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Lunch in Venice area....?

Venice ale house is pretty tasty

May 11, 2015
striker7330 in Los Angeles Area

roasting your own almonds

i shelled them, my fault i wasn't clear on that, but thanks so much for the input!

Aug 23, 2009
striker7330 in General Topics

roasting your own almonds

so i just got some raw almonds from my grandfather's ranch today, peeled them, and i'm wondereing if anyone has a specific method or recipe to roast them, anything will help, thanks!

Aug 17, 2009
striker7330 in General Topics

Looking for Tuna Steak Sandwich

there's this restaurant in Paradise Cove (name i can't remember) that serves a pretty good one......sorry this reply was useless but at least you have the general area, and there's only one restaurant in paradise cove........

Jan 23, 2009
striker7330 in Los Angeles Area

Help with my dry chicken.

maybe adding a little chicken stock or other liquid in the dish that you are keeping the chicken in

Nov 20, 2008
striker7330 in Home Cooking

The best hot dog toppings -- Discuss!

G-Dogs! man i thought i was the only one that called them that, i just shortened the name. they are the best though. i also like putting rough chopped dill pickles tomatoes and onions

Oct 21, 2008
striker7330 in General Topics

homemade coffee extract?

is that possible? or do i have to buy it, and if so what's the best?

Mar 24, 2008
striker7330 in General Topics