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Post-wedding Saturday lunch in SF

Yes - lots of places open for Sunday brunch or lunch, but not my favorites on Saturdays. Thanks for the useful feedback about Cafe Claude - I've been reading about it on here, but don't usually go to that neighborhood. I agree about the walk to La Mar, but not sure what wedding shoes will permit.

Thanks all - I've thrown the decision back to the brides.

Post-wedding Saturday lunch in SF

Thanks! I'm leaning toward La Mar or Coqueta, although another twist is that they're staying in Union Sq and would like to walk. What do folks think about Cafe Claude?

Post-wedding Saturday lunch in SF

My old friend is coming to town to get married at the end of June. I'm looking for a nice SF restaurant to take them to for after the event. Noonish on a Saturday (they're going up to wine country in the late afternoon, so please no recommendations for dinner). They'd like views, I'd like good seafood/fresh veggies. Can be pricey or funky. What do my fellow hounds think about Waterbar or La Mar Cebicheria? How about the Cliff House for the funk factor? I really like taking people to Top of the Mark for cocktails, but they're not open then for lunch. Thanks!!