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TRU or Everest. Which would you pick?

Thanks to each of you for your input. I've been following this board for years (long before I knew the opportunity would present itself to move here!), and I find Chicago Chowhounds to have great insight.

I'm leaning toward TRU, but I'm still enticed by Everest and now Avenues.

Jul 19, 2011
ChristenCooks in Chicago Area

TRU or Everest. Which would you pick?

I moved to Chicago a few weeks ago, and I've absolutely fallen in love with this city! When my boyfriend comes to visit from out of state, I want to show him what a wonderful city this is and enjoy a fine-dining experience together.

I'm trying to decide between a reservation at either TRU or Everest. I see from previous threads that there's not much consensus on the best fine dining restaurant in Chicago after Alinea. (We had dinner at Alinea this year and it was, without question, the best meal of our lives. We've also had an excellent meal in the Tatami room at L20.)

Which do you recommend, TRU or Everest? Or am I missing out by not considering another restaurant?

Jul 18, 2011
ChristenCooks in Chicago Area

Visiting Toronto from Houston

Reporting after one day in Toronto. We went to JK Wine Bar last night, and it was unbelievably good. We choose five menu items to split and had the wine pairings with each dish. Sat at the bar—excellent service and guidance from the server. Jamie Kennedy came over and introduced himself, chatted for a bit. Side note, he is the most handsome chef I've ever met! He even sang Deep in the Heart of Texas to us. Charming!

We ordered the zucchini flowers; tomato and torpedo onion salad with chevre; seared scallops on a cauliflower puree; beef poutine on a bed of crispy fries; and some sort of beef and mushroom dish. Favorites were the zucchini and the beef poutine. We enjoyed our meal so much we're trying to find a way to have one more meal here!

Best lobster in Houston

I have a serious craving for a delicious lobster dinner. Wishing I was on a tropical island where I could eat it fresh off the boat! Who has the best lobster in town?

I recently moved to Houston, so I'm still learning my way around the restaurant scene.

Aug 13, 2009
ChristenCooks in Houston

Visiting Toronto from Houston

These are great suggestions. Thanks and keep them coming!

So far I've made reservations for Monday lunch at Canoe and Monday dinner at Nota Bene.

Visiting Toronto from Houston

My co-worker and I are attending a conference in Toronto, August 15-19 (Sat. - Wed.). We live in Houston, Texas, and neither of us have been to Toronto before. Looking forward to Toronto Chowhounds' suggestions!

What recommendations do you have for meals? We're both foodies and love to experience local culture. We're planning two nice dinners and the remaining meals should be more reasonably priced. Here's my long list. Any recs to narrow this down?

Nota Bene
Harbord Room
Black Hoof
Sushi Kaji
Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar at Church and Front

Pearl Court at Harbourfront

The conference will be held at the Convention Center, and we are staying at the Hilton on Richmond Street. We won't have a car, so we'll be walking and taking cabs. Thanks!

(SAT) Desperate for great Greek/Lebanese

I second Demo's. There's also Papouli's Greek Grill with two locations:

Apr 15, 2009
ChristenCooks in Texas

Brunch Rec—Girls Weekend

My college girlfriends and I are meeting in NOLA this weekend for an informal reunion and group celebration of our 30th birthdays. There will be six of us.

If we have one chance for brunch (on Saturday), what would you recommend? Brennan's, Commander's, others? Great food is a must, good brunch cocktails, wait for a table not an issue as long as the atmosphere is good.

If it matters, we're eating at Galatoire's on Saturday night. We'll probably eat somewhere low-key on Friday depending on flight arrivals.

So, where do you recommend? Any must-order items? Any advice on timing?

Thanks in advance!

Mar 11, 2009
ChristenCooks in New Orleans

Red Velvet Cake? SAT

My husband's birthday is fast approaching and I'd like to find a great red velvet cake. Is there a bakery in San Antonio that makes a particularly fantastic red velvet cake?

Jul 17, 2008
ChristenCooks in Texas

San Antonio...Funky Spots for a New Orleans Girl

Paloma Blanca in Alamo Heights on Broadway is great Mexican. The vibe is hip, upscale Mexican. The outdoor patio is fantastic.

Adelante off New Braunfels in Alamo Heights is "healthy Tex-Mex"—wonderful healthy (or healthier!) variations on Mexican food, many of them vegetarian, though they have plenty of meat options for non-vegetarians. The atmosphere is funky, the decor is eclectic and the menu provides options you won't find elsewhere at typical San Antonio Mexican food places.

Madhatter's has excellent weekend brunch. I suggest arriving before noon because they sometimes run out of their specialty items like salmon eggs benedict and migas with tamales. It's a relaxed atmosphere, located in King William District.

I second your idea for Rosario's. Fun atmosphere, especially when they have live musicians.

Jul 15, 2008
ChristenCooks in Texas

SA breakfast

Madhatter's Tea House and Cafe is a great breakfast place in the King William District. It's a quirky, casual place that serves excellent brunch.

Although not technically in the Riverwalk area, Madhatter's is only a couple of minutes drive from the's probably even walkable. 320 Beuregard

May 21, 2008
ChristenCooks in Texas