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Vegas for locals?

I totally agree with Whole Foods for produce. If you are looking for some exotic Asian produce, you might find some at the market in the Chinatown on Spring Mountain and at the Commercial Center where there are some Korean stores. The Commercial Center is also the home of Lotus of Siam and Komol.

Dec 05, 2007
George G. in Southwest

Vegas Mexican and BBQ

Diablo's at Monte Carlo is a Brian Massie creation and his track record is actually pretty good with FIX, STACK, etc. I haven't tried Diablo's yet but his record would suggest a decent, party vibe type of place that might be stronger on the cantina side than the restaurant side but still very good overall. Please let us know if this is not correct when you try it.

I agree with those who don't like the Salt Lick very much. Their side dishes are really bad and only their sausage can be recommended. It is pretty good for that however.

TC's can be vouched for but I haven't tried Buzz's yet.

I don't think that Mexican can be recommended here in Vegas especially if you prefer Tex-Mex or New Mexico style cooking. I haven't found one Mexican place that I really liked including Viva Mercados and the Michoacans. When I want a huge serving of nachos for football watching, the carne asada nachos at Roberto's are a great bargain.

Dec 05, 2007
George G. in Southwest