

The MicMac is a great place for a tavern-style meal - brunch or otherwise. Certainly not the same style of eatery as the places originally mentioned in this post (Jane's, Fid, Coastal) but great for casual, well priced steak and eggs, fish cakes and eggs etc. I think of it as Dartmouth's Midtown.

Jun 14, 2010
parleek in Atlantic Canada