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ISO Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut

No Frills usually carries it. Look for it in the Specialty Drinks isle.

Lovage anyone?

Aprozar Fresh Fruits & Veggies
3121 Av Sheppard E
Scarborough, ON M1T 3J7
(416) 495-7531

They used to carry it. I have not been there in years so maybe you should give them a call before you go.

Beefsteak tomatoes

Sherway Farmers' Market on Fridays. Very reasonably priced.

Apple picking + chow-ish meal 2 hours from downtown Toronto?

Here is a recent article about Ontario's Apple Route:

For the food part, Port Hope comes up quite frequently on this board. Just do a search.

Sidecar - Backyard BBQ Lunch

Has anyone tried the weekend Backyard BBQ lunch advertised on their website? Any interesting items?

Chow-worthy stops on the way to Rice Lake?

Capers in Campbellford.

The meat at Pied Au Cochon?

This is correct. We have been told that a couple weeks ago when we went there. The seafood platters for two looked amazing and seemed to be the most popular order of the evening. We had our mind set on duck, though.

iso good places to eat around six mile lake (muskoka)...

Sorry, I don't remember. We all got the pasta.
If you want only fish & chips maybe it's a good idea to call them.

iso good places to eat around six mile lake (muskoka)...

Lake Country Grill in Honey Harbour

The chef makes his own fresh pasta. Plus, you can't beat the scenery.

Lake Country Grill
2755 Honey Harbour Rd, Honey Harbour, ON L0K1S0, CA

Where to buy rabbit

Wychwood Market on Saturdays:

The vendor has a farm in Innisfil.

Northern Chinese Food - Great NEW find in Richmond Hill!

Went back to Northern Dumpling Kitchen for the spicy cold pork and also tried a couple of other dishes: the "fennel" and pork dumplings (it was dill, not fennel) and the lamb noodle soup. Both very flavourful and yummy! The broth of the lamb soup had an interesting spiciness to it.
it's quite a drive to get there from the west end but well worth it!

Tobermory Dining Help

We had a good experience at Lighthouse last year. The fish was cooked very well. A bit overpriced, though.

Tobermory Dining Help

The Indonesian restaurant closed down. They opened a store instead.

Strawberry Picking Toronto

magpiebakes, how were the strawberries at Organics Farm? I am thinking of going next weekend. Were they sweet/flavorful? The weather has not helped so far and I don't want to drive there for nothing.

Northern Chinese Food - Great NEW find in Richmond Hill!

We went there for lunch just before it started to fill up. Thank you all for the reviewed dishes. It made our selection much easier. And, hopefully, making us look like we knew what we were doing, since we were the only non-Asian patrons. ;-)

Outstanding items which we are going back for: spicy cold pork, soup filled dumplings, stir fried bok choy with garlic

Great items (may reorder them at some point): stewed ribs with green beans and vermicelli noodles (perfect for a cold day so we are going to wait for fall before ordering again).

OK dishes (nothing to write home about): shrimp and leek dumplings, rice cakes with shrimp and vegetables, pancakes with smoked pork belly. It's not like these were bad, but the spicy pork dish came first and the delicate flavour of these three dishes got lost.

Will definitely go back to try more items and reorder the spicy pork. We just couldn't get enough of it!

Seven dishes came at $50 with tax and before tip. Great value.

Yang's or Emperor?

I would like to go to either one of them for a late lunch this Saturday (after 2 pm). Do we need reservation (4 people) and which one would have specials for lunch.
Can we still get dim sum after 2 pm?


Good pho within walking distance of Bloor West Village?

"Just to clarify, my question was very specifically about finding *good* pho, not just whether there was a Vietnamese restaurant around nearby."

And that's why I replied. It's *good* for the area.

Anyway, I will know better next time not to reply to your questions.

Good pho within walking distance of Bloor West Village?

Depending on where you are in Bloor West Village, there is a Vietnamese place on Pacific Ave. at Dundas W.

Food Network: Canada vs US?

Heston's Fests is an amazing show. I have seen the Medieval Feast and the Tudor Feast and they are mind blowing.

Dec 06, 2009
blue bike in Food Media & News

Best Doughnuts in Toronto

Any chance to find hot, fresh doughnuts like these in Toronto?

The doughnuts are shown at 5:20.

Food Network: Canada vs US?

Christine Cushing has a new show on W Network - Fearless in the kitchen. Her personality is as annoying as ever.

Nov 07, 2009
blue bike in Food Media & News

Boho Closing???

I called and they are closed due to the construction on Roncesvalles. Will reopen sometime in December.

Boho Closing???

Does anyone have an update on this? Thanks,

Request for Reccomendations : Rural brunch spot just outside of GTA

I like EastDell Winery for a casual out of town brunch. Ask for a window table. The view is very nice.

Bakery or breakfast near Parc La Fontaine

Great list. Thank you, everyone.

Bakery or breakfast near Parc La Fontaine

OMG, I am in trouble. :-)))

Thanks for posting the links!!!

Bakery or breakfast near Parc La Fontaine

Thanks! Where exactly is the bakery located? I tried to google it but I could not get an address nor any reference to it.

Bakery or breakfast near Parc La Fontaine

Can I please get some suggestions for good bakeries walking distance from Parc La Fontaine?
Looking for breads, pastries, croissants for breakfast. It does not have to be a sit-in place.

Also, where can I find good coffee in the area? Preferably espresso, but a strong flavourful coffee will do.

I did a search on the board, however, since I am not familiar with the area, it's hard to identify the candidates. :-)


ISO: Fresh Saskatoon Berries

The season is over for these berries. You can only get them frozen now.
I got them from a farm in Norfolk County (sorry, can't find the name).

Where to find kaffir limes in Toronto?

What are their hours?