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Pawley's Island (am I on the right board?)

High Hammock has just opened that the Hammock Shops - great
Chive Blossom - great!
Bove and Bistro 217 are great
Perrone's Market - awesome sandwiches and gourmet to go!
You'll be surprised how many good places in Pawleys (in comparison to the MB buffet row).

Flying into Savannah...any ideas for the best dinner in Savannah

Il Pasticcio - for Italian
Local 11 Ten - new chef getting good feedback
but real treat Alligator Soul

Dinner in Savannah

Bistro Savannah
Alligator Soul
Local 11 Ten
Cha Bella
all great choices! - some do lunch so spread yourself around

Kiawah Island

Chez Fish is doing well at this time of year and is right out side the Kiawah entrance.

The Glass Onion is great in West Ashley!

Charleston, SC for a group?

Try to call ahead and see about spacing as that is hard sometimes in our space limited restaruants. Try Magnolia's or Blossom's, High Cotton all downtown. Depending on where you want to go. Fish is close to you and 39 Rue de Jean is great and may have community seating too.

Fried seafood in Charleston

The Wreck is a great rustic experience. But you can go nicer to Hank's too ($$$). But Wreck is fun for all.

Dining around Charles Towne Landing (near Charleston)

Amuse !! for sure - close to where you are staying. It is off of Sam Rittenburg not too far from I-26 - do not miss this 843-573-8778 - - great wine, good small plates or dinner size entrees! Really great!

Charleston wine & cheese venues

The Trusted Palate is a great new place in the renovated "upper King" area that is great. But there are a ton of restaurants here that do cheese plates and have great wine selections! Try the bar at Mercato too!

Charleston Weekend

For the being with the crowd places definately - Basil, Chai - (upper King area) but not too crazy of a walk. Raval or Torch for night too in the same area. This area is the "hipper" part of the area - not so traditional southern - seafood I would try Hank's (stay away from the tourist traps!) Good southern try Jestine's for lunch

Family lunch/dinner in Charleston

The Mustard Seed restaurant group would be a great way to explore. Uno Mas is part of that operation too. Food can be as kid friendly as you want - no chicken fingers though!

10 Best Southern Hotdogs?

Jack's Cosmic Dogs, Mt Pleasant, SC - good veggie options too! (and a nehi to drink with it!)

Dec 10, 2007
eatslower in Southeast