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Birthday dinner in paris for party of 8-10

We will be visiting paris at the begining of february and it is birthday of a fried in our group. We want to have a celebration dinner in a authentic place somewhere like chez L'ami Luois but not as much expensive. We are not looking for ancheap place but we donot want to break the bank also. We can and will eat anything and willing to pay lets say upto €100 per person. Any place you can reccomend?

Nov 06, 2012
kiminist in Europe

ideas to dine around andalusia

we will be travelling around andalusia in the first half of July, this year. we are planning to stop in Seville, Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada and, finally to rest our bones, in Marbella.

any ideas, on where to dine like a local, will be more than welcomed. we are a couple in early 40s, money is not an primary issue, as long as we believe it was worth it. we are not too much into fine dining (El bulli has no appeal to me, seriously) what we are looking for is sincere, authentic dining experience.

thank you all, in advance.

May 02, 2011
kiminist in Spain/Portugal

menemen a la elif

Apr 12, 2008
kiminist in Recipes

new year's eve in florence

my husband and I (late 30's) will be in florence in the new year's time and looking for a nice place to eat that night. we are true food lovers but my husband is not into experimenting too much. A classical italian restaurant with an cosy atmosphere and nice staff will do. we are not looking for crazy entertainment just for the good time. Money is not that important as long as it worths what we have paid.
any suggestions for me to find the right place?

Dec 05, 2007
kiminist in Italy