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Where to buy ready-to-eat (canned, bottled, refrigerated, etc.) Japanese ramen-style bamboo shoots in area?

The salted bamboo shoots are called Menma, it comes in little jars, and the store upstairs from Temari in Rockville has them.

Temari Cafe
1043 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

Breakfast stop along I-95 in MD or VA

If you're heading south and want to go to R&R, get off on Rt. 100 east, get onto Rt. 1 south and turn right into R&R at the Shell station right before the intersection with 175. This is a lot less awkward and hair-raising than turning left from 175 and left into the station with traffic flying at you.

Enjoy, the guy who runs the place is very nice and everything I've had there is good.

quintessential baltimore?

I agree with elgringoviejo - Pioneer is good but really not any better than Canopy. I guess I expected to get my socks knocked off after all the raves, but it's just beef on a bun. Plus Canopy has my favorite fries, Md. crab soup, mac & cheese and other things. Heck, maybe they're the quintessential Md. casual eating experience. Either that, or a lake trout/chicken box place.

Where there's gas, there's food (and vice-versa)

Town Grill in Lisbon: really good subs and breakfast.

Town Grill
15943 Frederick Rd, Woodbine, MD 21765

Lighthouse Tofu BBQ, Ellicott City

Great; seafood pancake and sauteed squid/octopus are 2 of my favorite things for lunch. I hope they can compete with the Korean/Chinese restaurant a couple doors down.

Lighthouse Tofu BBQ, Ellicott City

This is "coming soon" to Rt. 40 next door to Jerry's and Boston Market. Apparently they have a branch in Rockville. Is it just a standard Korean restaurant, or do they have "pulled pork" sandwiches made out of tofu?

Unique/ Signature Dishes in DC

Then our counterparts are Five Guys and Ledo's.

Ledo Restaurant
4509 Knox Road, College Park, MD 20740

What do I order at Honey Pig?

The last time we went to the one in Ellicott City, we were told we had to order a minimum of 2 meats for the barbeque. (Originally we wanted just the ribs and a seafood pancake.)

The ribs are very good; the octopus/pork combos are also good and VERY spicy. They've cranked up the heat from when they first opened.

The 3000 square mile no-deep-dish zone

Even with the original Ledo's, people either loved or hated it. I liked it ok, but I had to be in the mood for it. (And waiting outside an hour in the cold made it taste better.)

Ledo Restaurant
4509 Knox Road, College Park, MD 20740

Best Chicken Fried Steak?

Mimi's is in the same shopping center as TJ and Costco. Turn onto 108 from 175, take the first entrance, go past Houlihan's and On The Border to Mimi's.

a good place for a first date between baltimore and dc?

If you need to be near transit, forget Columbia. Something near the Silver Spring metro station may be your best bet.

Stanford Grill ?

Is this a Columbia thing? Because we've gotten the same sort of freeze-out treatment at some Columbia restaurants, the kind that put on airs while serving things like burgers and pizza. It's like they take one look at you and decide you're not their type, and want you to leave ASAP.

I didn't know Nottingham's was still there; we used to go there many years ago pre-kids. We'll have to check them out again, as well as Union Jack's, and other places that make us feel like guests instead of viruses.

Union Jack's
4915 Saint Elmo Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

Good restaurant between DC & Baltimore

Pasta Plus (which opens at 4 on Sunday) or Victoria would be my choices.

Taste of Wheaton, 2010

The one in Wheaton (Maryland) is on May 16 this year. It's by far my favorite "Taste Of". If prices are the same as in the past ($1 for good-sized samples, free carnival rides) then you'll stuff yourself for under $20 and kids will have a blast. Only thing is that it does seem to have a "rain curse" hanging over it. Bring your umbrella just in case.

Americanized Chinese food Baltimore

A cheese steak with lettuce/tomato/mayo is a cheese steak hoagie. I saw them on menus all around Philadelphia and no one gave me dirty looks for ordering one.

Here in Md., once we've nailed down the One and Only True Official Authentic Maryland Crab Cake, then we can start working on what's "authentic" in Chinese. I vote for the recipe on the Old Bay box.

Honey Pig in Ellicott City, any early reports?

Well, we went there for lunch today and it wasn't crowded at all; we were seated right away. We had the beef (galbi? I guess) BBQ + cold noodles special for $9.99. It comes with salad, lettluce leaves and of course the little dishes. It was tasty and filling but I agree that flavoring was a bit mild. Service was very friendly. This would be a good "intro to Korean food" type of place and of course if you have a 1 am craving, it beats the heck out of drive-thru Taco Bell or 7-11. But I still like the H-Mart food court a little better. I'll certainly return to Honey Pig to try the pork belly or other dishes.

800 N Rolling Rd, Catonsville, MD

Honey Pig in Ellicott City, any early reports?

It's in a big building behind the Forest Diner, on Rt. 40.

Here's the address (I don't know how to add a restaurant)
10045 Baltimore National Pike
Ellicott City MD 21042

Forest Diner
10031 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City, MD 21042

Honey Pig in Ellicott City, any early reports?

They're supposed to be open now, anyone go there today? I want to check them out tomorrow. What's good there?

Americanized Chinese food Baltimore

We gave Hunan Taste three or four tries and gave up. I don't think we ever got the "magic chef" because everything we got was very average and extremely salty. I'll stick with Hunan Legend which is closer to us and pretty consistently good.

Hunan Legend
4725 Dorsey Hall Dr Ste D, Ellicott City, MD 21042

Hunan Taste
718 N Rolling Rd, Catonsville, MD 21228

Sunday night dinner (after 9pm) for 20 teen-aged volleyball players near BWI?

Stained Glass Pub in Elkridge is big enough for several groups and open till 2 am every night. They have very good pizza and a large menu.

Stained Glass Pub
6751 Dorsey Rd, Elkridge, MD 21075

Americanized Chinese food Baltimore

Great, thanks, that's not easy to find.

Americanized Chinese food Baltimore

Does Q serve *real* sushi? As in, vinegar and sugar mixed into the rice, instead of plain rice served ice-cold?

Hunan Taste - Authentic Hunanese comes to Catonsville - in the HMart strip mall

There was a Hunan Taste menu tucked inside this week's Ellicott City Penny Saver. The bullwhack is no longer there.

Hunan Taste - Authentic Hunanese comes to Catonsville - in the HMart strip mall

Thanks for the reports! I was wondering how this place was doing, since the initial excitement seemed to die down.

I went there twice and was underwhelmed, but I'm willing to give them another chance. I'll try some of the dishes you folks recommended. I can give an anti-recommendation: the crispy duck. It tasted like a bucket of salt fell into the pot.

Great restaurant easy to get to from Baltimore beltway

Wow, I thought it was just me. I've been to Hunan Taste twice for lunch and while it's good service in a nice setting, the food hasn't been all that. We got the crispy duck last time, on their recommendation, and it was extremely salty. The hot spicy squid is the only thing I would get again. I wanted to like them too, but they need to do better in order to pull me away from the bulgogi and kimchi fried rice with fish egg at the food court.

Thai festival in Silver Spring

Bumping this because I was at Bangkok Garden in Columbia and saw a flyer taped to the door advertising a Thai festival at Wat Thai next Sunday, Sept. 20. Free admission, and of course FOOD. Does anyone have more info? I guess it isn't as big as Songkran but wondering if it is still worth checking out.

Columbia - Bun Penny and Produce Galore still catering?

Bun Penny and Produce Galore both closed earlier this year.

National Capital BBQ Festival

Taste of Wheaton is terrific, and free. Is the DC health dept. a barrier to serving decent food at street festivals? The Cherry Blossom Festival is also just rows and rows of Chinese food stands selling identical chicken-on-a-stick and lo mein, as if they're all run by some mega Chicken & Lo Mein Inc.

Fractured Prune - Ellicott City

The one next to Rita's is closed. Is there another one?

Ceazars (formerly Sizar's) in Elkridge

Thanks, HowChow and Jason. I have a coupon so maybe I'll give them a try if I'm in the area.