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New Rochelle / Wykagyl Area Delivery Options

I have not tried the deli, but I stepped inside to get a menu and was warmly greeted.

The "scoop" on the ice cream store is that it is a Tasti-D-Lite franchise, and it looks to be opening soon.

Fish markets in Westchester

I like Eastchester Fish, but if you live in Southern Westchester then it is worth making the short trip to Randazzo's on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.

New Rochelle / Wykagyl Area Delivery Options

I wanted to provide an update to this thread because things are looking up for Wykagyl.

I am a big fan of Quaker Ridge Pizzeria (near Food Emporium) which opened about six months ago. Great pizza, paninis, soups and salads.

I also followed the advice of other posters and started frequenting Golden Rod for Chinese, which is very good and they deliver to Wykagyl.

Le Herradera offers fairly decent Mexican food to the neighborhood. And we now have a health juice/shake place and a Kosher superette near Cosi, and a very recently opened panini deli where Subway was previously located. A yoghurt ice cream store is about to open next door to Starbucks.

I am also a big fan of AJ's burgers, and they also deliver to Wykagyl.

I tried Brickyard Bistro in February for dinner, and it was reasonably priced with friendly service but not very memorable. However, I recently visited again for brunch and both the food and the service were excellent. The menu was also very interesting, and I can't wait to go back.

pizza in wykagyl

I also feel a little bad about Deanna's as I am a regular for the convenience, but I think that Quaker Ridge Pizzeria is a winner especially for thin crust fans. The fresh mozzarella pie (called a margerita) is very good, and the chicken and broccolli rabe paninini is excellent. I am a big fan of the soups, and the salads are very good for a pizza joint. There is a really good chef lurking behind this unassuming newcomer to the neighborhood.

Kirari Sushi in Scarsdale - Very Strange

I have visited twice this month. Both times were very good. But the teens can be a problem between 7 and 9, so go early or late.

I do love Azuma, but it is the quickest $50pp sushi dinner imaginable. Tsuru used to be a weekend lunchtime favorite of ours until they tried to seat us next door to the bathrooms when we were the first patrons to arrive at the restaurant on a rainy Saturday (but I still miss the place).

Best Indian Food in Lower Westchester

I was excited to visit Bengal Tiger after the positive reviews that I had read. Unfortunately the experience this past weekend did not match up. Perhaps it was just a bad night, but the food, although good, was far from great. Some of the dishes were overpriced. The atmosphere in the room was truly dull. The staff mostly didn't seem to care. And our waiter couldn not have been less inspired by the food.

I stopped visiting Coromandel two years ago after their success began to result in rushed service and lousier (although still very good) food. But I think that I will be going back.

New Rochelle / Wykagyl Area Delivery Options

Thanks for the suggestions. At least I know that I am not alone regarding Hunan Ritz. I tried Gourmet Noodles years ago when I first arrived in the neighborhood and did not enjoy that one experience at all. I will give it a try again this weekend. As for Maestro's, I go there fairly often but they still do not deliver. One recent find for those willing to drive - Roma in Tuckahoe near the Crestwood train station for great thin-crust pizza.

New Rochelle / Wykagyl Area Delivery Options

I would appreciate some suggestions for delivery options to the Wykagyl area of New Rochelle for those times when one does not feel like driving. Anyone have any ideas other than my usual rotation of Red Lotus, Karuta, Lotus King, Hunan Ritz, Deanna's and Amore?

Would also like to hear from others who have had delivery from Hunan Ritz recently. I used to find it to be a decent local option, then it went downhill, then came back a little, then dipped again and I have avoided the place since.

Southern Westchester: Kid Friendly and Not So Kid Friendly?

We also like Tomatillo in Dobbs Ferry for weekend brunch. It offers deliciously fresh Mexican, and they are great with the kids.

2 for 1 at Mo's.

I have to agree. I tried it recently and the appetizers were pretty good, but the gravy out of the can that accompanied the overcooked tuna special was more than dissapointing. It was also unpleasant when 4 adults were escorted to a loud and noisy kid-filled room at the back, when there were available tables in the quiet section at the front. It doesn't exactly scream "thanks for trying us."