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All Clad Factory Sale

Alright, sorry it took so long ot respond, but yes I did make the trip. It is totally worth it if you need a bunch of pots. If you are only buying one or two, I say it is too far of a drive. I did get some great deals. On the first day, there were copper core pots for 70% off. I got several of them. They do keep a continual supply of pots coming out on both days, but some of the really geat deals such as those copper core pots at 70% off do not last as they are in limited supply and usually a discontinued line. Basically, stuff is between 40% and 70% off depending on how bad it is damaged and honestly, most of the damage is not too bad. You must inspect the pots before you buy them and make sure you can live with whatever defect is on that particular pot. Some of the ones I got for 70% off had some pretty deep scratches on the bottom of the pot, but nothing too bad considering the price. I would have loved one of the large chafing dishes or coffee urns, but even at the discounted price they were $381 and I just could not justify it, but they were a beautiful product. I love using the pots and food does cook great in them. I like that they can go from the stove to the oven. I just hope All-Clad continues to make a great American product and even though they are expensive, they are a good quality product and I am glad my money is going to fellow Americans.

Dec 14, 2007
softaildeuce in Cookware

All Clad Factory Sale

For anyone who has been to the All Clad Factory Sale..... Is it worth it to drive from NJ to the sale??
Also, are the items sold in sets or as individual pieces only?

Dec 05, 2007
softaildeuce in Cookware