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Sakura in Scarsdale to become a Tengda

They now have a "coming soon" section that lists Scarsdale... I wonder just how slowly this transition is going to happen, because there's nothing extraordinary coming out of there just yet!

About the menus- I'm pretty sure every "Tengda" has a different menu, aside from the usual staples (sushi, pad thai... etc.).

Jfood to Kneaded Bread (P'Chester) - Great, Good and Not So

I definitely agree that their cupcakes are sub-par. Not enough icing, and the quality of the cake is near-supermarket. However their bread is a complete other story- I love the provolone bread everyone's been talking about. And once in a while they have this *delicious* chocolate pizza. It's the only sweet there worth buying, in my opinion.
You can't blame them for not doing too well on the sweet stuff when they're *so* good at the at the other things like olive bread and croissants!

La Tulipe or Lulu's?

I think valerie's probably right... I've seen some pretty "interesting characters" in scarsdale myself, and I would have loved to have seen the people at lulu's put them in their place. They're always fine with me, and I like how they're not all fake. Maybe that's what's mistaken for "rudeness"? I can't imagine that they'd just lash out at somebody unprovoked... I used to waitress and no one likes serving someone who thinks they're entitled to special treatment, and I'm sure a lot of those types end up in scarsdale. I don't feel bad for them, but I don't feel like they have to be peachy-fake nice if they aren't being respected. But that's just the waitress in me talking...

And, to paraphrase howmanycups, one cupcake and all *is* forgiven...I don't think anybody could be mean enough to spoil my appetite for those sweets!

La Tulipe or Lulu's?

You should really check out the awesome picture's on lulu's website- Their shower cakes look really sweet. I don't know about the prices though- I guess you'd have to call.
But when you say it has to be a cake and "taste is the biggest concern"- I'd go lulu's. Theirs are the only cakes around that are actually moist, which makes such a difference. I've had a few of their cakes, and my friends actually recently had a pretty big one for a birthday party (a 2-tier... I didn't ask them how much they paid, but this was a medium-to-flashy birthday party). I've never before seen people actually finish a cake at a party- it was pretty funny. I've heard nothing but mediocre things about la tulipe's taste, but if you want to take a chance, you could at least report back to me haha- my boyfriend's birthday is coming up!
Another note, lulu's cakes are really customizable- I always hear people ordering off-menu flavors when I'm in there. They work with what you want. When I look at the la tulipe cakes, they're gorgeous but I can't imagine that they're customizable. But I don't know that for sure- maybe someone else does.

I also don't know how old you are, but lulu's is definitely hipper. I always feel like I should be fifty and full of money when I walk into la tulipe... everything's gold and gorgeous but... not friendly. Lulu's is more spacious to me. And I think they rennovated, but I haven't seen it yet- I should get down there this week, though.

Hope that helps. Let us know which way you go!

Worth a Drive in Westchester - your picks

La tulipe's almond croissants are amazing- definitely worth a drive.... but when I look at the rest of their offerings they always seem a little too fancy for me. I'm looking for something to much on alone, and all of their things are so gorgeous I feel like if I buy a single-serving sweet I should still show it to all my friends before I eat it- they're really works of art.
I like Lulu's in Scarsdale too- I'd go out of my way for those buttercream cupcakes any day... goodness

Most palatable diet sodas?

I also enjoy the cranfresca with light cranberry juice! How funny!

It's also nice with a shot or two of bacardi and a dash of grenadine (add the grenadine if you put in too much bacardi...).

Jan 10, 2008
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Does anyone remember this candy bar?

As soon as I read this it sounded familiar... it took a while but now I remember where I had something like this. There's a chocolate in Thornton's classic collection that is this candy bar. However, Thornton's is like the British Godiva- I'm not sure how you'd get that over here. Maybe Godiva has it, too? After a quick glance at the Godiva website I didn't see it, but maybe a better hunter would find it. Here's a link to the Thornton's website (I know I'm not much help...)- there's a picture of this morsel.

It's called the "Layered Chocolate Classic"

Jan 02, 2008
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Best Traditional Diner in Westchester

I know this is a late reply, but I couldn't pass up the chance to comment on the Katonah Restaurant. I started going there about 15 and some years ago and I fell in love with that cheap diner atmosphere... something about those crazy waitresses and a chicken cutlet sandwich with those chunky fries... I know I won't find something that defines the word "diner" for me any better than that.
Since then I know the prices have gone up and most likely the quality has gone down, but at least those crazy waitresses are still there!

What Are Your Favorite Grocery Store Items?

It's not a blended drink or a smoothie or anything- it's pulp-free orange juice consistency, but with more exotic, sweet citrus flavors. For some reason, I only see it in Stop and Shop (and only on rare occasions- they seem to sell out fast).

Jan 02, 2008
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Has anyone been to Wild Ginger in Bronxville?

Other ones in Westchester and CT? I've seen them in Ridgefield and in Bronxville- where else are they?

I love their salad dishes and I find their other dishes satisfying but not too heavy. Sorry for lack of dish names... I haven't been there in a while but me and my mother loved going to the Ridgefield and Bronxville ones a few years ago. We had no idea it was a chain though- just thought there were those two.

What Are Your Favorite Grocery Store Items?

Popsecret "homestyle" popcorn
Newman's Own Orange Mango Tango
Health valley chicken nuggets
Brianna's Honey mustard salad dressing
Braeburn Apples... (does produce count?)
Annie's refried beans (as a side dish served with lots of fresh tomatoes tossed into it... perfect for lazy-night)

I'm always sad I can never find good baked goods at the supermarket. I've pretty much given up on ever eating bread again...

Dec 19, 2007
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