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Where's everyone buying their Thanksgiving turkey?

Just talked to Sulmona's. Their turkeys are from the Carolinas and he didn't know anything about how they were raised or care for. Wow. But yes, cheaper - $2-$2.10/lb.

Nov 18, 2009
hawkeye in Greater Boston Area

New in the South End: Dining alone at Bar Sat.

Union on Washington. No question.

Oct 30, 2006
hawkeye in Greater Boston Area

Got the Proof in Louisville

For those in and around Louisville who have yet to take advantage of PROOF, what are you waiting for? Yes, it’s trendy. Yes, it’s hyped. But it’s GOOD.

While they were smart to start me out with freshly whipped butter on a crusty loaf, it only got better.

I started with a roasted beet salad that arrived free-o-greens which I so appreciated. The accompanying goat cheese was perfect and the caraway flavor throughout made it.

Our table split the minted pea bruschetta which normally I wouldn’t be really into (especially as we’re now into October and the flavor just screams Spring.) But there was a spoiler to this thinking – house-made pancetta. Never met a bacon I didn’t like, but I was going above and beyond to scoop up the little slices. Why is it always the dish you’d never order that turns out to be the most delicious?

I chose the hangar steak and frites for my entrée, and I thought it was the best of my table. Bourbon onions definitely helped there! The orecchiette with fennel sausage and hot pepper was tasty if that’s what you were looking for. Hot Pastrami was scrumptious (can you go wrong with caramelized spaghetti squash?). Side of sweet corn fregola ended up empty next to me. Only dishes I wasn’t crazy about were the pork cheek – overly breaded – and the broccoli rabe (although the skillet it arrived in was charming).

And then...then, we ordered two lemon ricotta cannolis. Beyond sweet, but again, if you’re after that and of course, I think the chocolate chips are sacrilege. Only regret was that I couldn't eat more. If I could do it again, I'd throw in a pizza, the ham fritters, and a bison burger.

I’d actually stick to lunch at Proof. And absolutely give yourself time to peruse the intriguing art throughout the restaurant as well as the installations in the lobby of PIC Museum Hotel.

Oct 05, 2006
hawkeye in General South Archive

Casual Seafood in Charleston, SC???

My crew thinks FIG is the best thing Chucktown has going right now, so I would add that to your list. As far as responding to your request for mistake identification, SNOB is a tourist trap. Stay away.

Others are right...Fast & French (Gaulart et Maliclet Cafe), Hominy Grill - a must for brunch, and Cafe Lana - best paninis and salad dressing you ever knew.

Try not to leave the peninsula.

Oct 03, 2006
hawkeye in General South Archive

Anyone Been to Plum Produce

Been two more times since I came home and posted this pontification:

I've yet to be dissuaded, although the confitures "fondue" references may be highly responsible...

Sep 22, 2006
hawkeye in Greater Boston Area

Locke Ober.

Naw, I would say less than that - $65-75 per (of course, depends on what "modest" means)...

LO is old school Boston. Like blue blazer old school Boston. But I agree with those have to go at least once for the experience and the prep is high quality.

Thank God Lydia got involved, as IMO flavors have developed with her presence (not to mention destroyed the oppressive history of the place!).

Sep 22, 2006
hawkeye in Greater Boston Area

Plum posits produce as art

Well, today marks day one of Plum Produce, Barbara Lynch's newest South End offering. The shop/gallery is found on Waltham Street and has already won me over with its closing hour of 8 PM.

The prices are as we expected, but the artistic presentation of the bounty is almost comparable to an MFA membership. Lettuces and vegetables reside in long wood boxes against the back wall, while heirlooms rest on kraft paper in the window. All the natural colors reverberate off the stark white walls.

My grocery list is profoundly mundane, but I was overwhelmed! Two green zebras @ $1/each, two native ears @ $1.50/each, and a $10 jar of berry jam which I am presently licking from a spoon.

The herbs, the figs, the special request accommodations...the senses reel! By all means - GO! And folks, if you hurry, you may have a chance to give Ms. Lynch your own thoughts as she was on site observing traffic patterns in the shop and patiently (in her own Barbara way) listening to SEnders reminisce about Tony's...

Sep 12, 2006
hawkeye in Greater Boston Area

Casual Seafood in Charleston, SC???

Not necessarily a dive, but Fleet Landing downtown on the water is fantastic. And of course, there's always the Crab Shack on East Bay (with buckets in the center of the table for crab leg remains!).

Sep 11, 2006
hawkeye in General South Archive

Two types of foodies?

Don't want to speak for others, but based on the recent explosion of activity on the Boston board regarding the opening of a new sandwich shop, I'd say quite a few of us reside in the second camp...

Sep 10, 2006
hawkeye in Not About Food

Ina Garten's lemon cake

Bxgirl, I've made Ina's lemon cake probably five times, three of which were in a Bundt...

Good luck!

Sep 10, 2006
hawkeye in Home Cooking

Charleston Gourmet

There are two that are worth it: either McCrady's, as HellsSoxHound mentions, or Fulton Five.

Just as a side note, a lot of the splendor of Charleston rests in the "downhome" charm of the place. Thus, a lot of the best meals can be found in more simple joints, as opposed to the overpriced, over-hyped restaurants.

Cru Cafe (right off the Market) is one in particular...

Sep 08, 2006
hawkeye in General South Archive

Best outdoor or window-seat dining in the North End?

As does Mare...

Aug 23, 2006
hawkeye in Greater Boston Area

NON-red sauce italian

Glad you are inspired by the book wisconsingal - me too!

Hands down best brown butter stuffed pasta I have had in ages was at Mare in the North End - butternut squash filled caramelle.

To my knowledge, no spot in Boston has been able to master "non-red sauce Italian" from start to finish. While they may hit one dish head on, seems they fall apart around the rest...

Aug 16, 2006
hawkeye in Greater Boston Area

Looking for a hot date?

Damn. For a minute, I thought this board was going to fill ALL my needs!

Ernie, I've seen them at Savenor's and Russo's (of today's board fame)...

Aug 07, 2006
hawkeye in Greater Boston Area

Ice Cream!

If you're into chips in your ice cream, quality at Lizzy's (new Church Street location great!) is exceptional.

Also, do yourself a favor and mail order some of this:

Jul 17, 2006
hawkeye in Greater Boston Area

Breakfast near South End Market

If you've never tried Tremont 647, that's my recommendation. Some of the best bacon in the city and the "pajama jammy jam" dress code is usually entertaining.

Jul 08, 2006
hawkeye in Greater Boston Area

Legal's Test Kitchen at the Seaport

Wanted to bump this post to see if the horrid reviews of this place are accurate.

Anyone been recently?

Jul 05, 2006
hawkeye in Greater Boston Area

The Berkeley Perk

Fantastic place (and I luckily live right around the corner!)

Try to get there before they run out of coffee cake in the morning. Cinnamon walnut is the best I've ever had.

Jul 03, 2006
hawkeye in Greater Boston Area

Ten Tables --my new favorite find

Also glad you liked it. I love it too...

Really like that they don't rush you in order to turn over their (ten!) tables. Of course, we do always take full advantage of the wine selection!

Agreed that reservations are required. I was lucky one wintry night and was able to wait with my party in the cellar. So much fun!

Jun 30, 2006
hawkeye in Greater Boston Area