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Local eats on US Hwy 411 between GA/TN border and Maryville?

Am taking the "scenic route" from Atlanta to Gatlinburg and would love a non-chain lunch stop. Best bbq? Good pie?


Jul 21, 2013
khester in Kentucky & Tennessee

Homemade corn tortillas in Atlanta

Just got back from a work trip to Austin and realized just how much I miss fresh, homemade corn tortillas. (although not enough to make them myself). Any tips on where to get them in Atlanta? Thanks.

Jan 26, 2013
khester in Atlanta

Harlingen update

I am, in fact, going to be in Harlingen for nursing home visits soon. Thanks for this message and the tips!

Mar 26, 2011
khester in Texas

Place to buy ramps in Atlanta?

Anybody seen ramps (the plant, of course) in any markets/stores? Is it too early for them still?


Mar 26, 2010
khester in Atlanta

New regional or tex-mex "finds" in Austin?

I'm working in Austin for the week, and dinner's about my only time to get out and about. Have been coming here for years so don't want to hit any old stand-bys (Chuy's, Fonda San Miguel and so on)... just want to check out places folks have found(or that have opened in the past year or so)... holes in the wall are fine; no south congress type spots needed... just homey places where i can get my austin fix before i head back east. I know there are probably pretty good tips already, but under deadline don't have time to fully check out the board. Thanks so much for any help!

Jan 12, 2009
khester in Austin

Homesick Texan Making Tamales...

Not really a restaurant question, but wanted to go to the Lone Star source.

After years of tamales that don't satisfy (mailed from the Valley, bought in Atlanta) I'm trying making my own. Have three questions you folks might be able to help with:

1. Fresh masa (purchased) isn't an option. Other sources say MaSeCA, which I'd planned to use, is no good. Any thoughts?

2. Some recipes say steam first then freeze, some say freeze, then thaw and steam. This batch will be made now then served Christmas Eve (3 weeks away). Which to do?

3. Lard's not an option either. Some recipes use vegetable shortening instead, some use corn oil? Which will have better results?

I'm clearly new here. Thanks for your help!

Dec 06, 2007
khester in Home Cooking