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BLUE COYOTE GRILL! And Have the Calabacitas Soup.

Oct 06, 2011
pringle347 in California

Chef and the Farmer....Worth the trip from anywhere

Chef and the Farmer is a gem located in the small town of Kinston, NC....quite a ways from I-95, between Raleigh and well, the beach. But you won't be sorry if you come here...everything at this lovely restaurant housed in an old farmhouse is delicious, the service is outstanding, and the wine list extensive. They even have a wine shop attached!

As I was only one person, I could sample only one meal...but I will highly recommend everything I tried. The cucumber soup with curried shrimp and tomato, the Clam and Mussel pan roast, and the summer berry cobbler were all wonderfully seasoned with subtle, delicate flavors that complemented each item perfectly. The homebaked breads were unlike any I've sampled elsewhere and they kindly wrapped some up for me to take back to my was just as good for breakfast the next morning!

Check out their website for the latest menu, and if you are ANYWHERE in North Carolina, you will not be disappointed if you make the trip to Kinston for this restaurant.

Jul 09, 2011
pringle347 in Southeast

Ocracoke 2011


Jun 09, 2011
pringle347 in Southeast

private dining on the beach?

Yeah, it was for me too when I had considered!

private dining on the beach?

Not sure how far you want to go, but the Ritz Carlton in Manalapan offers it as well....maybe the one in Fort Lauderdale does? I would check the other beachfront hotel properties where you are located.

REASONABLY priced Brunch Buffets in, or south of Orlando - Have checked the Archives!

Any ideas for a brunch buffet that costs less than $40? Or even a really outstanding breakfast place? We'll be leaving Sunday and heading south on the Turnpike, so if there's anything outside Orlando, I'd love those suggestions as well.

Thank you!

Mar 18, 2011
pringle347 in Florida

Lake Worth area?

Bizarre Avenue Cafe has great food and it's a neat place. I think it's on Lake. Il Paradiso is expensive but wonderful Italian.

Food Dehydrator - Should I fork out the cash?

Love my Excalibur! In addition to the dried fruit (pineapple rocks) and homemade fruit rollups for the kids, I dry herbs in it...If i buy fresh and only use a little for a recipe, it's perfect for drying the rest. Also from the garden directly....and it's awesome for making Kale chips...tear pieces of kale, mix it well with Annie's Goddess Dressing and dry it on the mesh sheets....heavenly...

Feb 24, 2011
pringle347 in Cookware

Unique family dining in Broward or Palm Beach

I have not...but a friend of mine has and was not a hotel guest. Not 100% sure....

Unique family dining in Broward or Palm Beach

Our go-to birthday place for the kids (11 and 14) for the last several years has been Izumo in Coral Springs, for excellent Hibachi. Maybe not "different" but definitely a bit special for a birthday, the chefs are very good (better than Benihana) and the food is excellent and you get a LOT of it.

If you want really special birthday treatment and don't mind spending a lot, you can't go wrong with Capital Grille (Boca Town Centre). We went there for my birthday a few months ago and they said Happy Birthday at the door, had a card and rose petals at the table, gave me a dessert, and a rose before I left...and excellent food and service.

If any of you are Food Network fans, Chef Morimoto has a restaurant in the Boca Raton Resort. He's not always there, but sometimes he is.

If you want something funkier, with great food, check out Dada on Swinton AVe in Delray Beach...after dinner walk along Atlantic Ave and get ice cream sundaes at Kilwins.

A GREAT restaurant in northwest Coral Springs is Falafel Bistro and Wine Bar. On the weekends they also have live music. Wonderful, fresh, delicious food, the owners are great and it has a great atmosphere.

Falafel Bistro
5677 Coral Ridge dr., Coral Springs, FL 33076

Capital Grille - Boca Raton
6000 West Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Unique family dining in Broward or Palm Beach

Family as in young kids or older kids?

South Beach for 50th B'day - thinking about the following:

Thank you....

South Beach for 50th B'day - thinking about the following:

Thank you. And yes, I may be overthinking it...but I only have one night, it's a special occasion, and I want to make it...special. Despite a love for it, we only go out to dinner about 4 -6 times per year. (except when we are on vacation with the kids, and that's a whole different kind of dinner), so I just want to find a great place. When it's Broward (home turf) I'm more familar with the offerings, so it's never difficult to find something good. But I know absolutely nothing about South Beach except that everyone has a different opinon, LOL. And even that is fine...every comment good or bad, helps narrow things down.

South Beach - your thoughts on Spiga or Escopazzo?

Just trying to consider many different options for the one night we'll have there, and I'd like to keep it walking distance (we don't mind long walks) from the Catalina.

Thanks for your input!

Escopazzo Restaurant
1311 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

1228 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

South Beach for 50th B'day - thinking about the following:

What do you think about Nemo's?

100 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Best packaged non-bakery store bought cookies

Any and all cookies by Dancing Deer! Not available ours in the local health food store, and also online. Their chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and their Brownies are all incredible. They are in Massachussetts.

Feb 18, 2011
pringle347 in General Topics

South Beach for 50th B'day - thinking about the following:

Also...I was originally thinking we'd be there in early May, but now it looks like late June will be the best time for us to get away the weather will definitely be a factor.

South Beach for 50th B'day - thinking about the following:

Thanks guys...totally undecided! Casa Tua sounded perfect, but I"ve been hearing it's just too overpriced..and that if it's too warm out, you totally miss the beauty of the outdoor garden, and that the traffic noise can be quite intrusive. Il Gabbiano looks nice...and I'm not tied to Italian...despite my earlier comment about avoiding ethnic food, I'm hearing good things about Indiomania that are sparking my interest. Just don't know...maybe the atmoshphere isn't so important if the food is really incredible. Apologies for being wishy washy...and thanks for all the suggestions!

South Beach for 50th B'day - thinking about the following:


South Beach for 50th B'day - thinking about the following:

Definitley looking for something more special than spaghetti and meatballs...and not really looking for gluttonous, so I'm guessing Pubbelly is not for us...the "garden" restaurants sound lovely...definitely more our style than the "scene" places. We're planning this for May or early June, so it may get a little iffy as far as pleasant weather. Will keep that in mind, but will check out your suggestions on line...thank you!

tpigeon, I guess to narrow it down, it's just 2 of us, so probably more romantic atmosphere than loud and glitzy. Don't care much about people watching, but definitely care about the quality of the food. It's hubby's 50th, so I want something memorable and wonderful. We like all kinds of food, I just don't want to be limited by ethnic restaurants...except Italian which we both love. A place that's creative and different would be great...or one that has over the top service for special occasions...something to make it stand out. We live in Broward, and the furthest we go for dinner is Las Olas or Delray Beach. Just want to make this special :-) Hope that helps.

Need Delray Recommendation

Dada has been excellent every time we've been there...

South Beach for 50th B'day - thinking about the following:

-Casa Tua
-The Forge
-Something you'd recommend over everything else??

Have read the South Beach postings but haven't seen either of these restaurants and wondered what the SoBe experts thought. Picked them strictly on menu/ambiance/ reviews elsewhere.

Looking for great food and atmosphere. Walking distance from the Catalina even better unless parking isn't an issue.

Price not really an issue as this is a special occasion, but not looking to spend extra without getting something worthwhile either.

We like all kinds of food, but probably not interested in anything Spanish, Mexican or Asian.

Thanks for the input!

Recommendations for a dinner pit stop from Downtown LA to Palm Springs

Blue Coyote Grill in Palm Springs....have the Calabacitas's absolutely AMAZING.

Blue Coyote Grill
445 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Jan 26, 2011
pringle347 in California

Organic restaurants (or those with humanely grown food)

Market 17, new in Fort Lauderdale....haven't been there yet, but organic, farm fresh, and great reviews.

Vegetarian in North Broward / South Palm Beach

Falafel Bistro on Wiles Road in Coral Springs, just east of Coral Ridge Drive....EVERYTHING there is amazing, and they are mostly vegetarian. It's a tiny casual place, but awesome food.. They're opening a bigger place soon, a few blocks away.

Falafel Bistro
5677 Coral Ridge dr., Coral Springs, FL 33076

Cuban Bakery in North Broward

Las Americas on Sample Road in Coral Springs is good...across the street is another one that is pretty good...I think it's called Manny's...they recently changed their name. Are you looking for anything specific?

Ultimate Bread Pudding Medium..

I like to use croissants, but when the store was out of them, I picked up a pound cake and had rave reviews using that.

Sep 09, 2009
pringle347 in Home Cooking

Casual Seafood/Clam Bars between Dennis MA and Warwick RI?

Thanks so much everyone!

Casual Seafood/Clam Bars between Dennis MA and Warwick RI?

Hi there...
We'll be visiting friends in South Dennis for a day, but leaving before dinner to travel to Warwick RI for the night before getting on the road again.

Any good places to stop and grab a good bite to eat between those two places?

2 adults, 2 kids, 9 and 13, looking for something casual, but doesn't have to be cheap, just good....thinking more of a clam bar type place to get something light, or small, not a big app/entree/dessert restaurant, but open to all suggestions. We'll be there on a Sunday, if that makes a difference.

Thanks so much!

Driving from RI to DC, figure to hit Trenton area around lunchtime...where would you go?

That's a good question, I'm not the one who planned that part, my husband I'll pass on the other suggestions from the easier route...I appreciate it!

Jul 21, 2009
pringle347 in Mid-Atlantic