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Essex Street market - a great find - the market has been there for approx 100 yrs and the shake stand at least 30

Dec 15, 2007
RRZ in Manhattan

Xmas & New Year in NYC

Bryant Park Grill - not tooo pricey, in a gorgeous setting behind the Public Library- you can check out Grand Central and be near the Xmas windows of Lord and Taylor and not too far from Saks's windows and Rock Center. The food is good - pleasant service. And open on the 25th - my birthday is Christmas and with twin daughters (turning 13 soon) we have always enjoyed going there (we will be there this year, most likely) - there are choices for them and the "grown ups" are happy too. Very accomodating staff - I think they were 3yrs old the first time we went!

Dec 10, 2007
RRZ in Manhattan

ISO a main Christmas dessert other than cookies, a yule log or fruit cake

Oranges with walnuts and Grand Marnier - simple, elegant, not too filling! THis is a
terrific dessert I had at a boyfriends in Switzerland - we broke up years ago but I still love the dessert!
RECIPE: use a knife to peel oranges so that no pith remains. Slice the oranges and break the sections apart gently - not completely. Add walnut halves. (figure 8 times the volume of oranges to walnuts) Add a generous amount of Grand Marnier and let sit in fridge for a few hours or overnight before serving. It is delicious and refreshing looks gorgeous in a glass bowl (and terrific with some fine chocolates on the side.)

Dec 10, 2007
RRZ in Home Cooking