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Input on My Dining Choices

We'll be visiting in June, and have started to book all of our reservations, but I thought I'd throw our plan out for comments:

1. Polish Deli Food at Uncle's House
2. Tru
3. Someplace in Greektown
4. Old Town Brassiere
5. Table 52
6. Moto
7. We are going to Second City, and thought we'd find someplace close after the show
8. Baseball Game at Wrigley, so we are thinking pizza or hot dogs - something to help absorb the beer
9. Alinea
10. The Half Shell
11. Open for suggestions

Appreciate any input! The only set reservations we have are Tru, Table 52, Moto and Alinea.

Apr 18, 2008
Linus Paul in Chicago Area

First Time Visitors to Your Fair City...

This website is great. Thanks to everyone.

I actually work across the street from Hank's and I love his stuff. I'll ask him next time I'm there for his recommendations as well!

Dec 14, 2007
Linus Paul in Chicago Area

Christmas dinner on the Big Island

Maybe Cafe Pesto in Hilo? I've only had dinner there once, but lunch there often and am usually very happy.

Week in Hilo with chef

Tricky. It isn't a huge food town.

1. Cafe Pesto is great for lunch and dinner
2. Ken's House of Pancakes sounds cheesy but is a local institution and is great diner food
3. There is a place on the road that runs behind the airport (I'm sorry I can't remember the name) where they catch the fish you order from their aquafarm. I had a great piece of fish there.
4. If you feel like driving to Volcano, there is a nice restaurant at a B&B called Kilauea Lodge.
5. Be sure to go to the Saturday Farmer's Market - it is pretty great.

Recommendations for Waikiki/Honolulu?

1. Hiroshi in Waikiki (not Restaurant Row) is a trip - it is grill your own Korean BBQ that is somehow always full of Japanese celebrities.

2. There is a tiny place in Chinatown called the Green Door (4 tables max) that is an awesome lunch.

3. If you want to spend a lot of money on sushi, Sasabune (just outside of Waikiki) or lower scale, Akasaka (right near Waikiki -get the sizzling scallops.)

4. Best fine dining - Le Bistro in Hawaii Kai. It is a drive, but worth it.

First Time Visitors to Your Fair City...

You guys rock. I've started a spreadsheet in Excel and have already booked Alinea. I can't wait for Harold's Fried Chicken.

Dec 13, 2007
Linus Paul in Chicago Area

First Time Visitors to Your Fair City...

We'll be coming at the end of May and spending half our time on South Clark Street in Chicago and half our time in Park Ridge. We are coming on miles and staying with friends and family so ALL our money is for restaurants and food. We would appreciate any and all suggestions with the following in mind:

-10 days, basically evenly split between the two locations, car available

-Willing to do three/four ridiculously expensive meals

-Most interested in holes in the wall, italian beefs, pizzas, hot dogs - stuff we can't get anywhere but in Chicago

-Also most interested in any ethnic places we don't have in Hawaii (or have poor representations of) - Ethiopian, delis, Polish, German, Russian, South American, Carribean -anything!

-Definitely an oyster bar

-Not so interested in Asian/Sushi/Pacific Rim as we get it a lot at home - but if it is great, let us know!

-Any recommendations for bars or clubs that have good live music (rock or jazz) would be really appreciated as well.

-Also, should we try to go to a baseball game? Is it baseball time? (I'm not a big sports person (obviously) but I've never been to a professional sports anything and this is a good opportunity)

Dec 12, 2007
Linus Paul in Chicago Area