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Where to buy sorghum or sorghum flour in Montreal

I have purchased many bulk ingredients (i.e. flours) for GF baking at Frenco on St. Laurent. But I don't know if they carry the grains or if their products are free of trace amounts of gluten. Probably best to call them.

Steak and Frites?

I'd take L'Entrecôte St-Jean off the list. I used to like it and have been many times, but I visited a few weeks ago and both the food and service were subpar.

Michelin *** in the province?

Although I haven't been there myself yet, I recommend a relatively new restaurant, Toroli which is Japanese-French and has only eight tables. My spouse was recently hosting a London foodie for work and took him there. This gentleman has a well-known chef brother and has eaten in many Michelin starred restos. He loved it, said he needed to bring his brother there and even went back the next night when he was on his own.

421 Rue Marie Anne Est, Montreal, QC H2J 1Z9, CA

? About Cafe Via Crescent or other downtown lunch choices

Just wanted to update that I wasn't impressed by Cafe Via and wouldn't go again. The food was okay but unremarkable. The margarita pizza was served with just one tiny piece of basil chiffonaded into three pieces. I think of basil as an ingredient in that pizza - not a garnish. The wait staff (and kitchen) messed up two of our seven orders, with hardly an apology.

? About Cafe Via Crescent or other downtown lunch choices

Hi - I am treating my employees (McGill students) to a casual holiday lunch (McGill/downtown) this Friday, but don't have a big budget. I was hoping to spend ~ $20/person. Saw rec's for Ariel, Decca 77 which have a $25 lunch menu - but that seemed a bit too fancy and a bit expensive.

Then I came upon a recommendation for Cafe Via Crescent... which sounded good at ~$15 per entree. I went ahead and make a reservation, but further searching on this board showed that it's multiple recommendations are always from the same poster. Can anyone else vouch for the quality of the food at Cafe Via Crescent?

If not, does anybody have other recommendations for a casual, inexpensive lunch spot downtown/near McGill. We'll be eight people - Friday noon.

Thanks in advance for any input!

Decca 77
1077, rue Drummond, Montréal, QC H3B 4X4, CA

Cafe Via Crescent
1418 Rue Crescent, Montreal, QC H3G2B6, CA

Need suggestions for party food for pick-up or delivery

Hi - I'm throwing a kids birthday party this weekend and won't be able to cook as much as I'd hoped.

The food is more-or-less for the adults. The group includes vegetarians (egg and cheese-eating), pregnant folk and the kids. Time of day is Sunday noon - so I'd either need things that hold well that I could reheat or serve cold and pick up the day before - or that I could get on a Sunday morning. Price isn't much of an issue, but ideally the restaurant would be located within a 10-minute drive from the Plateau. I'd rather not do the ubiquitous pizza (besides my stand-by Amelio's is closed Sunday) but ethnic foods are fine/welcome (Chu chai, Tortilleria Maya - don't know if they have food to take -, or Greek were a couple ideas that came to mind... but again the Sunday a.m. time window is a challenge).

Thanks for any suggestions.

201 Rue Milton, Montreal, QC H2X1V5, CA

Tortilleria Maya
5274 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2T1S1, CA

Candy-making supplies in Montreal?

Thanks for your suggestions - a search on this board showed the addresses of those places (and a couple more). Don't know why my original search of the QC board didn't pick those up.

But for anyone else who finds my post - check out this previous thread on cake making supplies:

Candy-making supplies in Montreal?

Hi - With Halloween and my daughter's 3rd birthday fast-approaching I want to make some homemade favors and treats.

I am looking for a store that sells basic stuff like sucker sticks, those melting chocolate disks and black food color.... I'd prefer to find a place in the Downtown/Plateau/Montreal area, but do have a car to drive further afield if needed.

In the US I would find this at Michael's Craft stores or bigger party supply stores. I visited one party store on Papineau but they don't carry stuff like that.


Cook's Illustrated 'Editor's Choice'

$14.95 wouldn't be bad - but that is added on TOP of the $34.95 annual membership which I already feel is a bit of a splurge. Add to that annoying emails several times a week peddling their cookbooks or other magazine. I just got my renewal notice and am trying to decide whether to renew - I've made pdf files of lots of recipes I want to try or have liked - so with the sparsity of novel content - and most product reviews being irrelevant to me because I don't live in the US - it's probably not worth it.

Sep 24, 2010
maviris in Food Media & News

Baking supplies

I'm starting a new baking project and am looking for a shop that would sell rye flour and non-diastatic malt (or liquid malt extract). I've yet to find a grocery that has much of a flour selection - even bread and cake flour can be hard to come by. Downtown/plateau area would be ideal, but any suggestions would be appreciated. TIA

Sour cherries outside my window. Any good recipe ideas?

Don't know if you found this in your past searches, but there is a recipe for sour cherry syrup in the NYTimes right now. Wish I had some sour cherries to make it!

Jun 27, 2007
maviris in Home Cooking

Pinxto - do they serve dessert?

Thanks for the correction!

Pinxto - do they serve dessert?

Just wanted to report back from our meal at Pinxto (the original).

The food and wine was great overall. I'd read in reviews that the Pinxtos were so good that one might as well go ahead and skip the mains and just eat Pinxtos. I followed that idea but really, my favorite (which I sampled from someone else's plate) was the fish of the day, which was cod with a tomato, balsamic and basil sauce, served over mashed potatoes. The combination was wonderful. Much better than the rare duck and risotto (the other main I tried). My favorite pinxto was one that was not on the menu but came with the chef's choice in <le menu>, tiny shrimp with a touch of sesame oil and black sesame seeds.

Desserts, the chocolate creme brule ( very dense) and cheese cake (very light and on a graham cracker crust) were in small, pinxto-like portions, but were a nice finish to the meal.

My only complaint is the confusion with regard to service. Since some of us ordered only pinxtos, others the menu (4 pinxtos plus main), and others their own choice of pinxtos and a main... duplicate pinxtos often went to the wrong person at the wrong time. The server would just say "who had x... and the first person to say, 'me' got it." For example, since I was only eating pinxtos, they should have divided them so that when others had their main, I had several. As it worked out, in the appetizer portion of the meal, some people had nothing while I had several. When most people had their main, I had only a goat cheese ravioli pinxto. There were only six of us, and this type of ordering must be the norm, so it shouldn't have happened this way. Since it was our first time there, we weren't prepared to have to sort things out ourselves.

Anyway, I'll definitely go back again.

Carlsbad restaurant advice needed for a gift

At work our regular going away gift is a restaurant gift certificate to a nice place near where the person is relocating. In this case our coworker is moving to Carlsbad, CA. Since we're in Boston... we could definitely use your advice.

A bit about the family - It's a family of four (the kids are 6 and 12). They are Taiwanese, but have been in the US for >12 years and seem open to many different foods. But I know that they definitely like seafood and schezwan. The place needn't be very upscale, just have good food and be family friendly. The only things that would be "out" would be Italian or Mexican places where the dishes are heavy on cheese. They do _love_ good homemade ice cream, so tips regarding that are appreciated too. Maybe we'd get two gift certificates.

I did a bit of researching on this board and King's Fish House seemed like a possibility, but I'd really appreciate any and all suggestions you might offer.

Thanks for your help!

PS - I should have also mentioned that they'll have a car (but maybe that's a given in CA?!)... so options could go a bit further afield.... ie towards Encitas or Oceanside.

May 25, 2007
maviris in California

Rami's, Coolidge Corner

I had a chicken shwarma pita w/ hummous just two days ago for ~$9. I thought it was pricey - and not as good as I hoped - since I'd heard such great things about the place. Maybe if I'd eaten it there it would have been better, but the pita was awfully soggy by the time I got home (~20 minutes). Still, I'll give the felafel a try some other time to see how it compares with Reef Cafe's great felafel.

May 12, 2007
maviris in Greater Boston Area

What are your tried and true favorites from

I forgot another easy, delicious dessert favorite, Blueberry buttermilk tart:

It's a shame it doesn't come with a picture b/c this is very pretty. The blueberries float to the top of the lemon buttermilk filling, thus arranging themselves in a beautiful way. A sprinkling of powdered sugar and you are set!

May 03, 2007
maviris in Home Cooking

What are your tried and true favorites from

Great post! I'm an epi addict - I don't necessarily follow the recipes, but love it for inspiration on how to use up ingredients I have on hand. It's great to see so many I haven't tried!

Here are a few of my oft-repeated recipes:

Spicy Sauteed Fish w/Olives and Cherry Tomatoes: A favorite, easy casual dish for friends:
Crepes from James Beard - foolproof!:
Butternut squash and sage orzo:
Pumpkin pie with spiced whipped cream. Simple, still my fave:
Miso-rubbed turkey! skip the gravy:
Love the eggplant parm:

And I second some other's recommendations: Sweet potato cardamom rolls w/cherries, which I serve for breakfast; parsnip bisque; baked pork chops w/parmesan sage crust

May 01, 2007
maviris in Home Cooking

Pinxto - do they serve dessert?

I'm going to Pinxto for an upcoming birthday. I looked at the online menu - and I'm not sure I am seeing the whole thing:

Do they offer dessert, and if so, is it included in the 'menu degustation'?

If they don't serve dessert I want to plan ahead and have something ready for when we all go back to my place. Thanks!

grilling fresh pineapple, who knew?

Back when I was a girl scout, we'd make "banana boats": Slit a banana open, use the slit to slice the banana without cutting the skin. Place chocolate pieces (or alternate chocolate and mini marshmallows) between slices, wrap the whole thing in foil and grill. We used the skin as a bowl and ate it with a spoon right out of the banana - but I bet it'd be good on vanilla ice cream.

Apr 29, 2007
maviris in Home Cooking

How to make a dead eyed dick.

My mother called it "Egg in a frame". Unlike the original poster we don't toast the bread first, just butter it liberally and fry it in the pan like grilled cheese and break the egg inside the frame to cook.

The buttery little toast that is made from the cut-out portion is my favorite, so I always cut a big square out of the toast. I'd definitely find a shot glass too small!

I still occasionaly eat this for dinner.

Apr 29, 2007
maviris in Home Cooking

Vegetarian Main Entree for Book club tonight!

A super-quick and delicious vegetarian meal that can be put together in just about an hour and can be made ahead is Moosewood's black bean soup served with sour cream for garnish, a nice crusty bread for dipping in the soup - or even bread bowls, and a salad of mixed greens, green onion, mangos and goat cheese with a red-wine vinaigrette. It couldn't be easier. I'll sub any fruit that looks good (strawberries or nectarines are nice with the red-wine vinaigrette).

If I don't know the tastes of my guests, I'll offer the goat cheese on the side of the salad, likewise with the cilantro for the soup - since cilantro is such a polarizing herb.

The soup recipe:

PS - you might doubt that a soup made primarily of canned ingredients could be so good, but the sundried tomatoes really bring up the flavor. I've served this to at least 50 different people over the years and never found anyone who didn't enjoy it. Do be sure though to use good canned tomatoes.

Apr 29, 2007
maviris in Home Cooking

making boxed cake mix better...

Here is my go-to boxed cake alteration. I've made it as tea loaves, bundt, tube, and a layer cake:

1 package white or yellow cake mix
1 small package instant coconut cream pudding
¼ cup poppy seeds
4 eggs
1 cup hot water
½ cup vegetable oil

Combine dry ingredients. Add eggs, one at a time, stirring after each addition. Add water and oil and beat till well combined (about four minutes). Pour in greased muffin/bread or cake pan and bake at 350F degrees for 35 minutes (time depends on your pan choice until golden on top and toothpick comes out clean).

Apr 27, 2007
maviris in Home Cooking

APdC summer menu?

Any idea when they'll start serving the fish menu?

Uniquely Montreal

I agree about skipping Beauties.

But I'd add the Jean-Talon Market and the shop there, Marche des saveurs, if you want some Quebec goodies to take home with you. The Market has lots of great shops and vendors. It's a great place to walk, explore and eat lunch from the various stalls and stands. (French only)

Tofu - something besides stir fries?

I follow a similar recipe, from Vegetarian Times (I think). The differences are that I cut the firm tofu as 1-centimeter thick "cutlets", press and drain them and then soak them in soy sauce or tamari before dredging them in nutritional yeast. The nutritional yeast flakes make a great crust! You need a bit of oil, otherwise you can lose the crust to the pan!

A "trick" I learned from an asian friend is to put a package of firm tofu in the freezer. Thaw it in the fridge. Once drained, you can almost squeeze the liquid out and it develops a real spongy/dry texture. Nice in a stir fry.

Apr 17, 2007
maviris in Home Cooking

Roasting a turkey in April - how to make it a Spring meal?

I have a frozen turkey that has been filling a large portion of my freezer for too long now. I'll roast it this weekend when I have some friends over for dinner. I don't have access to a grill or deep fryer so it has to go in the oven.

Although the weather feels like November, I don't want to make it a Thanksgiving-in-April. So, I'll probably skip the heavy sides (stuffing, mashed potatoes).

I'm seeking your suggestions for making it the centerpiece of a Spring meal - in terms of flavoring/basting for the turkey or side dishes.

My only thought for the turkey is perhaps a citrus-miso rub, but I am not sure. I _always_ make a lemon-sage version with wild mushroom gravy (Cooking Light) for Thanksgiving so I don't have much of a turkey repetoire.

Thanks so much!

Apr 17, 2007
maviris in Home Cooking

Fresh pasta in Boston like they do in Italy?

I agree about the tear-evoking experiences at La Morra. Their fresh tagliatelle pasta with bolognese sauce is divine.

Apr 02, 2007
maviris in Greater Boston Area

Zenna Noodle, Brookline. Anyone been?

We hadn't noticed it before, so I don't know the resto's story, but we but went last night. Just happened to find a parking spot in front while we were planning to eat elsewhere. We were glad we went. The ambiance is nice and the attentive and genuinely friendly owner and staff added to the experience.

We enjoyed the pad see yu with pork. I ate the same dish at Rod Dee recently and found Zenna's rendition superior - more vegetables (Chinese broccoli, carrots and straw mushrooms) with tasty bites of scrambled egg that absorbed the sauce beautifully. It cost maybe $2 more than Rod Dee. The summer rolls with shrimp and chicken were just okay. I think part of the problem is that the peanut sauce doesn't have much kick, needs a hit of chili paste! Also, I didn't detect any fresh herbs in the roll. I like a bit of mint and/or thai basil inside. The sticky rice with fresh mango was a portion that two could share (~half mango) and made for a nice finish to the meal. I'll go back and add it to my take-out list.

Mar 24, 2007
maviris in Greater Boston Area

Indian Food Dinner Party

I know what you mean about the uncooked bits. I don't use any oil but do microwave them, one at a time, stop it regularly and turn/move them and continue microwaving till there are no uncooked bits. I suppose it is a little tedious, but I can get most of them fully cooked.

Jan 24, 2007
maviris in Home Cooking

Indian Food Dinner Party

I second pappadams, you can't get easier or cheaper. Just microwave them and serve with chutneys (cilantro-mint, tamarind). If you want to fill out the menu inexpensively a legume dish would be good and can be made in advance.

For dessert you could go with a carrot halva. There was a thread recently.

Another nice dessert is Sweet Milk Pudding/Vermicelli Kheer. I bet you can find a recipe online.

One of my favorite Indian cookbooks was recommended to me here on CH - Ajanta, Regional Feasts of India. You can't go wrong with the recipes in that book - there is a great green bean and potato dish (which is the cover photo)- and they also have recipes for the desserts I mentioned (though I haven't tried them). Ajanta also sells a spice box - with 30 essential Indian spices for $30. This box has made me so happy - and kept me from having to hunt every Indian grocery to find them!

Jan 24, 2007
maviris in Home Cooking