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King Taco salsa [moved from Los Angeles board]

Hi. I have looked everywhere trying to see if someone knows how to make King Taco's
green salsa. It's the best green hot salsa my mom and I have tasted. I don't know why
people really love their red salsa and they wonder how to make it. The red salsa tastes
good but it tastes like a can of Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce. Just blend
a small jar in your blender with a little water and you will see that it tastes like their
red salsa. Well....I am posting to see if people know what the ingredients are for the
Green Salsa so I could make it. I actually do buy the King Taco salsa when I go
to the one in El Monte. I tell the cashier I want a big side order of green salsa and
I give them $1.50 for a small coffee cup. some of the ingredients I have
figured out for the Green Salsa is cliantro, those small little dark clove (cloves),
tomatillos(maybe). If someone knows more...let me know.

Dec 08, 2007
chuye2007 in Home Cooking