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Family Dinner w/kids in Stockbridge?

For ethnic, Orient Express in West Stockbridge is wonderful. It is a Viet Namese restaurant (white table cloth, more French style than peasant style food); There is something for everyone on the menu. Also, the owners have a beautiful Buddhist shrine upstairs...they built it some years ago and will show anybody on request. And they have business dealings in View Nam and bring back goods...they have a store outside, and one can buy really wonderful products.


Old Inn on the Green is terrific. It is one of my favorite places, and, it is only there and at Blantyre where I will cede wine choice to them. James Stahl at Old Inn is UltimateWineCzar...has an encyclopaedic knowledge and will always hook customers up with something wonderful.

Best place in Berkshires near Lenox [moved from Boston board]

FIN, absolutely...the food is great, and, the menu is iinteresting. Also, even if you are not a local, you are treated like one. Unlike at Bizen, the staff at Fin actually is quite friendly and willing to chat you up if you like.

Very Nice/Fancy Lunch in Berks for this Friday

I agree TOTALLY about is a special treat for me, and, it is worth every dollar. We went for my birthday in July and had a superlative experience. The whole staff is terrific, and, they know how to walk the razor's edge between professional and friendly which is REALLY a feat for being part of a relais and chateau team. I would be happy to take MY Mother there ANY time. (Actually, I am happy to go there any time).

Two Forty Two Providence

Hey Hey, Garris...when I was growing up, all through high school and college (when I was home in the summer), we ate at Old Canteen every Sunday night...that is a Rhode Island original...and that ain't could always count on Joe Marzilli being there to greet you. Also, Twin that place is original...what I really miss is Emery's (on 1A going into Wickford)...owned by two Yankee ladies who had a house up in back. There were picnic tables and the chowder was the real Rhode Island deal, and the clam cakes were five cents each. You could also bring your own pie tin, go to the beach, come back and pick up the pie they would have baked for, that is ORIGINAL.

Mystery restaurant in western MA?

The restaurant you are looking for is Jack's in Housatonic.

Birthday Dinner in the Berkshires

If you want the consummate special occasion dining experience in The Berkshires, eat at is a relais and chateau. Blantyre is not inexpensive; HOWever, it is worth every dollar. And, the staff knows how to walk the razor's edge between professional AND friendly and accessible. There is absolutely NO stuffiness. We go about once a year and were there for my birthday a few weeks ago. The Blantyre experience is very different from that of other restaurants...the food is terrific, also. And, the wine list...well...if you want to have some fun, go to the website and read their winelist; it is fairly incredible.

Table28 East Greenwich

I took my Mother and Aunt to Table 28 Tuesday for lunch. The last time I was there was four years ago on a Sunday night, and, the food and service were so substandard that I did not go back. My sister had been there recently with friends and said it was under new management and that the food and service were goo; so, we decided to give it another try. There were four active tables when we got was obvious that they had already ordered; one table was seated shortly after we got there. At any rate, we each order the lobster salad plate. After seeing that the first four tables had already gotten their food (hot items) and that thirty minutes had gone by (and I have learned serious patience from my martial arts trainiong), I got up and asked the hostess if the kitchen was backed up. She gave me a blank look, and I asked again. Our server, who heard me, said: "We are busy." I pointed out that the other guests had already received their food. She told me it would still be another five minutes. The salads finally came; HOWever, I had to ask for dressing...they forgot that part. My Mother was exasperated and just said to me: "We are not coming back here."

Comments about Al Forno in Providence?

Al Forno is very good. HOWever, what's in it for me to either forcefeed myself dinner at 5 in the afternoon or wait forever for a table when there are so many superlative restaurants in Providence which take reservations.

Bizen or Fin

Fin, without a doubt...

John Andrews-Lobster Cassoulet

Hey Hey, Niccole...hope you read this. We went down to JAs Saturday night. I had the fried oyster salad first, an appetizer from which I have never deviated since it went on the menu many years ago. One gets one's oysters AND one's salad all in one. Anyway, I got the lobster cassoulet as a main course. It is everything you said it is. I told Danny I hope it stays on the menu for a long while; my only regret is that I did not order a second one to take home with me.

Who loves coffee milk?

I grew up in Rhode Island, and, coffee milk, like mocha ice cream and clam cakes go with the territory. I had the idyllic 1950s childhood...Bonnet Shores every day in the summer, Schatner Farms, Emery's clam cakes and chowder and eclipse coffee syrup coffee milk. I am in R.I. at least once a month...and ...on route 2 south, there it is, the eclipse coffee syrup company. You would be hard pressed to find one us boomers who grew up in Rhode Island who has never experienced coffee milk.

Who makes the best pizza in New England?

Hot Tomatoes in Williamstown Massachusetts

Bizen in Great Barrington

I also miss Shuji's greatly. I had my 50th birthday party there (going on 14 years ago)...jus' 30 of my closest family and friends. Michiko made sure we had a great least Fin is like having my own neighborhood sushi restaurant.

Bizen in Great Barrington

Yes, Josh Needleman started as a dishwasher at Shuji's. I cannot remember whether it was Hideo who worked upstairs at The Triplex; HOW,ever the same guy who worked there and AT Bizen also teaches Aikido...he has a dojo in Great Barrington. I think his name is Sato.

Bizen in Great Barrington

Actually, Shuji's was in New Lebanon, New York. It was the real was open from April to November as Shuji and Michiko spent the winter in Florida, and the house was impossibly expensive to heat all winter. It was at the crossroads of 22 and 20 in what was once Governor Tilden's mansion, and they maintained it beautifully. For me, it was a rite of spring to go the first weekend it opened. At one time, Shuji was chef for the Japanese Diet. And, it drew from Albany and those areas as well as the Berkshires.

Bizen in Great Barrington

I still feel Fin is much better; and, also, living in Lenox and having a great sushi restaurant six minutes away is great for me. Yeah, it can get noisy and crowded, but if you are a local, you'll run into people you know, and that contributes to the party like ambience in cases like that. Also, in the summer, when having dinner there, I have watched Nick and whoever is working with him that night engage the non locals and chat them up. It is a very friendly atmosphere contrasted with that of Bizen.

Venda Ravioli ~ Providence

You can get them at Whole Foods, and that store is great fun. But, Venda has real soul. We do not have a Whole Foods out here, but, I have seen them in the one in Cranston, R.I.

Venda Ravioli ~ Providence

You are soooo right about Venda. My family is in Providence; I grew up there and dearly love Rhode Island. On my way back to the Berkshires, I ALWAYS stop there, and pick up I say: "I'll let Mr. Costantino make our dinner." Actually, I get overwhelmed by all the choices. It is an incredible store; and, that ain't all...out here in the Berkshires, one cannot find the white anchovies. At Venda, they are available by the ounce...I always stock up...they will keep for a while in the refrigerator. One of the cheese guys is from the Berkshires, North Adams. I do not even know his name, but I greet him with: "Hey, North Adams, how are you?" and he responds to that.

THE EAST Great Barrington Ma

You might want to try Koi on Route 123. It is owned by Richard Chen, who owns Panda House on the Lenox Pittsfield Road...the menu is different, however, and has some really interesting dishes one does not see elsewhere in the county

Jan 20, 2008
nidanlou in Southern New England

Bizen in Great Barrington

Actually, you might want to give Fin in Lenox a try. There are really wonderfully creative fat rolls; the sushe is great; the hot food is very very good.

John Andrews Report- ate so much it hurt.

Hey Hey Niccole,
Lobster cassoulet, huh? I must get down there as soon as posssible. Dan and Glenn's lobster risotto has pushed me over the edge many times...this dish must be incredible. If it IS a new menu, please reassure me that the salad with fried oysters is still there...I have been eating that for the past twelve or more years there, and, I do not intend to stop now.

Restaurant for a 50th wedding anniversary

Actually, Sienna, up on the Hill, would be a good choice. The food and service are great; they have a nice wine list. Also, there is a private room in the back of the house.
L'epicureo, which was in that space, moved downtown to the Hotel Providence. It is really beautiful, and, their menu is great...we are going there for my Ma's 85th next week.

Caserta Pizza or Twin's Pizza, Providence?

Art's Huh,... now that brings back great memories from when I was in college and would be home (in Providence) for the holidays or in the summer, back in the day, as it were, when I was young enough to eat a second meal in the evening. I and my friends loved Art's so much that we would force feed ourselves more dinner at 9:30 at night. That was fabulous pizza, in fact, at the time, I felt it was the standard to which all pizza should be held.

Another FABULOUS night at John Andrews...tonight - Old Inn On The Green

Providence is a FABULOUS city. I grew up there, and my whole family is there once a month. You cannot go wrong with most of the restaurants on the Hill...when I was a kid, we went every Sunday night (Old Canteen). . Places on the Hill that are great are Zoomah, Mediterraneao, Sienna, and Pane Vino. At Pan e Vino, in the winter, Sunday and Monday are wine lovers' night...every wine, be it by the glass or bottle is half price. Also, Mills Tavern is one of my favorites. And that ain't will be so close to the bay, that it is really easy to go to The Inn at Castle Hill in Newport... what a setting!!!!!!!!!. And do not miss Twin Oaks. It is a Rhode Island institution. And back to the Hill...Venda Ravioli...the Dean and Delucca of Providence; in fact, one of the cheese guys is from North Adams. Ido not know his name; I just say: "Hey, North Adams, how are you?" when I go in there. And you will know you have become a true Rhode Island when you start defining locations of stores and restaurants in the context of where something "used to be."

Another FABULOUS night at John Andrews...tonight - Old Inn On The Green

Hey Hey, Niccole,
Funny you should mention it. We were at John Andrews a couple Sunday nights ago with some friends. We had spoken to Danny earlier in the day and knew he would not be there that night; of course Glenn sent out a terrific meal. And Aaron found us some wines we did not know. They sent out a couple different pastas in between courses...they were really wonderful. Then we went with some friends from D.C. (who have been there with us a number of times before.) to Old Inn this past Sunday...just incredible as always. We generally let James make the wine choices. I hope there are many out there who feel the same as we do about both places.

John Andrews regulars--help a newbie

I was at John Andrews last Sunday night; Danny was not even there...we knew that he would not be because we spoke to him on Saturday...And Glen and G put out terrific food. Every restaurant has an off night; that does not mean one should not go back or forgive. Hey, reading this? I know we are on the same page. Danny and his crew are incredible. And, I do not want to slight Aaron the wine guy...he will really help you in that department

Romantic Place in the Bershires

Old Inn on the Green is nothing like Chez Nous.
Peter Platt is one of the most talented chefs in New England. The menu is wonderful, and, the wine list is incredible. James Stahl, the wine guy, is probably the most knowledgeable in the area. We love going there and have known Peter and James for years. It is a great experience. Old Inn falls in between Blantyre and one's other white tablecloth restaurants. And, Niccole, if you are reading this, we are going to John Andrews tonight...I have not been there since June and am looking forward to it. We DID go to Old Inn for my birthday in time will be in a couple weeks. But, Jude, definitely Old Inn...

Any recent vists to Castle Hill Inn?

I go there a few times a summer for lunch with my Ma and Aunt. It is always good; the wines by the glass are always great choices. Also, being a native Rhode Islander, living in the Berkshires, and desperately missing the summers of my childhood, having had the idyllic '50s Rhode Island childhood, I have to say that the view -- both bridges, Narragansett Bay, all of it is what R.I. is all about...does not get much better than that.

Cranston, RI one night only recs?

Twin is a Rhode Island institution...not fine dining, but great food and service...extensive menu...and that ain't all...plenty of place like it...