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They're Not <i>Really</i> Hungry

I think Allstonian is right...not everyone is everything nor can they do all things nor do they all have the time to do so. I've worked two and three jobs my whole life and still have more bills at the end of the bucks. I agree completely that not all who are hungry are adults. The saddest are children of drug or alcohol abusive parents that sell their kids short for a buzz. I wish the numbers were better but with every president since Reagan, including both Reagan and Clinton by the way, letting in however many millions of Mexican illegals (latest estimate at somewhere around 12-15 million?) on a free ride for health care, social security, education and maybe even a legal get out of jail free card, it's no wonder America's own poor are getting a short shrift...thank you very much for bringing it up, Somm!!! I have no problem whatsoever with legal immigration but the system has failed at all levels to halt the abuse from down Mexico way.So, Sommelier, is it your contention that we should continue to pour money at the problem? If so, then I remind you that hasn't helped the foundational problem in the past. It seems to create a bigger beaurocracy with less accountability and fewer dollars actually hit the target...which is feeding the poor. Actually, I think our legal Asian, European and Mexican immigrants lead the pack in regard to getting off the systematic dole. They seem to be more, maybe differently is a better word, motivated than those who feel entitled to stay on the roles for generations.And by the way, who ever claimed Drenowski to be an authority? We all know there is fecal matter on the fringe of both the left and the right...true enough Somm? My initial point was that the very ones who complain most about how little the federal gov't is helping them...(does this sound like the Louisiana side of the Katrina debacle as opposed to the Mississippi side?)...are the ones who are prone to abuse the system the most.Are there problems...of course! Are there humanitarian solutions...of course.Does the government owe more to those who are unwilling to do more for themselves...I don't honestly you?!!!Should the government give more support to those who are willing to do more to better themselves...again...I don't know.I know this...every one of us...including the whack jobs on both sides...can do more individually. Somm...step up and pick a family to feed this Christmas. I did. It'll make you less caustic toward the idiots on the right wing if you're placed better yourself. The problem is that many of those on the extreme left side of this issue would rather be taken care of totally by our esteemed Uncle. That would be a mistake...(read socialized medicine in England, France and other places has failed miserably to live up to prior expectations.)Sommelier...I don't know what to say to assuage your savage beast. Tell me, how old are you and what is your educational background? Just curious! Some perspective on what got you to where you are would help me understand. Think about it..." the idiots on the right wing, et al..." sounds rather weak as an argument in a conversation about food stamps doesn't it?
Shouldn't this conversation transcend the notion of politics and enter the realm of a truly workable solution.
I hope so...I'm no authority but I know that the solution lies not in social programs ad nauseam per se. Some assistence is required but it demeans one to take personal pride here.
And, besides, didn't this conversation start with the report about food insecure adults (read adults) growing fat on fast foods instead of where this particular conversation has evolved? How did Reagan get in here anyway?

Dec 11, 2007
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They're Not <i>Really</i> Hungry

When I was living paycheck to paycheck I couldn't afford to eat fast food. I'd kill for a $4 BigMac meal. Down at the thrift store I outfitted my kitchen for under $30 including a couple skillets and a stock pot. A #1 of rice is cheap. A #5 of sugar is cheap. A #5 of salt is cheap. From there one can make more food on $50 bucks than would last you 3 meals a day at any fastfoodie in the a longshot! Sorry...those who expect ease of life at the expense of our Uncle Sam, to a large degree, aren't willing to put in the effort.
The truth is that many are unwilling to give up booze or cigs to go the harder path. Many are, however, and I see it daily as I am a mailman in a poor mixed-race neighborhood and see many who are willing to sacrifice niceties for the basics...enter hispanics who know how to stretch a peso...and older blacks who know where the real soul-food recipes come from and are willing to use the knowledge. They come from the lives of their mothers and grandmothers who HAD to make it work. There are obviously many other stories of success that we just never hear about from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds.
Look'll find that the truth lies somewhere between "gimme, you owe it to me" and "thank you, I'll make due" although we'll see many of both.
Sad situation that we have to argue about how those on the dole spend their free dollars but I guess that's where we are today.
I agree with crippstom...the more monopoly money we send out there the more abuse of the system we'll see. Why don't we make it mandatory for those who receive welfare or food stamps take a gov't class on how to stretch those cigs, no booze, no class, no money! Maybe they'll spend the time they have from not working for whatever reason,,,into cheaper cooking!

Dec 10, 2007
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Pork Tenderloin with Salsa Verde

No duh!!!!!!!
Excuse me for sounding like a valleygirl-teen-stereotype but I would never have thought about butterflying the tenderloin from end-to-end. What a great idea! Where is MY brain? Fast and tasty. Great idea!
Enter shrimp or shrooms or whatever and you've got a stuffed piece of wonderfulness tied up in the middle.

Dec 10, 2007
firpo in Recipes