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Long Island City

If you're near the 7 train, it shouldn't be that long to hop in and out of Manhattan (getting off at Bryant Park or Times Square offer you several options.)

Nov 19, 2013
oreyyo in Kosher

Shalom Bombay

The goup deals usually exclude the lunch buffet, check the fine print.

The buffet is ~$13.95 a person, and well worth it. They usually have 2 types of chicken, a lamb dish, a few hot vegetable dishes, salad, naan and some sort of dessert.

Feb 19, 2013
oreyyo in Kosher


I'm planning a vacation to Hawaii -- anyone have any insight into the availability of kosher food there?

Thanks so much!

Nov 14, 2009
oreyyo in Kosher

Esrog Recipes

Does anyone have any recipes for my leftover esrogim? I'd like to experiment making a jam/jelly or a liqueur this year.


Oct 09, 2009
oreyyo in Kosher

Pareve birthday cake in Manhattan

Chantilly will deliver cakes to Manhattan (they wanted to charge $5 to send my order to Washington Heights).

Jul 21, 2009
oreyyo in Kosher

Dunkin Donut's Flavors - All Kosher?

As tomorrow, May 15th, is Dunkin Donut's Free Iced Coffee Day (from 10am - 10 pm), I was wondering if any of its flavors are problematic. (I know that its brewing competitor has some non-kosher flavors and am a fan of for that reason).

Does anyone have any idea?

May 14, 2008
oreyyo in Kosher

Midtown Birthday Lunch

My birthday is next week, and I've convinced my a group of my secular/non-Jewish coworkers to come out to a kosher restaurant with me. We'll be celebrating it on Friday around noon, and I am not sure how big the posse will be yet. I work in Midtown East, but anything in the general Midtown area should be doable. Previously, we've tried Cafe Classico and Wolf and Lamb. Both were pretty well-liked by the group, but I don't want to go over the budget of those places. It doesn't have to be fleishigs, but I am a little intimidated by some of the foodies that will joining me for what may not be their first, but not one of many kosher experiences.

Any suggestions?

May 02, 2008
oreyyo in Kosher

mishloach manot themes

My family does themes every year. We've also done things like coffee, Italian, popcorn and "Absolut nuts."

Last year we (as a family) did Chinese (getting nice plastic takeout boxes from Michaels, putting in Chinese cookies, fortune cookies, soy & duck sauce, attaching chopsticks, etc.)

The most elaborate scheme I had was candy sushi. It came out adorable, but the sour-apple fruit roll-up nori combined with the Twizzler "fish" made it too tangy for most. It also took a long time to make. But it looked authentic, I bought the sushi containers from a store, then had Fruit Flix serve as ginger, and some green sour belts as wasabi, and put a little cup of maple syrup on the side.

We often will start by finding the containers we want and building our theme around that.

Jan 17, 2008
oreyyo in Kosher

which nyc kosher restaurants open on dec 24 /25th?

you may want to call ahead tomorrow (12/24) as many of the midtown restaurants service the nearby Jewish-employing businesses, which for the most part will be "on holiday".

my friend went to my most favorite on thanksgiving, and told me that because the place was "dead" the waiter told them that they had a limited menu, and they closed earlier than usual.

Dec 23, 2007
oreyyo in Kosher

Circa- downtown closing

My mother spoke to one of the managers at Circa J when it reappeared for an encore performance... He said that they were going to close bec the restaurant didn't make enough profit -- they had to pay a lot in rent, and then hired 2 day managers and 2 night managers (for upstairs and downstairs).

Dec 10, 2007
oreyyo in Kosher