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Buenos Aires Cafe -- Palermo

My friend and I arrive in BA very early Friday morning. Since we cannot check in to our rental apt until 11am we need a place to hang out until then. A cafe with yummy breakfast would be perfect. But it has to be somewhere that doesn't mind us hanging out for 2 or 3 hours. Our apt is in Palermo at Gurrachaga y Charcas. So please recommend places nearby. Thanks.

LA for 4 days--Vegetarian friendly

I will be in LA from Friday, Dec. 14th through Monday the 17th and would love some dining suggestions. That's 3 dinners and 4 breakfast/lunches. I would like to try something in each of the following categories:
2)kitschy LA diner
I am also open to suggestions outside of these categories if they are must-eat-at places. Thanks!

Dec 12, 2007
roseberk in Los Angeles Area