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Burgers in Reno

midtown eats. amazing burgers, and lots of other options. picture below shows a salad side, but they have great fries, too.

Aug 13, 2013
nancyhudson in Southwest

late night dining and breakfast in San Jose

For breakfast, 4th Street Bowl. We, too, stopped in San Jose for an overnight before heading south and found this yummy breakfast spot.

1441 N 4th St, San Jose
(408) 453-5555

ISO Breakfast in San Jose

I think it's called 4th Street Bowl (in a bowling alley), can anyone confirm this? Great breakfast there last year while passing thru SJ.

North Lake Tahoe

What?! Steer clear of Soule Domain - we love it! To each their own, I guess...

Mar 20, 2013
nancyhudson in California

Hot Cereals: Can They Be Scrumptious?

I tried this the other day and it was quite yummy, although it may be defeating the healthy breakfast aspect of hot cereal: poached an egg in tomato sauce and plopped it on a bowl of farina...tasty!

Jan 25, 2013
nancyhudson in General Topics

Campo: Nice new Italian restaurant in Reno.

you may need a Campo intervention ... :-)

Jan 22, 2013
nancyhudson in Southwest

Reno - The Chapel Tavern has moved and, wow,have they upgraded!

Ha - funny you should say "old fogeys felt welcome". I just visted the Chapel in their new location and said nearly the same thing. I felt out of sorts in the old spot and never went back after my first visit, but I really dig the new digs and felt there was a much more diverse crowd (read: over 23). And, my People's Choice cocktail was yummy. Plus, USA Today likes them too:

Jan 14, 2013
nancyhudson in Southwest

Midtown Reno: Great new restaurant, brewery in Brassiere St. James

Redemption! Went back for dinner Saturday night. Everything was really outstanding. I had the shortrib/oxtail over polenta and others had the roasted chicken over root vegetables and the burger. All prepared to perfection. Only disappointment was that they were sold out of cassoulet :-(

Dec 10, 2012
nancyhudson in Southwest

Midtown Reno: Great new restaurant, brewery in Brassiere St. James

Finally made it here myself. Actually twice. Really dig the atmosphere; food was good, but not outstanding. Second trip we sat at the bar and had the portabella fries. Now those were good. First trip I had the Spanish pizza. Toppings were really good- jamon, manchego, roasted peppers, but I wasn't crazy about the crust. I did taste the pig & kraut and it was very, very good. The chicken sandwich was just ordinary. A lot more on the menu to try, so will be back!

Dec 06, 2012
nancyhudson in Southwest

Trader Joe's Yea/Nay Thread - December 2012 [OLD]

Huh! I'm addicted to those chocolate hazelnut cookies!

Dec 06, 2012
nancyhudson in Chains

Dinner for hungry skiers

Mexican? Trays of enchiladas can be premade. Do you have a grill? Meats can be premarinated; peppers and onions per-sliced for fajitas and chicken works well here, too. Carbs would be provided thru tortillas. And, rice and beans on the side.

Nov 29, 2012
nancyhudson in Home Cooking

URGENT!! Need help as I am Cooking meal for a girl, I'm 17, please help

hmmm...interesting, especially because a 12 yo would be 17 now!

Oct 04, 2012
nancyhudson in Home Cooking

Lone Pine to Carson City - Where to eat dinner?

Oh no! I didn't know - it's been a couple years since I headed that way. Thanks for the heads up.

Sep 05, 2012
nancyhudson in California

Lone Pine to Carson City - Where to eat dinner?

Whoa Nellie Deli in Lee Vining, hands down.

Maybe you'll score and it'll be a live music night! This place is amazing.

Aug 17, 2012
nancyhudson in California

North Lake Tahoe

Didn't see th OP in time! We love Bite in Incline Village and Dragonfly in Truckee. Even with Mark leaving Moody's its still good. Actually, Truckee has quite a few decent restaurants on the main drag.

Aug 13, 2012
nancyhudson in California

Best example of Basque food/experience in Nevada?

The Santa Fe in Reno.

Aug 10, 2012
nancyhudson in Southwest

Any Good Pizza in Reno?

Quality food or quality pizza? The Reno food scene (outside of pizza) is truly outstanding as of late.

Aug 10, 2012
nancyhudson in Southwest

3 Nights in Reno

Inside the new museum is recently opened Composition Cafe. Here's my review -

They are open for lunch, but the menu changes to tapas at dinner.

Aug 10, 2012
nancyhudson in Southwest

Composition Cafe, Reno

Located in the former spot of Cafe Musee in the museum is the new Composition Cafe. I've eaten here three times now, and I may have to go as far as saying this could be the best food in town. What I'm most excited about is the Friday and Saturday night tapas. Available from 4:30 til 11:00 are small plates of delish. Everything on the menu sounded outstanding, but we settled on the Prince Edward Mussels with Jalapeno Bacon (freakin' awesome) and Jerk Pork Tenderloin Tostadas with Cilantro Cream Slaw (no words can describe the wonderfulness). Get here, you won't be disappointed.

Jul 20, 2012
nancyhudson in Southwest

places to buy substainably raised meats in reno,nv

These folks sell their meat locally:

Jun 07, 2012
nancyhudson in Southwest

Confirming online reservations

I do become annoyed when I make an Open Table ressie, then when the restaurant calls a day or two prior to confirm, gets my voicemail, then asks me to call back to confirm. It would be better if they said to call back if you can't make it and leave it at that.

May 29, 2012
nancyhudson in Not About Food

Visiting Laguna Beach for a week - need recommendations

IMO with regard to Las Brisas, go for the view, not the food. Our fave Laguna Beach mexican food is La Sirena. Wahoo's is okay. I'd say go to LA or San Diego for better mexican, by far.

May 09, 2012
nancyhudson in Los Angeles Area

Reno, NV - Mother's Day brunch

I am a fan of the quaint Daughters Cafe, and this is their Mother's Day menu:

...we'll be serving Polenta Elisa (from Lake with blue cheese and sage!), Sausage Rolls (Queen Elizabeth's favorite appetizer), Feta Stuffed Squash Blossoms, Fried Halloumi, Fresh Fruit, and Grilled Strawberry Shortcake on a skewer!

Daughters Cafe is located on the corner of First and Bell Streets in the Downtown Truckee River District of Reno, Nevada.

May 08, 2012
nancyhudson in Southwest

Bowl - Reno

Tried Bowl this weekend for the first time. Absolutely loved my dish of the duck confit over polenta with greens. Really quite outstanding. The wine list was fine, plus they encouraged us to go to the wine bar next door if we wanted to try something else. Most everything on the menu sounded tasty, so tasty that I had trouble deciding, but all the more reason for a follow-up visit. Sezmu was my favorite Reno restaurant so I am happy to see the chef is doing something else in town.

Feb 27, 2012
nancyhudson in Southwest

4 guys and 4 days in Squaw Valley

Sonds like you're flying into Reno maybe (the taxi reference)? There is a Whole Foods and Trader Joes in Reno that you can hit before making the 45 minute drive. There are lots of good restaurants in Truckee and Northstar...Moodys, Dragonfly, Baxters, Manzanita, in addition to Squaw Valley.

Jan 27, 2012
nancyhudson in California

Campo: Nice new Italian restaurant in Reno.

I went to their opening and although it was crazy crowded, the food was steady and really quite good. Looking forward to going back for a more relaxed meal. Highlights were the pizza - love the crust, macaroni and cheese, and the meatballs, although I can't say a bad thing about any of the food we tasted.

Nov 23, 2011
nancyhudson in Southwest

Midtown Eats, Reno

This restaurant is located in the small space previously occupied by Sup. It's outstanding. We were there for lunch and both had soup and salad. Soup was Wild Mushroom; I had the Cobb Salad and my daughter had the Chicken Ceasar. The Cobb had pork belly, I'm certain. The Ceasar had the an incredibly moist and flavorful chicken breast and was dotted with small bits of butternut squash and carmelized onions. The lunch and dinner menus are eclectic and interesting; there's a full bar with many cocktail specials.

Midtown Eats
719 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89501

Oct 26, 2011
nancyhudson in Southwest

Settle something for me ... is it gauche to pre-cut your steak into bite-sized pieces?

...and my husband's mom's sister! My husband and I have a pact that if we ever become like that, there will be an "accident"!

Oct 20, 2011
nancyhudson in Not About Food

What to do with a bad case of wine. Can we return it?

OP did say that the wine he purchased from the retailer was also the same vintage of the same wine he had at 2 separate restaurants, both times with outstanding results, so it would appear that the purchased case may not have been stored properly. It's worth giving the retailer a call, you never know. Although not a wine retailer specifically, TJ's will take any wine back, no questions asked.

Oct 17, 2011
nancyhudson in Wine

Tahoe/Incline reccos

Moody's IS fantastic, but it is a bit of a drive - 45 minutes, some of which is windy along the lake shore. Plus, if you're planning on cocktails and/or wine, I wouldn't risk it. A really fun spot right in Incline is Bite - small plates so you can try a variety of foods and has a fun bar with live music. A little closer to Incline than Moody's is Northstar Resort - their restaurant Manzanita is run by Traci Des Jardin, of San Francisco fame. I've not eaten there, but the menu looks fantastic and they do appear to have some locally sourced items. Don't bother with the Hyatt's restaurant, Lone Eagle. If you are there in daylight hours and want to have a drink there, great - right on the water, wonderful views. But the food is expensive and overrated.

Sep 23, 2011
nancyhudson in California