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Caterer in mid-Michigan?

Hello All,

I'm planning a wedding to be in Lansing, and wondered if anyone had suggestions on caterers to check out? I saw a rec for Special A'Fare on chow, but they spelled terrine wrong on their menu and I'm hesitant about using a company that doesn't even know how to spell what they're trying to sell. My options right now look a little slip, so I'll still check them out, I'm just hoping there are some better, less advertised options.


Mar 02, 2012
lawschoolcook in Great Lakes

Any Recommendations for a Pizza Stone Brand?

I had a horrible experience with a pampered chef stone! First one broke cooling on the counter (it was not heat shock, the oven had been at 350) and the replacement one broke in the oven while it was preheating. Both of them on the first use!

Added to that, their customer service is a total hassle because they insist on sending everything to the purchaser (it was a gift from someone out of state, so it was really a pain) and they wanted the broken pieces sent back, so we ended up spending as much shipping the pieces of junk around the country as the original stone probably cost.

Jan 22, 2010
lawschoolcook in Cookware