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Church St. Cafe in Lenox - recent dinners there?

My girlfriend and I are headed to Lenox this weekend, first weekend in the Berkshires (live in Cambridge)! I've reviewed some recent threads about dining in Lenox (Nudel, Alta, Jonathan's Bistro seem recommended. Zinc is apparently the devil), but I didn't see any recent posts from anyone who has had dinner at Church Street Cafe recently (saw some lunch posts, but not dinner). I read that it changed owners (now same owner as Alta), so I wanted to see if people have liked having dinner there since it changed hands/got renovated. The space seems pretty cool now, at the least.

If you've eaten dinner there recently, please speak up! Thanks for your help!!

Church Street Cafe
65 Church St Ste 201, Lenox, MA 01240

which BOS location is the BEST of Legal Seafoods Chain??

Seriously, what is with the chowder sizes?!? I ordered a "bowl" at the Harvard/Charles Hotel outdoor bar location. When they brought it out (all paper/plastic dinnerware btw - I don't recommend this location except for weekday dollar oysters), I looked at the diminutive paper cup in front of me and told the waitress I had ordered the bowl, not the cup. She informed me that it was in fact the bowl, to which I laughed out loud uncontrollably. For $7 dollars, it's outrageous.

That makes me wonder - have any of you ever ordered something at a restaurant, and when you saw the portion size (in relation to the price), complained/sent it back?

April 2011 Openings and Closings

I walk by the Sheraton Commander on the way to work and have been noticing some good progress on the renovations to their bar/restaurant. The space looks somewhat interesting, definitely open and modern. I didn't know the name of the new place until I saw grubstreet do a write-up today - Nubar - . The menu doesn't have many surprises, but it looks tasty. Bill Flumerfelt from Ashmont Grill and Icarus, is involved. Looks like some attention will be paid to the bar offerings as well. Nothing ground-breaking it looks like, but it'll be nice to have another option in the area!

Ashmont Grill
555 Talbot Ave, Dorchester Center, MA 02124

Sheraton Commander
16 Garden St, Cambridge, MA 02138

Best first date restaurants (what's a first date)?

So I've been recently deposited into the real world dating scene for the first time EVER. Needless to say I am completely mortified and without clue. Dating savants of the Boston Board, I implore you!

Phew, that was cathartic. Quick background, I'm mid twenties male and am not interested in women impressed by Newbury Street dreck. Live in Cambridge, anything there, Somerville, Boston or Brookline is fine. Now here's the type of place I would think (probably incorrectly) would make a good first date spot:

- Good to great menu that won't scare off conservative eaters but offers some more interesting options (says "I'm considerate and laid back but totally down to eat some brains")
- Fairly good buzz of people during peak hours but not a deafening roar (in anticipation of any number of awkward pauses)
- Cozy, somewhat romantic (I don't stand a chance, but just in case)
- Entree price point in the 20s or under (don't want to seem garish or put undue pressure on the first date)
- Reasonably good wine list or good beer/cocktai list
- Takes reservations (not a must-have)
- Generally makes me look totally awesome

I haven't been eating out that much recently, so newer spots in particular I'd love help with. Applying my own criteria to my own brain, I come up with places like Highland Kitchen, Hungry Mother, Green Street, Dali, Orinoco, Coda, B&G Oysters, Metropolis.

Come on you chowish flirts, bring it!

Highland Kitchen
150 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02143

Hungry Mother
Cambridge, MA, Cambridge, MA


I'm a fan of the goat's milk brie at TJ's, creamy and subtle. It comes as a small round for $2.50, a great value in my opinion.


I just wish they had put the prices on the menu, that's the thing that bothers me the most.

They did give my two friends and I a free shot of Fernet though! So it evened out a bit.


I was there last night and also noticed that the burger price had dropped to $13. I only had the fondue ($10), but it was quite tasty! The space is nice, although I fear it will get full very quickly.

Their cask ale was Gritty McDuff's IPA (the menu says something different), which I wasn't overly impressed with. It was also $10, which may or may not be high for a cask ale, I don't have a ton of experience with them. Beer prices aren't listed, which is something I hope they will do once their full menu is out. Overall, I thought the beer list wasn't quite as exciting as I had expected. But it's still the best in the area by far (not that that is hard to accomplish).

The bartenders were all nice guys, friendly. One of them made me a pretty good Toronto, which was encouraging.

Need help on a romantic restaurants...

I like the feel of the restaurant as well. I also agree with the service comment - our waiter was invasive and entirely too much a part of our meal. I also wouldn't recommend the lobster ravioli -there were only 4 small ravioli and they were very average in a very salty broth - I expect more for $22. We also ordered the mozarella with prosciutto and while the prosciutto was tasty and there was a lot of it, there were only 3 very small slices of mozarella. I'll try it again but I must say I was underwhelmed the first time.

Good food after midnight?

Thanks for the suggestions everybody - I think I might try Brasserie Jo - I didn't know it was open that late, might be perfect! Is that a "late night" menu or does it have a late night menu?

Good food after midnight?

A couple of my friends from NYC are coming into town this evening, getting into Back Bay Station at midnight. They'll probably be hungry. What sort of host would I be if I didn't have a nice late night spot in mind for them? I'm looking for a restaurant/bar that serves good (doesn't have to be great) food after midnight in the Back Bay/South End area. I've seen Stella, Gaslight and Rocca mentioned in other boards, but I'd prefer not to go that far considering how little time we'll have. All suggestions are much appreciated!!