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A La Maison - BYOB - Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore

Thanks, sounds interesting and will definitely check out

May 31, 2010
alilsaucy in Pennsylvania

A La Maison - BYOB - Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore

The above detailed problems of inexperienced, cold service and very sub par food for the money unfortunately persist despite the passage of time. My wife and I did go on a busy Saturday night when these places are at their most frazzled but we did not come away filled with the romantic, comforting feeling we were hoping for. The place was extremely loud and our server was overwhelmed and underenthused. We had to ask for silverware more than once after our food arrived. Appetizers: country pate was enjoyable and rich; escargot: very rich, oversalted but I liked them more than my wife. Entrees were served about three minutes after the arrival of the apps, then taken away in a hush and I'm sure placed under a heat lamp or in an oven. My wife's duck breast, ordered mid rare came back beyond well done and my crab gallete was dry. We simply felt too bad for our waitress to complain. Profiteroles for dessert were filled with ice cream whose wetness of course made the choux as tough as leather. Our bill was $95 before tip. I'd say maybe just an off night but not in light of other reviews. I'd consider going back on a less busy night but not before trying one of the many other interesting places in the area first.

May 23, 2010
alilsaucy in Pennsylvania

know a good lambrusco?

2009 Francesco Vezzelli Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro "Rive dei Ciliegi"
Available at Moore Brothers; it's awesome.

Mar 14, 2010
alilsaucy in Wine

Best wine to go with Dungeness crab?

Suave classico or off dry reisling; the former if there is garlic and - or olive oil, the latter if butter is more the lipid

Dec 09, 2009
alilsaucy in Wine

Rules for Margarita Greatness

Like all things edible, a margarita is only as good as the ingredients that breathe it life. Fresh limes, 100% agave, cointreau (or Grand Marnier or triple sec), simple syrup. The unadulterated alcohol can be a bit fierce and the addition of ice is intentional to allow the flavors to be appreciated with gentle sipping. The best way to avoid the watery unpleasantness of ice melting into the thing is to shake the cardinal ingredients for 15 seconds in a Boston shaker and then strain the drink into a chilled glass.

Apr 01, 2008
alilsaucy in Features

Best Wine Shops in the US

Moore Brothers if you're on the east coast (they have locations in NYC, south Jersey (Pennsauken) and Delaware. They are, hands down, the best purveyors of artisanal, high quality, old world (mostly) wines.

Mar 11, 2008
alilsaucy in Wine

seafood pasta pairing

I'd go with an italian white here. A good Soave or other gargenega based wine will work. The pairing will be especially harmonious if a little of the wine you end up serving is used to construct the sauce during cooking. Good luck!

Jan 06, 2008
alilsaucy in Wine

What to serve with a great Port

Toast some thinly sliced baguette in the oven until crisp. Remove from oven and place some good quality crumbled blue cheese on top followed by toasted or roasted and salted pecans. Arrange on a plate and give the whole thing a dramatic and liberal drizzle of honey. The savory sweet - creamy - crunchy - combination of everything is delightful and will buddy up nicely with port.

Dec 29, 2007
alilsaucy in Wine

wine pairing: roast salmon with fennel

The citrus acidity from the orange in the dish may make for a difficult time with wine pairing in general, especially if you go with a red and especially if the orange flavor is pronounced and tart from being off season. I would choose a sparkling wine such as prosecco. If your guests are game, pair this with the ultimate wine for food: Riesling. If you have access to a decent wine shop, bring the recipe with you and have them recommend specific bottles that are available. Good luck!

Dec 29, 2007
alilsaucy in Wine

Masil Korean Restaurant in Cherry Hill

I have visited Masil several times and found their food to be quite good. Be Bim Bop and Bulgoki were excellent and they make an especially tasty kimchee pancake. It's worth a visit if you like korean chow.

Dec 05, 2007
alilsaucy in Mid-Atlantic