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No time to marinate carne asada, alternatives?

Just checked, still frozen. Going to be a couple more hours before I could even marinate it...

May 25, 2015
elliora in Home Cooking

No time to marinate carne asada, alternatives?

I have carne asada meat defrosting in the fridge right now. Plan was to bbq it this afternoon for tacos. As I'm searching for recipes they all seem to call for marinating overnight. Clearly I did not think ahead... Anyone have a good recipe for a tasty rub or other option that wont require long marinating times? Thank you!

May 25, 2015
elliora in Home Cooking

Trader Joe's Corn spaghetti or brown rice pasta

The corn spaghetti is our go to pasta now, the other shape, I think penne, is not nearly as good. People are always amazed when they eat it that it is gluten free. It is important to not overcook it and I always rinse it really well after it is done cooking. It is also the only gluten free pasta that I can reheat without issue. I have had some in the fridge all week already mixed with spaghetti sauce and it tastes fine zapped in the microwave.

May 16, 2014
elliora in Chains

Which food products available only in Israel are worthy to bring to the US?

Personally I always fill one suitcase with Tahini, pita, pickles and salami :) Of course most of my family thinks I'm a wee bit crazy! Of all of those I think the tahini is the most crucial like bcc said. I like the brand with a dove on it, blanking on the name at the moment. Most brands that you find in the market are far superior and cheaper than what you find here. Most food items are available now in the states but for significant mark up. So I would stock up on anything you personally enjoy. I also love any type of chocolate. If you want to bring something back for kids, my dad always sends kinder eggs with a toy inside to my children. They are available now in limited supplies here but again much more expensive.

Enjoy your trip! You will love the food!

Dec 29, 2013
elliora in Middle East & Africa

Non spicy dishes at China Village, Albany

Seafood is fine, not everyone eats it but we definitely want at least one fish dish and possibly another seafood dish, depending on how many total dishes we wind up ordering.

Non spicy dishes at China Village, Albany

We are meeting with the owner tomorrow, was hoping to come in with some ideas. Cabbage sounds great, thank you!

Non spicy dishes at China Village, Albany

I had posted on another thread about a Chinese Restaurant with a private dining room in Oakland. Since the focus of question has change considerably, I am starting a new thread. We have tentatively booked a dinner at China Village in their private dining room for 20 people. I know this is a Sichuan restaurant and I usually try to order in line with what a restaurant specializes in. However for this meal we will be a majority of non adventuresome eaters and need to steer away from the spicy food. Plus we don't eat pork. That pretty much rules out most of the dishes I have seen recommended. Any other recommendations? Can we still have a good meal?

Looking for Oakland Chinese Restaurant with Private Room

I have searched the boards and the web but have so far come up empty. I am helping to organize a Friday night dinner before my brother's wedding in August for about 30-40 people. We want a totally private room at a Chinese restaurant in Oakland but have a couple specific requirements:
1)Great food but must be American-Chinese rather than more authentic fare to suit the masses.
2)Easy location to find for out of town guests
3)Reasonably priced
4)Either has option for alcohol or we can bring in our own
5) We also want to bring candles, wine and Challah to celebrate Shabbat so we need some nice owners to let us!

Does this place exist or am I asking too much?

Can you help me improve this three layer mousse cake?

I agreed to make this cake for my daughters school auction. Cakes fetch between $500-$800! Yeah, so just a little pressure! I have made this cake twice before and have run into some issues I would love to solve in one test run. The first is presentation. My layers are never even and clean. I am thinking after the cake layer cools, to unmold it, wrap in a parchment paper ring and then pipe in the mousse layers. Thoughts?

I made the raspberry mousse layer as written the first time and found it tasted more of white chocolate then raspberry. Also because the two bottom layers were chocolate it just kind of got lost. Second time around I eliminated the white chocolate, increased the cream to 1.5 cups (same as the chocolate layer) doubled the raspberries and added more gelatin. It was better but not firm enough without the chocolate, I think some chocolate would also balance the tartness of the raspberries. This time I'm think of leaving the chocolate as written but still increasing the cream and raspberries. That would mean I would need to increase the gelatin too, but I'm not sure exactly how much.

Sorry this is so long, I'm hoping some more experienced bakers can give me some tips. It's a pretty labor intensive process and i really only want to make one test cake, so it needs to be perfect!

Oh and I need some decorating tips to make it look fancier. Another cake is already being decorated with fresh raspberries. I think chocolate
shavings would overwhelm the cake, but have no other ideas!

Thank you!

Mar 29, 2013
elliora in Home Cooking

Boneless Chicken Thigh recipe that would work for sandiwches?

My husband is getting tired and grossed out of regular lunch meat. There was a great sale on boneless chicken thighs, so i picked up a bunch. I would like to turn them into some sort of delicious lunch meat for him, but am coming up short on ideas. It needs to be something that would be good eaten cold on multi grain bread and can be put together quickly at 4:30am. Anyone have any ideas?

Jan 19, 2013
elliora in Home Cooking

New Chowhound Design is Now Live!

Seriously, who thought this redesign was a good idea??? I am not a very active user, so maybe my opinion wont count, but this may be the end of the road for me and chowhound. I LOVED this site, but with each redesign it got a little more difficult to use. This is just ridiculous though. First it is really hard to read, to the point that my head is hurting after a few minutes. Secondly, it is confusing as ... Why do the posts say when they were started? I can look in the thread if I want to know that, I want to know when the last reply was! Ugh, ugh, ugh!

Dec 14, 2012
elliora in Site Talk

Excellent szechuan in San Ramon

I finally had time to take a closer look at the Yelp page of Sichaun House. The pictures show that it does appear to have identical menus from Sichuan Fortune House. The interior appears the same as it was with the former restaurant but it literally looks like they just grabbed extra menus from Fortune House. Yiping while having a similar Sichuan menu has a very different lunch menu.

Excellent szechuan in San Ramon

I work today in Danville, otherwise it would have been fun to join you. I am looking forward to hearing your report. I would highly recommend going afterwards to Guanatos Ice Cream. It is on the opposite end of the same shopping center, very very good ice cream, it would be a shame to be so close and not go!

Excellent szechuan in San Ramon

Interesting, so all three are connected. Which one are you lunching at today?

Excellent szechuan in San Ramon

Interesting, I was wondering if there was a connection when I first saw this post. Also interesting to note that another new Sichuan restaurant has opened in these parts. Sichuan House replaced the Chinese restaurant that had been in Countrywood shopping center in Walnut Creek for at least the last 15 years. Someone on yelp claims it is the same owner as Sichuan fortune house, but I would find it odd that that Allen would open two new restaurants at once. The similarities of the names of the two restaurants I'm sure will only help Sichuan House, since it will surely pop in a google search of Sichuan Fortune House.

Uses for slightly stale Bamba? Recipes maybe?

I had posted this in Home Cooking but got no responses, maybe I will have more luck here. We were gifted with a lot of Bamba and I could only fit it in a high cabinet, which resulted in me forgetting about it. i know, how can one forget Bamba? Anyways it is kind of stale now for plain eating, but has anyone ever experimented with recipes involving bamba? I am thinking maybe ground up in place of some sort of cookie crust? I just hate to throw out all this bamba! Thanks!

May 20, 2012
elliora in Kosher

European crackers.

Not the brand you are looking for but Kedem Tea biscuits found in the kosher aisle of most major supermarkets look very similar. You use the word crackers, so I'm not sure if the ones you are looking for are sweet. Kedem are considered sweet but definitely very mild. Like I said, not what you are looking for, but may work as a replacement.

Terra Firma, shooting star or eatwell CSA?

Looking into joining a CSA. The three in the title have the closest pickup points. Anyone have opinions or can compare them? Thank you!

Best steakhouse in San Francisco

We went in January and it was by far the best steak of my life and I never like the filet. I do not know what they do to that steak but we now have a new saying in our family if we are upset about something, just mutter the words, was that steak not so amazing and it brings us to a happy place! Surprised it does not get more love on this board.

Related discussions not from same board

I do not see a post about this and am curious if anyone else is having this problem. When I read a post there is the section at the bottom where related discussions from the same board are listed. The header even says the title of the board you are reading. All of a sudden it is listing threads from any board. Does that make sense? Is this a bug or a permanent thing?

Apr 03, 2012
elliora in Site Talk

Oren's Hummus Shop in PA

I am almost for sure that Hummus does vary from country to country in the middle east. I can tell you though that the Hummus here is as close to the Hummus I have had in Israel as any other place I have tried in the Bay Area. Same goes for the Pita, which is most certainly different then the typical Pita served in the US. I think you are right that it is a personal preference, but for those seeking true Israeli food, so far I have not found anything comparable.

Please DON’T recommend a restaurant for 35 people…

I know, I said it did not fit that requirement, but I do think its fits the other wishes. Even at 17 across the country it is still not your typical bowling alley. At least 5 years ago when I went, most people in our group had never had that type of bowling experience and it was definitely a conversation starter

ETA They also did not want a Restaurant, which is why I thought of Lucky Strikes

Please DON’T recommend a restaurant for 35 people…

I know you said no bowling, but a Lucky Strikes just opened in the city. It may not be unique to the city, but it is somewhat unique. Years ago I went to party at the San Jose location. We all had drinks in the bar lounge area and they provided a dinner buffet, I believe in a private area where we bowled. I can't say I remember the food, but there was lots of opportunity to mingle and talk. The different bowling experience also provided a good conversation topic to break the ice.

How long will a lasagna stay warm out of the oven?

Yeah, it is mainly for the adults, although I am sure he will have a few bites! We leave the house at 2:20 and eat at 4. We have about 15 kids and 20 adults, I have hot dogs for the kids that I will keep warm in the crockpot but was trying to avoid pizza or sandwiches for the adults. Don't want to serve them cold food either though....

Mar 04, 2012
elliora in Home Cooking

How long will a lasagna stay warm out of the oven?

We are having my sons first birthday next weekend at a local gymnastics place. They do not have an oven and I am trying to figure out what to serve for dinner. If I made lasagnas at home, how long would it stay warm for? Even If I took it out of the oven right before we leave it would still probably sit out for almost 2 hours, maybe a little less. If I wrapped it in foil and towels would it still be warm enough to serve or should I think of another idea?

Mar 04, 2012
elliora in Home Cooking

"Restaurants" Database To Be Eliminated

I wanted to chime in here, although clearly it won't help. I am not a user who is invested in the database, I did not spend hours uploading information. Obviously I am also upset at what so many people are loosing, but for those like the poster above who are confused at what this means, I wanted to put it in a way that made it clear to me. You can no longer go to a thread and see where the restaurant is, unless someone manually cuts and pastes the address. So now if I click on a thread I may not even realize we are talking about a place in a city I will never go to unless I read the thread and then google it. That may not seem like a big deal to some but for those who read the boards daily it is a huge inconvenience. I think particularly in large metro areas. The SF boards I read cover a huge geographic area and involve many, many threads. Why would I want to google every restaurant name to find something as simple as an address?

Feb 08, 2012
elliora in Site Talk

Recipes using Bamba (Israeli peanut butter puffs)

I consider myself pretty good at searching the web, but I am coming up empty this time. I have a surplus of Bamba (peanut butter puffs from Israel) and thought I'd look for recipes using them. Surprisingly, despite Bamba being the top kid snack food in Israel, I am coming up empty handed. The one thing I found was a rather unappetizing soup recipe. I would think they could be ground up and made into something, but what? Pie crust? Anyone out there familiar with the product and has some tips?

Feb 07, 2012
elliora in Home Cooking

Dinner for 100 in Walnut Creek

Glad it helped you out! Another thought is that the free Walnut Creek bus has a stop across the street from the hotel, in front of the Jack in the Box. It only runs until 7pm on weeknights but if you can do an early dinner it opens up all of downtown Walnut Creek. One final thought, if you talk to the hotel manager will they let you bring food in? That is not technically catering...

Dinner for 100 in Walnut Creek

Right across the street is Ajisai Japanese If the weather is nice they have an outside patio that may be large enough. I have not been before but it is in your price range, might be worth a call and see what they can do for you

Tony's Pizza Napoletana Restaurant Review, San Francisco

Will be eating here Thursday night. There are so many different kinds of pizza now, what are some of the favorites? We are going on the later side so sadly they will probably be out of the Margherita. There will be 6 or 7 of us, what would be your ideal meal with a group that size?