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Make Your Own Yogurt

Check Turkish style yogurt. You don't have to do all these steps. It is even easier...

Jul 03, 2011
Attila in Features

Where can I find raw milk in/around north Dallas, TX?

Thank you all for posts. I will check these farms and will let you know what I learn.

Nov 24, 2008
Attila in Dallas - Fort Worth

Where can I find raw milk in/around north Dallas, TX?

I recently moved Allen, Texas from Europe and interested in buying raw milk. Do you know any place I can buy?


Nov 16, 2008
Attila in Dallas - Fort Worth

Greek Food in Nashua, NH?

Try Seven Hills at 57 Factory Street...

A good Indian restaurant in Nashua, NH?

Our first Indian food experience was in Indian Palace Nashua. If this is Indian cuisine, I am very disappointed.
We started with "Mulligatawyn soup", which is just an ordinary one nothing special.
House special Platter; Very very disappointed!!! Nothing special. Everything is fried (in a very bad oil and over cooked) and tastes the same. We felt that we are at the very bad Kentucky Fried Chicken Fast Food restaurant.
Naan; I was happy to see a "Bread Menu". But Naan was way below to my expectation.
Boti Kebab Masala; Presentation was good. But lamb had no real lamb taste. It seems it was cooked before and heated. Or they have 2 cooking process while they cook.
Palace Special Biryani; Very mixed plate. I could not taste what I was eating. Very overpriced. Never recommended.
Kheer (Rice Pudding); Very bad version of other cuisines. Very liquid. I felt that I was eating boiled Basmati Rice in sweet milk.
Kulfee (House Ice Cream); I did not like the spices in it. Not Recommended.
Raita was bad version of other cuisines too.
Surprisingly Cocktails were good...
They have nothing in menu for kids.
Atmosphere was Okay. But not a fine dining as they advertised.Tables are very close to each other. Furnitures are old (not antique).
Server was friendly but not a good server. Nobody took the plates until we leave. We had pile of plates on the table.
It was not expensive except Palace Special Biryani. However, since we did not like the taste of the foods, it is not worthed.

Seven Hills in Nashua, NH. Go Now!

Go their web site;
Click "Menu" at the left frame
Click "Printed Menus" (last photo) at the bottom of right frame.
You can download or print whole menu with price.