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Portland beer haiku contest

If you're a fan of haiku, is having a beerku contest.

"The rules are pretty simple. It must be in haiku format. The ancient art
of haiku requires precision: a five syllable first line; seven syllable
second line; and five syllable third line. The best haiku features a final
line that works like a friendly elbow in the ribs. We only ask that the
haiku be at least loosely about beer."

My favorite is:

Imbibe and unite –
drunk poets, crafty brewers –
Our paths part at dawn

I'm still working on my entry.... you can't just dash these things off.

Jul 02, 2009
citadrianne in Food Media & News

places to get international brunch

mm... thanks for all the suggestions!

lots of UWS spots, nice ;)

Sep 08, 2008
citadrianne in Manhattan

places to get international brunch

Anybody know of a good place to get some kind of off the beaten path brunch?

Bodrum, a Mediterranean restaurant on the Upper West Side, has a fabulous brunch menu that's also a great deal -- 14.95 for coffee/tea plus bloody mary/mimosa plus a brunch dish and a piece baklava for dessert. But the thing I liked about it was that in addition to normal brunch offerings they had a few Mediterranean specific items, like Turkish scrambled eggs with feta and a chopped salad thing going. Most places serve the same brunch -- eggs benedict, croque monsieuer, bacon. Does anyone know of another place that is open for brunch and offers more worldly options?

Sep 01, 2008
citadrianne in Manhattan

coffee-flavored cake

What's best to use -- coffee, espresso, or coffee liqueur?

Jan 25, 2008
citadrianne in Home Cooking

where to buy sheep's milk?

my turkish friend is craving it and he said he can't find it anywhere. i was like, come on. it just comes from a sheep. and this is new york.

anybody know this one?

Dec 22, 2007
citadrianne in Manhattan

Conversation-friendly place for post-Xmas dinner for four

thanks for the recs, guys. i'll pass them on to the fam (we're very democratic -- everything must be voted on).

also in the running are ouest and annisa -- any thoughts on those? never been to either.

Dec 09, 2007
citadrianne in Manhattan

Conversation-friendly place for post-Xmas dinner for four

My family is visiting after Christmas and we need some good places to eat that have first rate food and a good atmosphere for conversation, not crowded, cramped or loud, the kind of place that makes you linger. My dad and I are foodies but we normally depend way too much on Zagat's.

Budget about $50 each. Any kind of cuisine. A vegetarian or healthy place would be a plus -- my parents both loved Candle 79.

Dec 09, 2007
citadrianne in Manhattan