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Kosher Butcher in Westchester

Is it possible to find a good, but relatively inexpensive kosher butcher in Westchester? Specifically looking for brisket and chicken (whole or parts). I'm thinking Trader Joe's for the chicken.

Preferably nearish to White Plains...

Any thoughts?

Thanksgiving? [Westchester area]

There is also the Radisson in New Rochelle and Rini's in Elmsford

Thanksgiving- Westchester Hotels and Restaurants

These links have some restaurant info for Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving? [Westchester area]

Any ideas for restaurants for Thanksgiving?

Preferably in Westchester, maybe surrounding counties, and possibly even in Manhattan, Queens, or the Bronx.

Looking for good, but not too pricey, ages 12-84, but only 6 of us.


Party Venue in (Lower) Westchester

Thanks, I tried them and they are still higher than we were hoping and they have a lot of restrictions. Also, the places smells a bit--I know other events have happened there and they used aor fresheners and that helped (I worked at that location for another business so I was there a everyday for months).

Party Venue in (Lower) Westchester

good idea--now to choose a caterer...

Party Venue in (Lower) Westchester

Thanks, I have to start contacting hotels, I guess... ; )

Party Venue in (Lower) Westchester

Great idea--thanks!

Party Venue in (Lower) Westchester

Hi all,
We are looking for a place to have a B'nei Mitzvah party that is on the low end cost-wise and would let us use a kosher caterer or bring food.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your thoughts!

last minute ideas?

We were going to go out wthout children for a 50th brthday celebration tomorrow, but the babysitter justcancelled. Any ideas for a nice dinner with two 6 year olds and a 3 year old? We are in White Plains, so Ossining and south or lower Farfield would be okay. Not too loud would be good, too.