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Best Sushi in Atlanta?

I have read the entire thread and thought I would add a couple of places and also a few reviews of my own. I too eat sushi when I travel (Miami, San Francisco, Houston, Philadelphia, Austin, etc.) I live in the Atlanta metro area and am constantly trying to find good sushi to replace our favorite place, Splash, that was in Alpharetta. It was the sushi chef and owner, Santo, that made the sushi wonderful. We have tried Zuma on Highlands Ave - it was very good. MF Sushi, was good but pricey for what you get and there was a wierd smell at the front door and inside at the sushi bar. Much like you were eating next to a dumpster. In Marietta there is Thaicoon, it's decent sushi. Sushi Zen in Acworth is hit or miss but when it's good, it's good (not great). Umezuno is a good lunch place with good prices. We have tried numerous other places that really don't deserve to be written up. If I had to say best sushi in Atlanta, thus far, I would say Zuma.

Dec 08, 2007
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