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Amsterdam Tip Sheet for 2007 (Very Long)

the best bread in amsterdam, bar none, is from La Fournil on Stadionsweg... up near the Olympic Stadium. we ride there every couple of days to get our supply. i've eaten amazing bread from many countries... but this place has got to be up there with the best ones i've visited anywhere in france... and we go to france once or twice a year!

Apr 03, 2008
mixtboy in International Archive

Amsterdam - need help narrowing down!

The French Cafe in De Pijp area is a good spot... very well presented food, trendy atmosphere, good buzz, nice service... and of course great eats... we'll be taking visiting friends there when they're over.

Mar 27, 2008
mixtboy in International Archive

Driving through Puglia (Apulia)

We are planning a driving trip through Puglia next summer... we drive a classic Volkswagen camper and we'll be camping along the way. The main focus for us, as on most of our trips, is food food food... so any suggestions of a route would be superb. We're coming from Amsterdam, probably dropping down through Germany/Switzerland... whichever is quickest. Although that is a relative term when you consider our top cruising speed of 52mph! The recommendations i've read on here so far sound amazing! My girlfriend and I like rustic little places and family run joints... but do also enjoy a proper dining experience (michelin) when the wallet permits it. For us, it's always about the food first, then the atmosphere of the place. Generally if i see too many foreigners in a place, we give it a miss. And if one or the other is lacking we will generally move on to try to find one that has both. Will probably do the trip over a 16 day period... perhaps in June. Any tips appreciated!

Dec 09, 2007
mixtboy in Italy