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Looking for sushi near Shinagawa tonight!

I'm in Shinagawa with my 84 year old dad, 22 year old nephew, and 4 in our 50s. We are looking for something like sushi sets, reasonable yet authentic. Our concierge suggested Tsukiji Sushi but it looks like a chain. But it might be good. Any suggestions or recommendations?


Oct 31, 2014
Just One Bite in Japan

Anniversary Dinner in La Canada area...Where would you go?

Thanks all. I think we will try Bashan!.Definitely in love with each other and good food! Been to the Flintridge Proper for cocktails, which are great.

Anniversary Dinner in La Canada area...Where would you go?

My husband and I are going to Descanso Gardens next Friday night for the Rise of the Jack O’Lanterns event, and want to go to dinner afterwards. It’s our anniversary so I want it to be sort of nice but it doesn’t have to be totally fancy!

Any suggestions?


Where to get ingredients to make dashi stock?

LOL! That's actually JustOneCookbook! But thanks for the compliment.

I use her recipes too.

Tasting Kitchen Brunch Pictorial

Yum! Thanks for sharing!

Where to get ingredients to make dashi stock?

No sure where you are, but Marukai is where my family goes (we are Japanese.) There are about 6 locations in the Southern Cal area. http://www.marukai-market.com/

Hondashi is basically an add-water dashi stock.


Marina del Rey recommendations please

I love Playa Provisions! I've been there 5 times since it opened a few months ago, and everything has been amazing (except the lobster roll, which I liked but didn't love. However I know a few friends who love it.) Good seafood, drinks, fun small plates to share and ice cream to go.

In MDR, Killer Shrimp also has a good happy hour from 4-7, with a daily $3/$4 beer, $7 for 3 really good sliders, and more. More than shrimp!

Cafe del Rey is nice for dinner. Tony P's is good for lunch or for drinks & sports. Mendocino Farms is great for a quick lunch, or take out.

Izakaya Fu-Ga report

Oh, BTW, there was more steak on that plate. I just didn't get to my camera fast enough!

Izakaya Fu-Ga report

I've never heard of this place but I wanted a place in Little Tokyo for Father's Day that would take a reservation for 6. This place had good reviews, and my family was willing to trust me, so we went. The entrance is down a narrow staircase from the street, but there is an elevator somewhere. There is a bar on one side of the room, and tables/chairs/booths fill the rest. I thought it might be dark & dank, being underground but it isn't at all.

The food was delicious! It's an Izakaya, so there are lots of items on the menu along with lots of beers, sakes and a full bar. I did the sake sampler, which was about an ounce of 5 different cold sakes for $20. Very fun, and helped me figure out what sakes I like which is not always easy to remember!

We tried so many of the items on the menu, and enjoyed them all. Highly recommend the sashimi sampler which had about 8 different items, 2 (generous) slices of each. The Hamachi Carpaccio with jalapanos was delicious too. The Rib-eye was grilled perfectly, and so savory. We all loved the shishito peppers...have never had them in a sauce and they were great. We ended up ordering another one. Also had the shrimp & vegetable tempura, udon, spicy edamame, yakisoba, yellowtail collar, karage chicken (perfect) and the crunchy roll. Everything was fresh, perfectly cooked, well presented, generous portions and delicious! It was great going with 6 people, because we could try so many items. Can't wait to go back, and try some more! And my family thinks I'm a hero. :)

Providence offering an $80 tasting menu throughout June

Thanks for the photos! I loved my meal at Provence. The SB sea urchin was one of the best dishes I have ever had.

Remember these Restaurants?

I love Orange Julius. I haven't tried it, but here's a recipe that is supposed to be just like it!


Recipes You've Never Heard of Outside Your Family

My mom would split the Krispy Kreme donuts, spread them with butter and put them in the broiler. The sugar would get all crispy & glazed, and the saltiness of the butter....mmmmmmm. Those were the days!

Rec for Wailea/Makena area

I loved Ka'ana Kitchen in the new Andaz Maui hotel. They also have very good cocktails at their bar. Just went in December.

Feb 27, 2014
Just One Bite in Hawaii

Claud & Co Eatery (Pasadena)

I'm going tonight, and the menu is Mediterranean. Can't wait! Also learned that you can BYOB. They have a $6 per person "Glassware" fee.

Maui Trip Report (mostly Kihei and Wailea)

Great report! I'm in Kihei right now and will use some of your suggestions!! Thank you!

Feb 05, 2014
Just One Bite in Hawaii

Authentic Saimin around Kihei?

Brought my 83 year old dad to Maui for Thanksgiving vacation. He keeps talking about great Saimin he had years and years ago, and is looking to recreate the local taste. We're staying in Wailea and going to Kihei later today so if there is a quick suggestion is love to hear it! Thanks!! And I will do a trip report later...we've had some great meals!

Dec 02, 2013
Just One Bite in Hawaii

Gyu-Kaku, Gaon or ??? Fun for teens?

Pasadena. But I think the S'mores at Gyu-kaku might nail it! How do you order there? The set menus or the "courses?"

Gyu-Kaku, Gaon or ??? Fun for teens?

I have 2 13-year olds visiting. Tomorrow is our "Spa Day" (hair, mani, pedi) so want to take them to dinner. They are pretty active & into food, so thought something interactive would be fun. Has anyone been to Gyu-Kaku and/or Gaon? Both sound interesting & fun. Or any other ideas?

Thanks in advance!!

Food and/or drinks by Natural History Museum on a Sunday?

Some friends and I are going to see Charles Phoenix at the Natural History Museum on Dec. 16th. The show is at 7pm, so all the museum cafes are closed.

Any ideas on places around there to have a pre-show meal?


Downtown Restaurant for Sunday dinner for a group of about 30?

Hi all,

We are having a memorial at Fukui mortuary this Sunday, and want to take people out to dinner after. It's at on Temple by Vignes, sort of close to Little Tokyo. I think we would like Japanese or Chinese food. Does any one know of a place that might be able to accommodate us? Price doesn't really matter at this point.

Thanks for any advice!

How to store Tahitian Vanilla?

Thanks everyone! I will wrap tight the gift ones. I am also definitely going to make some vanilla sugar, and vanilla vodka. My husband wants to make vanilla whiskey. The vanilla grower we met said he puts a whole vanilla bean in a bottle of whiskey and lets it sit for a week. Then he transfers to another bottle. He said he has been doing a bottle a week, for 12 years, all with the same bean!!

Oct 26, 2012
Just One Bite in Home Cooking

How to store Tahitian Vanilla?

I just got back from Tahiti, and bought several small packs of vanilla beans as gifts. There are about 5 pods in a pack, vacuum sealed (but not tightly.) I want to use them as Christmas gifts, but don't want them to go bad or maybe mold (they look moist) before December.

Does anyone know if they will go bad? Should my friends get an early Xmas gift? Or can I put them in the fridge or freezer? Or just leave them as-is?

Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated! This stuff smells awesome, and I don't want to ruin the beans!


Oct 26, 2012
Just One Bite in Home Cooking

Trattoria Neapolis in Pasadena?

Has anyone tried it yet? The menu looks great, and the drinks look fantastic. Just wondering!

Lunch between Sherman Oaks & Huntington Beach?

My friend and I want to meet for lunch on Friday, somewhere decent that is about the same distance for both of us. Any suggestions? Even if not for specific restaurants, how about areas?


Dining in Okinawa...any suggestions?

Thank you so much for the information. We are actually going to scuba dive, so will be doing that 3 of the days. Then we are flying to mainland Japan to visit family. So unfortunately, unless we go with the dive company, we probably won't make it to other islands...this time!

That being said, if you do have any recommendations for specific places in Okinawa to eat, I'd love to hear about them!

Mar 27, 2012
Just One Bite in Japan

Dining in Okinawa...any suggestions?

I'm going to Okinawa in a few days, for a week. Staying at the Terrace Garden Mihama Resort, in Mihama, Chatan. We hear that it is by the American Village but we definitely want to try some typical Okinawan food!

Any suggestions, for food and things to do (besides scuba...that is already scheduled) would be appreciated!


Mar 27, 2012
Just One Bite in Japan

DESPERATE NEED OF FOIE GRAS! Please Help With Restaurants...

I had a good foie gras appetizer at Hatfield's last year. And my husband had a delicious Kobe filet with Foie Gras at Katsu-ya in Glendale a few weeks ago.

Mmmm...now I want some!

6703 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Katsuya - Glendale
702 Americana Way, Glendale, CA 91210

Sushi Sasabune? or something else close to Sushi Zo?

Probably a dumb question, but what does "irrc" stand for?

Osaka Restaurant in Hollywood

I had reservations for tomorrow night at this restaurant, and was really looking forward to trying it out. Reviews were great, and I got a deal from BloomSpot. But I just got a call from the restaurant and they are CLOSING!! Whoever I spoke with, maybe the owner or manager, sounded so sad about it. I felt sort of heart-broken for him.

Tar and Roses off to Promising Start and Tar Free

Sounds interesting, especially the mix and match starters. Where is it?