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New Haven Connecticut

Crown 116 has excellent drinks, and a great atmosphere. But I wouldn't necessarly think of it as a place to go for dinner, more like tasty small plates to accompany the awesome cocktails.

as triggs pointed out, bespoke just changed hands so i can't vouch for the new regime either.

New Haven Connecticut

sorry i didn't get back to you sooner. There are thai places all over chapel street, and I like the rice pot on state. none of the Thai in NH is destination worthy if you are coming from out of state though.

Have you already finished your trip? what did you end up trying?

NYer seeking foodie weekend in New England

Yeah, you are right on the 4 hour thing. But i think if they are trying to escape the city, Providence is probably too urban. Newport?

portofino new haven

I have never had what I would go so far as to call a BAD experience there, but it has been a while. L'Orcio is right down the street, and has never failed me.

NYer seeking foodie weekend in New England

Portland, ME
Great food scene, cute cobbled downtown shopping area, good B&Bs, and pretty cheap this time of year.

Any Good Restaurant near Albertus Magus College in New Haven

I'll second Cafe Romeo

and you will only be a 2 minute ride from all of downtown.

New Haven Connecticut

breakfast: the Pantry, Bella's Cafe in Westville
Top Fine Dining : Thali, Union League, Ibiza, Caseus
Casual Dining: yes, you should try the pizza I prefer Modern but Wooster St is the classic. Prime 16 right across from the Omni makes a good burger and has a great beer slection. Great Wall on Whitney Ave does szechuan hotpot and other traditional chinese . Mamouns is late night comfort food. If you are from the Bay area you probably aren't looking for Mexican on the east coast but I like mezcal. Thali Too is a vegetarian sister to Thali.

Where to buy a whole duck in New Haven?

these guys are also good, again give them a call, if they don't have it they will order it
Amity Meat Center
24 Lucy Street, Woodbridge, CT(203) 397-5060

Where to buy a whole duck in New Haven?

Statewide Meats & Poultry Inc
211 Food Terminal Plz, New Haven, CT(203) 777-6669
they are technicaly a wholesalere , but they have hooked me up with hard to find stuff in the past, give them a call . If they can help you would be going into the office at the front of the warehouse.

Good Girls Night Out Restaurant in CT

Mexican: Mezcal in New Haven, fun atmosphere great food.
14 Mechanic St, New Haven, CT 06520, (203) 782-4828
and you could go across the street after to co jones for crazy margaritas

sugared violet petals...what do i do with them?

use them on top of baked goods as a decoration. Lemon flovored cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting and sugared violats, or something like that

Jan 12, 2010
EastRocker in Home Cooking

Seek Road Food Recs along Rt. 91 in MA

Downtown Northhampton is pretty easy on-off from 91 and has a lot of food options.

Need to satisfy both daughters - Thai and other choices in New Haven, CT area

Kudeta is pan-asian, so they have sushi chinese as well as thai

German in Connecticut

it's not northern or central ct, but Old Heidelberg in Bethel is excellent.

Help me find a Connecticut pizza place.

was it the Fairfield outpost of Frank Pepe's?

Frank Pepe: What's the deal with the random slicing?

There's a variety in the splice of their slice, because variety is the spice of life.

Gift certificate for restaurant near Brookfield, CT?

it's been a while since i lived around there, but some ideas:
Old Heidelberg is a great german place, in Bethel, but still close.
The Cookhouse in New Milford, good BBQ steaks etc
Your best bet might be to look for something in Danbury, its right next to Brookfield but will have a lot more options.

Great Wall in NewHaven for dim sum xmas eve lunch- opinions?

Great Wall has a good selection of dim sum, and they actually do have the carts (although i think they only use them when it is busy)

Help me understand Italian food in New Hampshire (and northern New England)...please?

the original poster is not talking about Northern Italian food vs Southern Italian food, they are talking about the way Northern and Southern italian cuisine is made in Northern New England vs Southern New England

Help me understand Italian food in New Hampshire (and northern New England)...please?

I think you are pretty much out of luck.
Portland, ME has some good high end italian food, but basic red sauce italian and pizza is going to be hard to come by. CT and RI both have an italian american population of around 18%, New Hampshire is about 8% and Vermont and Maine even less. Which means that not only are you going to have less know how, but probably more importantly less access to the right ingredients.
Come back and visit New Haven, we'll make you a large mootz apeetz, or some scarole and bean :)

Best New Haven restaurant

Union League Cafe is you best bet for french, excellent food, great service, old school classy.

Ibiza is spanish, also very good.
and for interesting, it would be hard to beat Thali, great high-end indian food with lots of regional specialties that you don't find on typical indian menus in the US.

Casual dinner (with a child) between New Haven and Essex?

I second Lenny's Indian Head

ANY good Chinese in CT?

Hao Si Chuan
1049 Boston Post Road, West Haven, 203-934-8800.

didn't go myself, but tried some dishes that a friend brought back. definitely not standard american-chinese fair. the soup dumplings were amazing, the smoked tea duck was good and some of the other szechuan items were insanely hot but delicious. unfortunately i don't know the names of most of the things i tried but they were all new and interesting flavors.

Best CT restaurant with a view

So far responses have focused on water views. So I will chime in with this one, how about John Davenport's on the 19th floor of the Omni hotel in New Haven.

Party of 10 for dinner in Brookfield/Danbury/New Milford area?

I have also moved away but my parents are still there, lets see
Old Heidelberg in Bethel (german, classy, def need reservations)
Sesame Seed in Danbury (middle eastern, funky)
Cookhouse in New Milford (BBQ/Steak, family feeling, good)
Kabuki in Danbury (old school japanese hibachi, a little kitschy but fun)
there has got to be more in Danbury, good luck!

Sesame Seed Restaurant
68 W Wooster St, Danbury, CT 06810

Any German restaurants in the Hartford area?

East Side is pretty good, a little pricey and a little kitschy, but good.
Old Heidelberg is excellent, but not close to Hartford, bethel is a good hour down 84 from hartford, but on a weekend might be worth the trip.

kielbasa survey

not sure if they ship, but I feel any discussion of kielbasa in Ct would be incomplete without mentioning Wozniak's in New Haven.

Wozniak Meat Products
835 Grand Ave
New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 562-0478

Any Jewish/NY-Style Delis in Middletown, CT?

Update: the downtown Katz's has closed, Woodbridge still going strong.
(mmm whitefish salad)

Taco Trucks at Long Wharf in New Haven

Yes, they are good. Also if you are looking for the same style of tacos in a non truck there is a place right of of 91 in New Haven that does a good job.

J's Luncheonette
48 Middletown Ave
New Haven, CT 06513

ANY good Chinese in CT?

Just had an amazing experience at Great Wall in New Haven (67 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06510 203) 777-8886). 8 of us went and had dim sum and szechuan hot pot. They have special tables with built in heaters for the hot pot and a buffet of raw items to choose from ($20). They also have an interesting selection of dim sum. They also have a full menu with a lot of unusual items, but i have not delved into that yet.