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Salis Noodis - Yonge/St. Clair

The meal consisting of soup with the beef short ribs is DELICIOUS. The meat is fall off the bone tender and flavourful. The broth could stand a bit more flavouring but there are soya sauce and chili sauce on hand. The presentation is also gorgeous.

Paulette's in Leslieville - any info?

Paulette's in Leslieville - any info?

yup - Just went to Delica Kitchen (Yonge & St.Clair) for lunch and they seem to be advertising it as an offshoot! yum!

Pho Orchid at Bay & Chestnut?

I'll reply to my own comment here and say i went to pho orchid for lunch and......wish i could tell you how it was but my experience was a huge fail! i go in and order. they tell me to come back in 10 mins so i stand outside the door (it was a nice day) and come back in 10 as requested. I go to pay for my order and am told that someone else took my order. the guy then stands there staring at me, blank-faced. I say "so...what can we do here?" and he says " could order again but it woulbe another 10 mins..sorry".
If they had offered to rush my order or throw in a free pop or something I'd have waited but I was feeling a little miffed at that point so I left.
Hope others have better experiences than me...I won't be back!

Pho Orchid at Bay & Chestnut?

Just noticed a new Pho Place opening up on Bay at Chesnut. Googled but all i could find was this on "Pho Orchid (124 Chestnut Street) is taking over from the recently shuttered E-ON Restaurant, with a sign promising an "Authentic Viet Chef"."

anyone tried it yet? i think i might go for lunch!

Prison Chapel in Liberty Village

This may not be the best place to ask this but i thought i'd try! I live in Liberty Village and I've noticed that the old Prison Chapel building at the corner of Pirandello and East Liberty now has a Liquor Licence application posted on it...anyone have any dirt on what's to come?
sorry if this isnt the right forum to ask, just thought some of my fellow Toronto foodies might have the dirt!

If "No Reservations" came to Toronto, where would Anthony Bourdain go?

on that note he could prob do an entire episode on the various food festivals that go on here during the summer. theres one pretty much every weekend.

If "No Reservations" came to Toronto, where would Anthony Bourdain go?

Tattoo? he'd hate that place!. its too flashy. i think the bovine is a little more his speed

reasonably priced meal tonight after the world baseball classic

At the last second I found out that I'll be going to the world baseball classic game tonight. We wont have time to eat before the game and the thought of a skydome (rogers centre) hot dog isn't doing it for me. Can anyone recommend somewhere to go after the game (think 9-930pm we probably won't stay for the whole game) to grab dinner? We're trying not to spend too much so the more reasonably priced the better.
Anywhere from around the skydome to the Liberty Village area would be great (so we could stop on our way home). So many of our favourite restaurants close to our place aren't open on mondays and I am drawing a blank!
thanks in advance!

Chowhound worthy stops Hwy 62 (Belleville to Alongquin Park)

they still do! i just finished eating one that i brought back from that maynooth store on tuesday :)

Chow deals each day of the week

i think the beaconsfield on queen west has a nightly "happy hour" type menu as well...mon- fri they have a special item from the menu w/ a pint of beer.

New Aji Sai on Queen - AYCE

so true. my friend and i had dinner there last night and our server was awful...she had a sour look on her face the entire time like she hated the very sight of us. when we tried to order she was clearly not listening to us at first, appeared distracted and interrupted us to have a 5 min conversation with a customer waiting at the door - she couldnt have waited until we finished ordering first?
anyway, the food was good but i probably won't go back.

Chow deals each day of the week

bungalow cafe on king west has daily specials..i cant remember them all but they have 2 for 1 pasta on mondays and $4 pints on saturdays!

Best eats on Ossington?

its hit or miss. she does a really good one with kale, potato and chorizo that i forget the name of.

Trinity Church Cafe

I go to this place for lunch at least once a week - its my fav. FYI today they have the most delicious lemon bar studded with sour cherries I have ever tasted. Get em while they're still there!

Hidden Treats and Secret Gems Near Dundas and Bay?

red charcoal on dundas has some tasty burgers with some interesting toppings as well:

Hidden Treats and Secret Gems Near Dundas and Bay?

i live in your old area and work in your new area so i think i can say if you are looking for a drink place with the same feel as the ossington bars/pubs...look no further than the imperial pub!
its a 5 min walk from yonge/dundas and its got that total dive feeling, while still being comfortable. head upstairs to the "library". there's a fire place and some comfy couches to sit on while you sip a beer.

la bruschetta vs. hot house cafe

no contest: la bruschetta

Pizza and beer!

i might get trashed for saying this but i used to live near a total dive of a pub called mayday malones up at bathurst and dupont...and i really, really enjoyed their pizza! there i said it!
they make it fresh, its got a nice thin crust and its cheap (i think 1/2 price on wednesdays too if i am not mistaken). give it a try!
its also a place i would never, ever worry about looking odd dining alone...hahaha. if you're a fan of hockey, they've got a big screen they put on during game nights.

i think this place might have another location somewhere but i have only been to the bathurst & dupont one so i can only recommend that one's pizza.

Toronto restaurants that serve Tripe

the prague on queen west serves tripe soup

Loblaw's = downhill

i recently moved away from the forest hill loblaws (which i found lacking at times...especially the produce) - but now i go to the Liberty Village Dominion aka "THE STORE THAT LIKES TO RIP YOU OFF AND NEVER HAVE ANYTHING IN STOCK".

The other day they were out of - get this - ALL mushrooms. ALL of them. How is this even possible?
i could rant so, SO much more about this but i'm at work and am busy so i'll leave it be. Suffice it to say, sometimes I miss the lacking produce at the Forest Hill Loblaws.

I will say one thing about the Liberty Village Dominion - you want cheap pork? this is the place for you. There's a pig slaughterhouse not too far away on Wellington and seeing the pig-filled trucks roll by all the time has the neighbourhood residents losing their taste for pork. Therefore there is always a lot of it in stock and at rock bottom prices.

Inter Steer on Roncesvalles?

Anyone eaten here since the new guy took over?
I searched around online for a menu or something but could only find this:

sounds promising but as always, i like to check here first :)


yup - its good! there's a thread here if you want to read back a bit

Good Beer Bars/Bistros

I have been to red charcoal once and aside from a reeeeeaaaaly long wait for our food, the burger i had was excellent - HUGE and tasty. They have a large list of unusual hamburgers there including one topped with nutella, peanut butter and brie cheese! i was not brave enough to try it (although i admit to being intrigued) so i stuck with the "wild burger" which i think was topped with hot peppers and jalepeno havarti (it was in the summer so i dont remember exactly).
if anyone does go there and tries the nutella burger, please report back!

'50s looking diner in Toronto?

if you want to go the veggie route, try Sadie's Diner at Portland & Adelaide.
While not a traditional "mom & pop" type diner (the kind that has been int he same location for ages, with the same staff and same menu), Sadie's is kitch 50's all the way right down to the soundtrack that plays while you eat.
i highly recommend the huevos rancheros....I've tried the breakfast burrito and it was meh so now i stick to what i know is good. the portions are HUGE too.
they dont seem to have a website but the menu can be viewed here:

politica on adelaide

it is worth going to this place for the mango chili ribs alone! they are fall off the bone tender - sweet and delicious. I recently read somewhere that the caramalized shallot ribs at foxley (on ossington) were the best in the city but i have tried both and i disagree - Politica's are much better.

spicy hot chocolate - downtown toronto

thanks everyone - i will be trying that Soma one for sure...however there is a Dufflets on my walk home so i might have to try that one first! i had no idea they had a spicy version (and i used to work for Dufflets! oh how i miss the lemon curd tarts...)

spicy hot chocolate - downtown toronto

hi there
i'm looking for somewhere that serves spicy hot chocolate in toronto - downtown if possible since I dont own a car!
i did a search but didnt really come up with too much aside from someone mentioning that Johnny Banana at Queen/Bathurst does one (is it good?)

thanks in advance!