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Need recs for quiet business lunch - Financial District

Thanks for the quick response! I was thinking a hotel restaurant might be the way to go, too (I can't imagine her enjoying the steakhouse vibe). Right now, I'm looking at BLT Bar & Grill at the W or Church & Dey at the Millenium Hilton. Any other good potentials?

Apr 13, 2015
stampita in Manhattan

Need recs for quiet business lunch - Financial District

Hi all --

I've got lunch planned with the founder of my organization in about a week, and I need to find a place that's relatively quiet -- she wears hearing aids, and conversation will be SO much easier if there isn't a lot of background noise. Any recommendations for a spot in the Financial District that isn't super loud during lunch?

Thanks in advance!

Apr 13, 2015
stampita in Manhattan

We got a car. Where do we go?

How about Sripraphai in Woodside (Qns) for fantastic Thai? Golden Mall in Flushing for incredible Chinese?

On second thought -- just take the 7 train. You won't have to worry about parking.

Golden Shopping Mall
41-28 Main St, Queens, NY 11355

64-13 39th Ave, Queens, NY 11377

Jan 03, 2011
stampita in Outer Boroughs

Been to Artisanal lately?

I pre-purchased a special tasting at Bar Artisanal about a month ago only to learn it closed "for renovations" a couple of days ago. Now I'm told my reservation will be honored at Artisanal instead (with a different menu, of course, and no refunds).

I'm less than thrilled that I'm getting something completely different from the anticipated tapas tasting I bought. But putting that aside, I don't know anyone who's been to Artisanal in years, and I can't find any substantive comments on this board since 2007. Anybody been there lately? My sense is that it's well past its prime, but that's not really based on anything concrete -- would appreciate any feedback.

Here's the menu for the meal we'll be getting:

Amuse bouche
Charcuterie tasting
Maine Diver Sea Scallops with corn coulis, chorizo and piquillo peppers
Steak Au Poivre or Steak Frites
Cheese Plate with tableside visit from the restaurant's fromager
Cherry Clafouti, Cherry-Port Ice Cream, Port Tuille

Aug 06, 2010
stampita in Manhattan

Basmati Table - new Indian in Sunnyside Skillman btwn 46th and 47th

I went tonight and am sorry to say I was really disappointed. They are clearly still working out the kinks, service-wise -- apps came out after the entrees, entrees came out without the rice that was supposed to accompany them, and they got my entree wrong (chana saag instead of palak dal). Beyond the service issues, however, both my chana saag and my bf's chicken korma were disappointingly bland -- made me think maybe they were seasoning for American palates?

I realize all of these issues are par for the course at new restaurants, and I sincerely hope they work through them and improve -- I'd really love a great Indian restaurant in the neighborhood!

Jun 25, 2010
stampita in Outer Boroughs

Red Hook brunch?

Any recommendations for brunch in Red Hook? Planning to do a morning trip to Ikea with the bf on Sunday and would love to sample the brunch offerings in the neighborhood before we go.

1 Beard St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

May 20, 2010
stampita in Outer Boroughs

Anyone try Lucky Mojos in LIC?

I'm going there with a friend next week & was hoping to find some comments, suggestions, etc. here. It's only been open a couple of weeks, I think. Early adopters, let us know what you think. Thanks!

Dec 07, 2007
stampita in Outer Boroughs