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Best Hot Dog in the state of Massachusetts

the hot dog ranch on linden st. in pittsfield. may just be called 'the ranch'. they have the tiny 'tight skin' dogs there.

Best Hot Dog in the state of Massachusetts

CONEY SAUCE: growing up in NJ you could get hot dogs with this unique sauce just about anywhere. In New England? It took me 10 years to discover "George's Coney island lunch" in worcester. But... are there ANY other places in all of New England that serve this kind of sauce? Though George's is good, whenever I go back to Perth Amboy, NJ and stop at the coney island lunch there (even though its not the original original...) even theirs is better than george's. Hoping to find more options rather than 1 hour east of me!

Homemade Potato Chips: to soak or not to soak?

I use a Breville fryer and it's great, it doesnt use as much oil as some other ones do and it's much larger (so you don't crowd things in the fryer) plus it's excellent at maintaining the correct temperature. Pretty much everything is 350 degrees. Chips take about 12 minutes depending on the thin/thickness.

Apr 04, 2012
beartunes in Home Cooking

Russell, MA Huntington, MA Worthington, MA

Has anyone here eaten at THE RAPIDS or more specifically, the brick oven pizza place that's operating in the same building "Clemenza's" ?

I cannot find anything on the web about it! I just drove (motorcycle ride) past it today, for the 2nd time in the past month but just didn't stop in.

Any advice appreciated, haven't really found any brick oven pizza in Western Mass at all.

Page's Loft - Northampton

Super, you'll have to let me know how you like it. Do make reservations though. (I think they're on OpenTable too, if you use that website/smartphone app.)

Page's Loft - Northampton

the Andelman brothers from Boston. wiki says costa used to host it though.

Page's Loft - Northampton

If you go to Boston alot, check out Phantom Gourmet on TV38. It's mostly Boston area foods, and a helluva lot of burgers, fried things, and Italian food, but they sometimes have other kinds of foods. I heard about Abe & Louie's from them, and it was fantastic. But again, be prepared, the steak alone was $38 and the side of potatoes /hash browns (overrated) was like $8. I had a great meal though.

REAL Southern BBQ comes to Western Mass!

Unfortunately no, it closed sometime in early 2010 I believe. Last time I went by I forgot what it was, fried chicken or spanish food. But definately no more bbq.

Page's Loft - Northampton

Junie, this is a bummer to read. I've been in Springfield for about 10 years and I could have SWORN some place i semi-frequented had fried green tomatoes on the menu and i said to myself 'wow, i'll have to get these next time', and then i couldnt figure out who it was. I swore it was packards in northampton, but the last time i went the server said they never had fried green tomatoes. Nobody in the area has FGT as far as I know, if you know of another place, let me know. I recently searched "413" AND "fried green tomatoes" and somehow 'pages loft' came up buried in an ad. That hotel is so gross i never paid attention or cared if they had a restaurant attached, so, if pages is new, does anyone know when it opened?
I first had FGT at a cajun sports bar in south florida called "Shuck N Dive" adn they were very good. A friend from Kentucky who lived in the area, said their FGT was good, and i was hooked.
PS if your husband got a steak at pages, take him to ABE & LOUIE's on Boylston in Boston. It's pricey but possibly the best steak ive had in my entire life. Thanks to Phantom Gourmet for hearing about that place.

La Casita Azteca...yes, it smells like Taco Bell

I have not tried La Casita yet, but, I'm very disappointed to read the bad reviews. A friend that lived in Mexico, said their food was some of the most authentic he's found.
I've been to Mi Tierra, I was not impressed and would not go back. It was not a horrific experience, but I found the menu small, only 2 margaritas, didn't like the house salsa (Green), when I asked for red I got this watery stuff that seemed like it was just hot sauce. Didn't like my rice or beans.

I have found in new england that one restaurant does one thing good, another does something else good, etc.
As much as I'd call "casa da nana" in springfield a "dump", gosh darnit, I admit i like their simple necessities: margaritas, chips & salsa, tacos. I am disappointed that mama iguana got rid of their original shredded beef taco. It was one of my favorite menu items. Verracruzana was never very friendly, it's gotten a little cleaner inside, but i had to laugh at the 'if you fill a soda cup with salsa we will charge you $20.00". Gotta love those Smithies that probably really do do this and then bring gallons of their salsa home and tell their girlfriends that THEY made it at pot-lucks.


My favorite TASTING burgers in South Florida (Broward) are:
1) Jack's Old Fashioned (though i go to the ft.laud one the most, I think the Pompano locations' tasted better and store was cleaner)
2) peter pan diner (delish char broil taste. but just about everything else they serve is not worth eating. though ive heard their kabobs are great).
3) andrews diner (great taste, very clean presentation, fresh buns, very affordable). everything they serve here is very very good, esp their lunch specials (true blue plate) and their breakfasts. they even have fresh squeezed OJ. old-school looking 1960s decor inside.

I do love steak & shake, but, not the ones in broward. I liked the ones in Pinellas cty by clearwater MUCH better.

Le Tub - ate there, good burger, almost too big though. not worth the $$ or the hour wait. and they werent even busy. flies everywhere. dirty 'margaritaville' tables with carvings in them. total dive, but, was worth the visit.

Feb 16, 2010
beartunes in Florida

Crepes in Western Mass!

I posted about this a while back, hoping to find a crepe place in Western Mass, and of all places, I spotted an ad on Facebook in the banner on the right, for a forthcoming new Crepe restaurant in Amherst called "Amherst Creperie".

The owner, Greg, hasn't updated the site yet, I think it's due to open the end of February.

Can't wait to try it!

It'll be at 19 N Pleasant St. in Amherst.

New Unique burger joint in Springfield, MA!

Sadly, on a recent drive-by, they are now closed. Newspaper in the window, and the phone number was disconnected.

Thanksgiving & turkey farms in Bridgeport, CT area

Hi folks, hope you can help.

I am looking to have Thanksgiving with friends from Long Island, we suggested meeting halfway, and that would be anywhere from Stamford to New Haven.

Can anyone suggest any Turkey Farms that have restaurants or offer that sort of thing, for 4 people? I am thinking Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport, New Haven or points along this area.

I looked into if Stu Leonards in Danbury did anything special.
Also, read about Gozzi's Turkey farm in Guilford (no restaurant), Ekonk Hill (stonington, sterling, and even some places in Woodbury come up).

If anyone could help I'd appreciate it!

Best Bagels in Western MASS?

Was just at Bradley and Einstein is now closed.

Best Bagels in Western MASS?

I tried Benson's today.
It was very good. They cook the eggs for their egg sandwiches, they have a large variety of bagels, and even do Bialys on the weekend.
She said to call the store first though, to make sure they have them.
They are open 7 days a week, 6am-2pm, 7am-2pm on weekends.

Best Bagels in Western MASS?

According to the owner at Benson's, Kimmels is now called Alice's.

New Unique burger joint in Springfield, MA!

Hi Chowsters....

I was on my way to Gus & Paul's bakery when I passed a new storefront, COACH D's STEAMED CHEESEBURGERS.

880 Sumner Ave.
Springfield, MA 01108

I was intrigued so I picked up a menu and went back the next night to try it out.

It was very good!

They have square, hand formed 1/4 lb burger patties, seasoned well and steamed in a small square 'oven'. Served on a vienna roll (very fresh, like a bulkie roll) with lettuce, mayo, onion, tomato, mustard, ketchup. They take a while to cook due to the cooking method, so be patient, it's worth it!

They also have hot dogs, fries & onion rings, chili fries, salads, and grilled chicken sandwiches. Milk shakes, and fried dough.

The owner's wife said the origin of this burger, is a Meriden/Middletown, CT thing.
They have been open since May 08.

I also tried a grilled chicken sandwich. It was charbroiled, pounded thin and marinaded tasting. Also served on a vienna roll with all the fixins. Very tasty!

Tell em you heard about them on CHOW.

Best Bagels in Western MASS?

UPDATE: I just discovered there is a new bagel business in Manhattan Bagel's old location.

Benson's Bagels
598 Sumner Ave.
Springfield, MA 01108

I'll post a review once I've tried it.

Also, since their rye bread is delicious, I would also recommend that CHMURA's bakey in Indian Orchard & Palmer might have good bagels, too.

REAL Southern BBQ comes to Western Mass!

For years, my friends and I went to "Mr. B's" for ice cream, and perhaps ate there once or twice. For whatever reason, (locality?) we just didnt think to eat there more frequently.

A few months ago, the sign changed to "Smokey Mountain BBQ", and I thought "that's an odd choice for Springfield..." but after having just eaten at BUB'S BBQ in Amherst, I thought I'd give it a try. Turns out its the same owners.

Wow, it was great! I had the sampler: 2 ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, and brisket, with cole slaw, and a side, for $8.99. It was a lot of food, but more importantly, it was delicious.

I spoke with the owner and she said they make everything there. The soups, the sauces, the fried chicken (which was also excellent).

They do not have a website, but there are so few BBQ restaurants in this area, please do try this little place. It's very clean and there is sufficient parking and outdoor tables, too.

Smokey Mountain BBQ
1375 Carew St.
Springfield, MA 01104
(413) 739-9959

(i-91 to 291 west. Take St.James Ave. Exit (exit 4). Go thru the light and make right onto st.james ave.
Go about 1 mile, you'll pass a HESS station on right, and then see a Subway sandwich shop. Smokey Mountain is just after Subway, on the right.)

Enjoy! Tell them you heard about them on ChowHound!

Crepes in Western MASS?

And I don't mean 'IHOP'.

I was hoping to find breakfast crepes somewhere in the Springfield area, or Northampton, but cannot.

I got turned onto crepes, when I ate at FIRST WATCH in Florida, a chain, but, their food (I feel) is excellent.
I love their "Bacado" and "Key West Crepes". (Or as they call them 'crepeggs').

Any suggestions appreciated!

Haven Bakery and Cafe, Lenox, MA

Just a correction because I couldn't find the place you were talking about.
Bread Euphoria, is in Haydenville, MA

Any authentic German restaurants in MA/NH/Southern ME?

Did you ever go to The Little Kraut in Red Bank, NJ? I used to live near there!

Yes, try the Student Prince.

And if you're ever in Fort Lauderdale, try The Ambry.

Visit To Sturbridge

I used to *LOVE* Baker's Fare in Stafford Springs, CT (not far from Sturbridge) but the place closed. I heard they moved to 'sun valley(?)' but the person who told me wasn't sure of the name herself, so, it's like a wild goose chase trying to find them.

The Woodbine Country Store in Brimfield right on rt.20, was also very good, but, it changed owners. They had horrible service though and the new owners painted it all white inside, I havent been back since. They had the best chocolate milk, ever. not sure why!

Best Bagels in Ct?

Hi, I just wrote about finding an indie bagel place in western mass!

Try the in-store bagels at Price Chopper in Windsor, CT. I think they're pretty good and closest to NYC style bagels, for this area. I am from NJ and worked in Manhattan so I think I know my bagels... LOL (and H&H is not my fave!)

Best Bagels in Western MASS?

How sad, I cannot find an independent bagel place in the Springfield area.

Between Rounds went out of business on Boston Road, Manhattan Bagel at the "X" went out of business. The 3 other bagel places my GPS told me about, I called and they were all out of business!

Formerly of NJ, I tend to like NY style bagels; chewey on the outside and bready inside.

I was delighted to see a PRICE CHOPPER open in Windsor, CT - and one with an instore bagelry at that! I was familiar with the bagels when I lived in Poughkeepsie, NY and they were excellent. Luckily these are also very good. But, it's kinda far. And I'd like to find a bagel deli that cooks up egg sandwiches, too.

Any suggestions?