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Wendy's new shakes.

i'm a big fan of the new mix-ins!

Jun 21, 2008
polly parker in Chains

Cafe Tu-O-Tu--Anyone Been?

HUGE FAN! I love tu-o-tu pannini's. I used to work fairly close by and I honestly never had anything but a delicious lunch from there. I think I ordered the angelique and added roasted red peppers??? it was a while ago. enjoy!


all i can say is i consistently read really good reviews of the crystal city jaleo. I went there a few weeks ago and it was DELICIOUS. every single tapa we ordered was exceptional and I would recommend it wholeheartedly. that said, the reviews for the gallery place restaurant are all over the place... so i don't know what to tell you.

what restaurants offer free birthday stuff that's worth it?

bottom line (on I near Farragut West) offers free lunch on your birthday. I don't think it is considered to be anything beyond a bar/restaurant/happy hour spot but you can't beat free lunch :)

Saturday brunch in foggy bottom

i would not recommend blue duck tavern. it is an excellent restaurant for dinner/lunch, but i don't think they've really figured out brunch yet. what about the roof of the kennedy center? The brunch set up there is FANTASTIC. great "occasion" spot. Also, the four seasons does a very nice brunch (pricey) and is located just down the road from the foggy bottom metro. The Fairmont, as well, does a yummy brunch.

Hello Cupcake

oh that is verrrrry bad good news.

dinner clubs in DC?

As the 'hounds that post on this site are obviously fans of food and dining in the area AND enjoy expressing their opinions of food/restaurants as well as consulting others, i was wondering if anyone knew of dinner clubs in DC. My book club may morph into a dinner club, which got me to thinking of whether there are any chowhound related dinner groups. i think it would be so much fun to belong to one!

favorite thing to eat from panera?

this weekend i tried their new breakfast sandwiches. the bresh baked ciabatta bread was AMAZING. made the sandwich. i HIGHLY recommend. also, french toast bagel samples while i waited in line really were yummy.

Apr 14, 2008
polly parker in Chains

2 Amy's?

i went there last Sunday and thought my pizza and my appetizer, friend risotto? were both delicious. got the margherita and it was delicate, simple, flavorful and just yummy, overall. very worthy of the considerate praise it receives, that said service could be improved upon, i'm a stickler for service.

wine pairing with deviled eggs?

any thoughts on what would pair well w/ these tasty delights? I'm thinking serving them as an appetizer at a dinner party.

Apr 10, 2008
polly parker in Wine

breakfast in columbia heights?

Hey, I am doing breakfast post target run in columbia heights and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? I'm never in that 'hood and i've heard mixed things about florida ave grill. please NO suggestions for adams morgan/woodley/cleveland park.

thanks (oh, and i love pancakes/french toast-y stuff)


I'm a big fan of Penang. I like the decor, the price is reasonable (not cheap but not expensive... not too bad for the locale) and I've NEVER had a bad dish. I've been multiple times and really enjoyed the experience. Agree with hamster, wanted to love malaysia kopitam... didn't. will try it again, but regarding penang, it is tried and true, IMHO.

Bojangles Chicken

bojangles is amazing. repeat A-MAZING. i'm from nc and every time i go home i must have my cajun chicken biscuit fix. and a sweet tea. and bo-rounds. wow. i can hear james taylor now....

Apr 07, 2008
polly parker in Chains

lunch near catholic university (light and healthy), breakfast in silver springs (throw caution to the wind)

My dad is coming up tomorrow and i have a 1:45 soccer match near Catholic University (@ the trinity field..) so i was hoping a hound could recommend a spot for us to get a healthy lunch (otherwise i'd go to florida ave grill) before the game. on Sunday we're going to Silver Springs to wax nostalgic about when i was a little girl and lived there for a short time. My dad used to fly up for weekends and visit me and my sister and i swear i remember us going to somewhere on georgia venue where they had egg cream sodas??? i'm not one hundred percent certain, as i was in 2nd/3rd grade at the time but if anyone could direct me to a place like this or similar i'd appreciate it. Also, if you know of a place with really good breakfast in Silver Springs that would be wonderful. I'm a sucker for quirky breakfast places, diners, cottages... etc... oh, but no price fixed buffets.


thrifty brunch?

i hate to use the word cheap... because i feel like all my posts start with that word, or at least include it in the title.

scenario: girlfriend who is planning a wedding (thus not wanting to spend a lot) and I are getting together for brunch on Sunday. I'd like to try something in the gallery place or foggy bottom area, Farragut area would work as well (she's orange blue line, i'm red). I'm not opposed to going down to eastern market (but doubt i'm willing to stand in line at market lunch).

we're not foodies (well, she's not), we did mr. smith's last time and perfectly enjoyed our brunch.
has anyone had clyde's brunch? or fido?

price wise i'd say under $11 for the typical breakfast entree (eggs/french toast/pancakes etc...).

thanks all!

best pancakes in NW?

so i've decided for my next trip i'm going to ask for the chocolate chip pancakes with the strawberries and whipped cream and then try and get my dining partner to get an omelette and then split the two.

the corned beef hash was really good. and i definitely want to try the eggs benedict/waffles combo.

best pancakes in NW?

i wanted to report back from my trip to OPH this past Saturday. All i can say is... THANK YOU. It was DE-LISH. I got their apple cake/pancake special. it was sooooo good. i needed something sweet otherwise i would have gotten one of those omelettes. i'm going to have to go back for one of those soon.

Georgetown Cupcake

i. am. there.

best pancakes in NW?

i live in Woodley and am on the hunt for the best pancakes or waffles in my region of the district. I don't have a car so i'm not really interested in going to va or glover park.

Thanks hounds!

Recs for Le Pain Quotidien

the hazelnut flute is veerrrrry good. i got that this past weekend on my first visit. definitely get something that comes with bread to taste the spreads they have on the table. the veggie salad looked good. i had an omelet that was good; but just couldn't compete with my desire to devour all of the breads and pastries.

Georgetown Cupcake

crackers you know what is up!

Georgetown Cupcake

okay this is my last word on the issue; hate to be debbie downer but if they refuse to fix a customer service problem because regardless, people are in line, then i definitely don't want to purchase anything from them. that is just so wrong.

Georgetown Cupcake

at the VERY LEAST, and i mean the verrrry least, they could have indicated to the crowd at some point during the 30 minutes we waited in line that they were running low. and then let those in line decide whether or not they wanted to risk it and stay or head to another place. but nope, they didn't. and i think that is rude. also, the guy came out and announced the situation in a nice tone but he didn't apologize, he almost sounded cheerful. i'd at least have appreciated an apology. sorry you waited in line for nothing... something like that.

also, no i didn't taste the cupcake, and since i didn't taste the goods i didn't comment on them in my post.... i'm not going to go to a bakery that shows such disregard for their customers just because the goods are... good or great or fabulous. i just won't put up with that. that's me though, to each their own.

as far as a suggestion on how to keep from running out; do something similar like magnolia in NY and put a cap on how many you can buy at a time. i'm not sure if they already do that, ahem, because i never got to the purchasing part of the process, but that is a good way to feed the masses.

I also just don't buy the small space excuse, i mean i get it. it is a small space and there are a lot of people but i'm sure if they put their heads together and did some math they could either hire more people to keep mixing the batter during the day or open earlier so that you can mix more in the morning prior to opening....

Georgetown Cupcake

i will NEVER EVER go back to georgetown cupcake. Story time: It was a gorgeous Saturday, one of the first nice Saturdays in a while and I was with a girlfriend in Georgetown where i made the mistake of informing her of the new niche bakery. Immediately regret filled me as i saw her eyes light up, you see i'm quite loyal to the hounds and after reading all of the negative experiences regarding lines, customer service and running out of cupcakes (don't even get me started on the absurdity) I had no desire to go check out the latest trend. Personally, I love Furin's and would have much rather hit up that spot then go wait in line at GC, but of course that's what we did. We made an agreement that we'd go to baked & wired afterwards and taste test, so i was somewhat appeased though i did still feel uneasy pangs of guilt patroning GC at all after hearing about how other hounds were treated. So, sure enough, bet you can guess what happened.... one person in front of us at the entrance to the shop the manager comes out; we're all sold out come back in a few hours he announces to the crowd. Let's break this one down friends; obviously there are fumes coming from the ovens in that place, either that or the people that run that shop are idiots:
1) it is a Saturday
2) it is beautiful outside
3) you are located in Georgetown
4) your job is to make cupcakes; the sole reason you exist is to sell cupcakes, that was your decision, not mine, yours, to be a cupcake vendor in the ever popular neighborhood of georgetown. this isn't downtown, which is virtually dead on the weekends, where you are surprise ambushed. This isn't your first or second or THIRD weekend out the gate where you can claim you are still working out kinks. Unfortunately (for us) this is either laziness or a complete disregard for the people who choose to wait in line for your goods.

mark my words my fellow hounds. this place is on my list. and my list is not a place you want to be. your days are numbered Georgetown Cupcake.

disclaimer: i'm not going to go burn the place down if that's what you're thinking.

last minute dinner! help

so my girlfriend and i were going to go to nirvana but read a bunch of bad reviews and scratched it. she suggested cork as another option but i don't feel like going to 14th when it is cold and rainy and i live on the redline in woodley (and don't feel like cabbing). we try to keep entrees around $15 or under and i'm open to anything from gallery place to dupont on the red line. she lives in logan circle and can get to dupont and gallery place very easily. we don't like long waits and i'm trying to avoid italian and mexican. other than that... any suggestions?

dinner in admo, inexpensive and fun

Keith hi thanks for the rec i LUV Cashion's. unfortunately it is way out of the price range for my friends. any thoughts for something with entrees below $15?

dinner in admo, inexpensive and fun

thanks for the advice dckw! i do think exposing her to something new is a good idea; tonight we are doing indian. i would take her to the ethiopian place but i don't think it is "fun" enough... last time i was there i kind of wanted to go home and watch a movie and drink wine versus continue the party, so to speak... so i'm trying to capture the fun atmosphere minus the headache.

dinner in admo, inexpensive and fun

Hi all - i have one of my closest friends in the world visiting me in dc this weekend. Tomorrow night i want to take her out with a group of my dc friends in adams morgan and thus, would like to do dinner there. With the cold weather I'd prefer to stay within that location versus walking up from dupont or down from woodley/cleveland. It is COLD outside! I'd like to keep it quite inexpensive as there are a variety of incomes present at the table and my friend coming up is used to rural nc prices! i think lauriol will be a headache although it fits the bill otherwise. i've found places that are fun but too crowded and places that are low key and good food but don't evoke the fun night on the town spirit.

also, as a sidenote i really recommend the ethiopian restaurant next to the wine shop on the corner of 18th and U that is ALWAYS empty and never gets any mention on the board. just went there for the first time a few weekends ago and it was empty (i.e. we sat down immediately) and i thought it was incredibly tasty and inexpensive :)

Georgetown Cupcake

oh see i'm a big fan of furin's cupcakes and baked goods in general. i think georgetown is definitely the sweet spot of dc. i wish there were better options in my neighborhood (woodley park). georgetown is a long walk for a cupcake!

Best Mexican & Margaritas in DC Metro?

what about alero? i know it is your average ol' chain but i think it fits the bill as far as yummy margaritas and good tex-mex food. very low key establishment as well, which IMO should always accompany margaritas.