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Family Roadtrip from Boston to DC

Going through Philadelphia will probably add at least 2 hours to your trip not including time to eat.

Family Roadtrip from Boston to DC

We have been making that trip back and forth since 1971. Unless you get off the highway, there are only rest stops with fast food and getting off the highway takes too long IMHO. The best rest stops along the highways, we think, are the first stop on the Garden State, most of those on the NJ Turnpike, the one in Delaware and the two in MD (the DE and MD rest stops all of been rebuilt in the last 3-4 years). Rein's Deli comes too soon on your way south (less than 90 minutes from Boston and assumes that you will take 84 across CT). Taking 84 all the way across to 87 is a waste of time and gas. Only take it as far as 684 and then take 287 across the Tappan Zee to the Garden State and then the NJ Turnpike to 95 South. Make sure you have an EZ Pass.

Looking for ice cream at a dairy farm

The 2d one to which Ellen refers and whose name I cannot recall either is probably the one on 404 about 5 minutes into Delaware. It really is very good.

When did Legal Sea Foods Tysons go downhill?

Based on this report, I guess we should be happy it has closed its MD restaurants.

Annapolis and St. Michael's: worth the detour?!

Lewnes' on the other side of the Annapolis harbor is a really really good steakhouse.

Kosher Ramen Noodles

Check the sodium content in those packages

Apr 28, 2015
skipper in Kosher

UMD graduation help--restaurant in Brookland?

Busboys and Poets; Woodland Indian Vegetarian; Italian Inn;

Washington DC and VA burbs "ethnic" restaurants

Just thought I would reply to the comment that Chinese food varied among foreign nations. And Chinese food varies between regions in America. While I may have limited experience, I can say that Chinese food is different in NYC from the Boston area and both are different than the DVM versions. And the southern states' versions are different as well as is the Chinese food on the Pacific coast.

nut free charoset

One of my sons has a nut allergy, so I make 2 kinds of charoset -- one with nuts, one without -- using the smae recipe otherwise.

Mar 28, 2015
skipper in Kosher

Buying fresh fish (not previously frozen) in/near Fenwick Island

Buying fresh fish (not previously frozen) in/near Fenwick Island

Buying fresh fish (not previously frozen) in/near Fenwick Island

Big Fish Market -- Rehoboth --

Terrapin Taco House

In case y'all missed this. A long time ago I noted that the Toucan Taco House on 198 East in Laurel was, at one times, a Tippy's Taco House and it still serves the same menu as it did when it was a Tippy's.

New Design

Personally, I think that the new design has made CH less user friendly. Under the old design, the discussions already viewed in which there were no additions were highlighted; now they aren't and I find myself tired of looking at discussions I already viewed. Moreover, I don't like opening a discussion and then having to try and figure out what I already read and what is new. So I tend to look at CH less than I previously had.

Jan 07, 2015
skipper in Site Talk

Thanksgiving Crisis -- Apples

Depending on where you are located, there is Heyser's on NH Avenue at Bonifant in Silver Spring with apples from its own orchard.

Challah in DC / Northern Virginia

Shalom Kosher in Kemp Mill probably can do it. Or the Kosher Mart in Rockville.

Terrapin Taco House

As I previously stated, there is no reason for anyone to lose out because the College Park Terrapin Taco House closed because the Toucan Taco House on Route 198 (East) in Laurel uses the same recipes.

Smoked Fish - DC Metro Area

I haven't tried it, but there is Attman's on Seven Locks. Also, there is Shalom Market on Lamberton and Arcola in Silver Spring and Moti's Market on Boiling Brook Parkway in Rockville.

costco stores sell liquor in maryland?

@Dinwddie --it is the Giant at White Oak that sells beer and wine

Challah in DC / Northern Virginia

We really like Giants' challah

How to cook beef top of rib roast?

My wife cooks it in a slow cooker.

Sep 02, 2014
skipper in Kosher

Legal Seafood Montgomery Mall

Mall remodeling does not explain why Legal Seafood also closed the Baltimore store. Besides the Mall rem odeling is on the other side. As for the bags, everyone protests in their own way. I protest the bag tax by shopping at the Columbia Mall (which I always liked better anyways).

Legal Seafood Montgomery Mall

Wait a minute, I just noticed something, Legal Seafood closed all its Maryland locations though it one on 7th Street Downtown and several in the Virginia suburbs. Strange!

Legal Seafood Montgomery Mall

Anybody know when and why it closed. Have not been to MM in quite a while because of the County's bag tax, but dropped by yesterday and noticed that it was closed.

Where in D.C. (or very close-in burbs) to buy rye bread?

Shalom Kosher Market in Kemp Mill Silver Spring has all of those

KFC/taco Bell

Don't know about that location, but the KFC on Georgia Avenue in Glenmont closed and was boarded up months ago. So it looks like Yum Brands is closing poor performing locations or the local franchisee went belly up.

Jun 29, 2014
skipper in Chains

Which is the best bagel chain?

Of the chains, I prefer Manhatten Bagel, but there aren't any left in the Maryland suburbs. I think there may be one in Vienna, but that is the only one I know of.

Tom Sietsema on foolishness

Absolutely true. There is no restaurant I would wait to be seated at for more than 10 minutes. Unchowhoundish, you might say, but I find waiting abhorent and if they want my cash they'll take my reservation and seat me promptly.

New BBQ place in North Bethesda / Rockville

Perhaps you might also post this on the kosher site?

Affordable Birthday Cake

Costco's cakes are very good if you are a member. Not knowing where you are makes it hard to respond, but if you are in the 4 Corners area of Silver Spring, you will not get a better cake than you can get from Woodmoor Bakery.