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Las Vegas buffets for vegetarian...worth the expense?

I’ll be Vegas for a few days with a car. It has been several years since I last visited and during that time I transitioned to a vegetarian diet. I’ve searched this board as well as tripadvisor, yelp, and miscellaneous blogs for recommendations and ideas for restaurants. Are buffets worth the expense? After all, it’s great if you’re a big eater (I am not) and an omnivore.

I read glowing reviews of Caesars (Bacchanal), Cosmopolitan (Wicked Spoon) and Wynn, but then I check out their prices and really have to question if I want to spend $38 - $46 (before tax and tip) for dinner. Weekday breakfast and lunches are a little more reasonable. Weekend brunches seem highly overpriced (for a vegetarian). Notwithstanding my patience for standing in line (45 minutes would be my limit), do those buffets in particular offer a superior dining experience for a vegetarian? Or do you leave having enjoyed a nice salad bar and some roasted vegetables?

Alternatively, what about some of the (slightly) less expensive buffets, which have, at times, received favorable reviews:

Planet Hollywood (Spice Market) $31
Rio (best days behind it?) $31
Mirage $28?
Paris $32

I don’t know if the prices are correct. Those were posted on

Any opinions from recent diners?

Mar 14, 2013
uptown in Las Vegas

Di Fara - Saturday afternoon lines?

Okay, I went and here's the outcome...

I arrived at 2:45pm and quickly found a place at the counter edge, closest to the oven. Within ten minutes Dom's assistant (son?) asked me what I wanted - just after he had asked another person - and recorded my request on a notepad. I ordered the Di Fara Special (round pie, sausage, peppers, onions, mushrooms). I stood my ground and watched...and watched...and watched. Now if I wanted a slice, I would have been served within 10 minutes of arrival, possibly sooner. They seemed to have a fairly steady supply of plain pies (mostly round) available for slices. I guess that's because prior to my arrival and during my stay at the counter a regular stream of 1, 2 or 3 slice requests came in. That's good to know for future reference. I did not observe any abusive line cutters or complainers. Probably too much past lunch hour for that. It really wasn't too crowded. My brother found a table in the rear for us soon after our arrival.

My pie made it into the oven 45 minutes after I arrived and came out 10 minutes later. From walking in the door to chewing on hot pizza: under an hour. No complaints. It was enjoyable to watch Dom make pizza. He strikes me as a very content person.

The pie was great. I think I should have gone for a plain though. All the add-ons create excess weight and the slices have to be folded up to eat or they fall apart. Maybe they needed another minute or two in the oven for the crust to get firmer. Don't know.

In conclusion: Great pizza. Happy I went. Will go again!

Thank you to all on the guidance.

Dec 08, 2007
uptown in Outer Boroughs

Di Fara - Saturday afternoon lines?

After reading many posts about the best pizza in the city, I've concluded I must eat at Di Fara's. But I've also read much about the chaotic lines (or lack thereof) and a potentially long, long wait for a pie. My schedule does not allow for a weekday visit. I’d like to go on Saturday, sometime after 12:00 noon and before 3:00. Let me admit to being somewhat impatient and definitely unwilling to kill time outdoors when it’s 35 degrees. Should I wait until warm spring weather for a Saturday lunch? Or can I get a pie within say 40 minutes of arrival in that 12:00 – 3:00 time frame?

If the consensus is I should expect a long line and postpone until the spring, what should I do for plan “B”?

Totonno (Coney Island location)?

Someplace else?


Dec 06, 2007
uptown in Outer Boroughs