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Bagel frustration

I'll try Dimpflmeiers -- I love their rye bread, although they wouldn't be my logical guess for great bagels. I'll also try another Bagel House location. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with what you're used to. Bruegger's to me is fairly faithful to the little bagel bakery where I grew up, whereas perhaps bagels in Toronto have always been kind of bland in comparison and that's what people here have come to like.

Interestingly enough, there's a little place in Kitchener, of all places, called Wood Fire Bagels that makes pretty good bagels although they're not open great hours and you can really taste Kitchener's hard tap water in the bagels. There's supposed to be a good New York-style bagel place in Waterloo but it's only open to the public for retail sales a few hours a week.

Good pick-up food around St. Clair-Bathurst area

I've just moved to the Forest Hill Village area near St. Clair and Bathurst. I live alone and am very busy, so I don't do a lot of cooking. I'm looking for good take-out options in the area. I've already discovered Alberto's Pizza on Bathurst (quite good, but no parking). I also like thick burgers, Chinese, Thai, sandwiches, deli food, Mediterranean, vegetarian, traditional North American homestyle -- lots of stuff. Not looking for fine dining here -- just inexpensive but good stuff for takeout. Any ideas? Thanks.

Bagel frustration

I moved to Toronto from Kitchener (after growing up in Ohio) a few months ago, thinking that a city with 100,000 Jews would give me the opportunity to enjoy bagels again. Unfortunately, I have been quite disappointed. I've tried Gryfe's, Hamish, Bagel World, Bagel House, St. Urbain and What a Bagel, let alone the dreadful offerings from Bagel Stop and Tim Horton's. My feeling on all of them is the same: There's no there there. There's no real bagel taste, just bread. None of them compares to even the Bruegger's chain in the U.S., let alone the independent bakeries of big U.S. cities. Unfortunately, Bruegger's doesn't seem to be interested in opening any stores up here anytime soon.

Have I left anyplace out? Is there a nugget somewhere I'm missing?

Good burgers in Waterloo Region

I find The Grill's burgers to be rather bland, actually. Which is too bad, because I usually love greasy spoon burger places.

Good burgers in Waterloo Region

They have good burgers at Bogey's Rustic Grill in Kitchener. Does anyone know of other places in the area that have good, thick, quality hamburgers?