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Best Banana Cream Pie?

The best banana cream pie I've had was in a truck stop about half an hour west of sudbury on the TransCanada. I'm sorry it's not in Toronto ( I wish it was), but if you're ever driving out that way, make sure you stop in.

Aug 09, 2007
2equis in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

mexican beer/canadian beer

Which Canadian beer do you think comes closest to the flavour of Corona or Sol?

Jul 05, 2007
2equis in Beer

Just back from Quebec weekend. Other than Clafouti, who elsa in the G.T.A. has a great crossiant, Quality, Flakiness and Great Quality Butter as an ingredient.

Pain perdu is my favourite. Buttery and delicious. Wonderful chocolate and almond croissants.
THe Fromagerie on College at Ossington carries Pain Perdu's croissants and baguettes every day.

Jul 05, 2007
2equis in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

pigs' feet and organ meats

I'm tired of the regular stuff, the chicken and beef and so on. I want to explore the world of offal. Anybody had good restaurant experiences with kidneys, tripe, crackling, trotters, sweetbreads and so on? I don't mean upscale French, I mean ethnic restaurants that don't shy away from cooking with this stuff. The tacos de cabeza or chicharon I've had in Mexico come to mind, or the tripe soup there, or the rice with pollo de sangre in Spain.

Jan 31, 2007
2equis in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

canadian beer that tastes like mexican beer

Of the hundred canadian beers available in the beer store, is there one that is close to Sol? I'm trying to find a canadian beer that gives me the same taste, for these long hot sweaty mexican style summer days.

Aug 01, 2006
2equis in Beer