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Best Reuben

Anybody have some suggestions for the best corned beef/reuben sandwiches around the St. Paul area?

MSP - frozen Gnocchi

Try Kowalski's market...I have seen some frozen in their freezer section. I have not tried them, but they look decent. Good Luck!

MSP: fish 'n' chips

Maybe we were just there at a bad time...sadly though, it was so bad that we will most likely not try it again. We have recently had Culver's fish, and surprisingly, it was yummy!! We also had the Fish and Chips at McCormick and Schmik's. Now, these were the absolute supreme delightful bites of heaven, but WHO is willing to pay 18$ for it(unless your parents were paying of course?) Anyhow, if you are fortunate enough to try them, you will NOT be sorry!!!! Thanks for the feedback!

Dec 09, 2007
ogbeach in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP: fish 'n' chips

I have been in search of awesome Fish and Chips since the old days of Arthur Treachur's...I was told to try Mac's F&C in St Paul....Please Do not EVER go there!!! We could not even eat was like drinking a cup of oil with some dried up fish in the middle of a crusty grossness. On a lighter note, the coleslaw was good...well, the whole 4 bites of it that they give you! AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!

Dec 06, 2007
ogbeach in Minneapolis-St. Paul