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ISO French Toast Crunch Cereal

Has anyone spotted French Toast Crunch cereal (blue box) in the Toronto/GTA area? I know it was discontinued in the U.S. but we used to be able to get it here. Can no long seem to find it.

Suggestions for Dinner in North End of City

Looking to entertain some out of towners, a group of 7 adults, at a dinner tomorrow evening in the north end of GTA / Thornhill / Richmond Hill area. They enjoy meat dishes, but are tired of Asian and Italian cooking. Any suggestions for a restaurant they might enjoy?

Need unfrosted 12" cake

A little out of the way, but Almost Perfect on Steeprock in the Dufferin and Sheppard area often times has frozen unfrosted cake layers. Not always, though, you may want to phone ahead and check.

Fresh Pita

Paramount foods opened near the Eaton Centre on Dundas. I know their northern location bakes pita bread several times a day, the downtown location might also do the same.

Toronto casual breakfast, lunch, dinner ideas

Sounds like fun - If you are downtown, kids might enjoy the Old Spaghetti Factory, downtown on the Esplanade, a busy place with lots to see, try to get seated in the old streetcar, a real novelty setting. If you are in the uptown area, try Dragon Pearl at Don Mills and York Mills, very unusual and elegant decor, they serve and Chinese/Japanese buffet that I'm sure will have something to please all. If you time it right, you may get to see a noodlemaking demonstration! Enjoy Toronto!

Old Spaghetti Factory
56 The Espl, Toronto, ON M5G, CA

PC Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza - Spinach & 3-Cheese - is it still available at Loblaws/No Frills?

I've seen other flavours of the deep dish pizza at High Tech location, but not the spinach. any other suggestions of where I might find the spinach one? Is PC still making this?

ISO Yamasa low sodium soy sauce

You can find this at most of the Asian supermarkets around GTA, but it is usually hidden in the Japanese food section of the store, not with all the other soy sauces. It is stocked in the small, table top dispenser (green label) or in a large metal tin, holding approx. 3 litres. Anything in between these two sizes is difficult to find, but I did find a one litre plastic bottle of it about a year ago at Jtown, Steeles East near Woodbine.

ISO frozen unbaked croissants made with real butter

Almost Perfect on Sheppard Ave. West between Dufferin and Keele (and other locations such as Pickering, Oshawa, etc.) always has a variety of frozen unbaked croissants. They have unbaked whole wheat and also chocolate croissants as well. They carry mini and regular sizes, though they don't always have all the varieties all the time. They also carry a large selection of unbaked pastries, danishes and cookies in the freezer, I've always had them bake up nicely, don't remember ever being dissatisfied with any of their ready to bake items.

Looking for innovative Small Group Cooking Demo and Eating Experience in Toronto area

If you are looking for something different, speak to the owner, Alan Lim, at Mengrai Thai on Ontario St. downtown. Unusually beautiful place despite the modest exterior of the building. He will arrange a cooking and tasting lesson for you. a great experience.

82 Ontario Street, Toronto, ON M5A 2V3, CA

Concord Grapes

Where can I find Concord grapes in the GTA? Not the Coronation grapes, not the Niagara Blue grapes, but the real old fashioned Concords? When will they be available?

Pizza Pizza Creamy Garlic Dipping Sauce

Thanks Warlock, I used to be able to find it at these and other locations, but now I am finding only the cheddar jalepeno flavour is available, not the creamy garlic. Wonder why that is?

Pizza Pizza Creamy Garlic Dipping Sauce

Can't seem to find the three pack of Creamy Garlic Dipping Sauce, used to be able to find it at Food Basics and the grocery section of Walmart, but it seems to have disappeared. Anyone know where they sell this?

Bagel O's

Prepackaged foods like this usually make me a bit wary, but these were actually quite tasty. Great for breakfast or lunch on the run. I got mine at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Wissotzky tea

Easy to find in the kosher section of many of the major supermarkets in the Bathurst St. corridor. Try the Metro at Bathurst and Lawrence, or further north No Frills at Yonge & Steeles or Bathurst and Centre, or Sobeys at Bathurst and Clarke. Lots of varieties of flavours to try.

Where to find Halloumi cheese in Toronto

If you are in the north end of the city, there are many middle eastern type supermarkets on Yonge St. between Steeles and Finch which have a delicious variety of cheeses, as well as fresh, baked on site breads, prepared foods and ingredients. I'm sure you will find your taste of home there.

Kelloggs Raisin Bran Crunch - MIA??

Me too, best cereal around, hands down. It has been hard to find lately, but I did see some today at No Frills at Finch & Don Mills. Maybe they just needed some time to get a fresh batch together.

Bagel Haven has closed... what happened

I believe I saw a sign saying they were opening a new location near the new Walmart near the Promenade.

Pareve margarine?

Fleischman's is good, but only the one in the blue tubs is pareve, the others have milk ingredients.

Choclate Babka ?

I found an excellent chocolate babka made by Tova's, you can get in at many European grocery stores and Galati's Foods. Comes in a round cake or a long strip that you can break pieces off of. Very dense, heavy with chocolate and worth every calorie. You can also get these at, of all places, T & T Market at Promenade Mall.

Choclate Babka ?

I've had the buffaloes from Haymishe, they are excellent. FYI - the only difference between the buffalo and the babka is the shape. Babkas are usually round, but sometimes made into a strip that you can slice similar to a strudel. Buffaloes are a single serving babka, that is if you can handle a whole one from Haymishe by yourself!

Waffle Iron recs

I think it is the same one that I have, and it is excellent. It is the one that you flip over once you pour the batter in. A really good knockoff of the professional ones used in restaurants, have used it frequently with excellent results. Don't think I paid quite as much for it, check out Sam's Club if they still have them in stock. Only problem is storage, because the waffle iron is a bit of an odd shape, but worth the incovenience for those yummy waffles!

Dec 07, 2007
MsKnowItAll in Cookware