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Walking (and hopefully eating) in Tuscany

Wonderful! There is a pretty new place in Colle called L'Officina della Cucina Populare run by a small group of young people who are making huge strides in sourcing local, organic products. They take great care to create a menu that reflects Tuscan culture and food tradition and turn out some really excellent stuff. I love their gnocchi as well as their faro salad, but you can't really go wrong. The atmosphere is really laid back and charming. They just got a fanstastic antique slicer that's fun to see. Really nice people, I highly reccommend it.

Edited to add: As for dishes this time of year, as I mention, look for cold faro salad as faro is a really important grain to the Siena region and is tasty. Zucchini and zucchini flowers are coming in and delicious; panzanella and pappa al pomodoro (a little early still but I've been seeing in on menus a lot lately) are great examples of how Tuscans use their day old bread and are seasonally appropriate and, of course always in season, varius salumi. Look for soppresatta if you want a very traditional Tuscan treat! Have a blast.

Jul 09, 2009
BHK in Italy

On a tight budget - Rome, Florence, Assisi, the Cinque Terre

it's been written about a bunch on this board, but a good panini place in florence popular with students and people looking for cheap food is Antico Noe. Its under an arcade and thus a bit hard to find but google map it or something and you'll come up with it. filling and really delicious. last time i had a roasted pork, sundried tomato, provolone good. i also love the mini-chain Pugi for pizza/foccacia. there are a copule but i generally go to the P. San Marco one...i'd reccommend getting whatever has just come out of the oven. def packed at lunch but super cheap and worth the struggle. if you're feeling like being super authentic, go to one of the many tripe (trippa...there's another local name for it that i'm totally forgetting right now, though) carts around florence. super popular, affordable panini. of course, its tripe so not for everyone.

i second Il Forno in Campo di Fiori in Rome for pizza bianca and other breads as a good stop for filling, delicious food. i also like Cul de Sac right near the Pantheon. Great wine bar with delicious small plates for sharing making it a pretty affordable night out.

have a blast!

Jul 07, 2009
BHK in Italy

Bill Niman and Nicolette Hahn Niman: Experts in Residence!

We haven't talked much about pig-rearing here yet. Can you tell us a little about what breeds you have experience with and what sort of practices you're familiar with (what sort of forage terrain, age/weight at slaughter, diet etc)?

I'd also like to hear your thoughts on the whole issue of certification or labeling. What does 'pasture fed' or 'naturally raised' at the grocery store actually mean? Aren't these terms rather arbitrary with regard to meat? Do you think they should be more regulated?

This is really wonderful, thank you Nimans.

Jul 07, 2009
BHK in General Topics

Lobster Rolls-Help!

they're also key b/c its easier to butter and grill/toast the outside of the roll since top split buns don't have the 'crust' all the way around...they're more like a piece of white bread folded in half which was my first impression upon seeing them (i'm from CA but went to school in Maine). On what to put in the lobster roll: tiny bit of mayo, maybe a little celery, salt pepper. Perfection!

Jul 05, 2006
BHK in Home Cooking

Best BLT in NYC

DINER in brooklyn (williamsburg). even better when you add an egg to it.

Jun 29, 2006
BHK in Manhattan