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One Night Out in Palm Desert

My wife and I are in Palm Desert for the weekend visiting her parents. Her parents have agreed to watch our two young children so we are going out for a very rare dinner for two. Anyone have recommendations on where we should spend our one evening? We like all cuisines and are happy in a fine dining setting or a local dive...we are just happy to be out together and would like to have some good food! No chain restaurants please.

Also, we will likely be cabbing as we will be partaking in multiple beverages.

A patio for the sunset would he a nice bonus, but not necessary.

Mar 04, 2011
mkj361 in California

best indian food calgary

Have been wondering about "A Touch of India" for quite a while, but always end up at Moti Mahal. Would love to know if anyone has eaten at Touch and what they think.

Moti Mahal Restaurant
1805 14 St SW, Calgary, AB T2T, CA

Sep 11, 2010
mkj361 in Prairie Provinces

Calgary - Best Pub to Watch College Football?

Usually, I use this forum to ask opinions on the newest restros in town (and reading people's experiences at some of the old favorites), but this question has nothing to do with food and everything to do with football!

I am a HUGE NCAA football fan and until Shaw starts to offer ESPN's Gameplan, I will continue to try and feed my hunger for football by searching out the pubs that carry the most diverse content. So, anyone have any recommendations for the "Best Football Watching Pubs of 2008"? There are quite a few that show some good NFL games that aren't on regular cable, but I am specifically interested in college football.

A nice selection of draft beers would be a plus!

Aug 28, 2008
mkj361 in Prairie Provinces

Chinese North of Downtown Calgary

I moved to the Mount Pleasant area a little over a year ago and I was wondering if anyone has any recomendations for some good Chinese Take Out? There seems to be quite a few places along 16th Ave and along Centre St, but was hoping for a bit of direction before blindly heading out.

Reviews of Kensington Restaurants (Calgary)

Thanks for everyone's input. I have made the reso for 5:30 at Muse. Still have to check out Pulcinella very soon and can't wait for a good brunch at Niko's!

Recommended choices for gourmet ingredients [moved from Western Canada board]

I guess it would depend on what kind of food he likes to cook.

If he is really into Italian, you can get some really great stuff at Lina's Italian Market. If he likes Asian/Indian, some of the Asian groceries like T&T have some fun stuff. For just everyday ingredients, Suntera has a good selection.

I personally always like receiving exotic spices. Good Olive Oils and Balsamics are great gifts as well.

Dec 06, 2007
mkj361 in General Topics

Reviews of Kensington Restaurants (Calgary)

Thanks for all the I just have a pure curiosity question. Has anyone eaten at both Blue Nile and Marathon? It has always intriuged me that two ethiopian places can stay in business only a couple blocks away from each other. Would love to hear what everyone thinks of the two.

Reviews of Kensington Restaurants (Calgary)

I've also heard good things about Niko and can't wait to try it.

Didn't see any prices on the Muse site...can you ballpark it for me (ie $40/main?)

Globefish is quite good!! Have you every tried Wa's on Centre St. and 17th Ave NW (I think)? We alternate between these two every other week!

MUST eat places in Vancouver?

Absolutely! I have the book as well and have made half the stuff in it already!

Some Old Favourites (Calgary)...

Does anyone know when Mango Shiva will be re-opening their doors?

Namskar is a good choice as well...I get takeout from there every couple of weeks. Another place I have had great Indian at is Tandori Hut (service is sometimes lacking though).

Reviews of Kensington Restaurants (Calgary)

I am taking my wife to see the Nutcracker in a few weeks. It is being preformed at the Southern Jubilee, so I figured it would be easiest to eat somewhere in Kensington (plus, we live just north of Kensington and I'm always curious as to what everyone thinks about the eats there). I would prefer something nice, as we will be nicely dressed for the performance.

A few specific places I am considering (but please feel free to comment on any Kensington Restaurant that you absolutely love!) -

The Muse - I have a few reccomendations from folks to check this place out. First, what should I expect to pay for a dinner for two and a bottle of wine? Second, is it worth it?

Moroccan Castle - I have heard very mixed reviews about this place.

Pulcinella - Have heard nothing but good things, but I'm worried that it might be a bit too casual for our "dressy" attire.

On another note, I visited Ten Scene a few weeks ago and was not overly blown away. Definitely a great improvement from the Verve, but I still thought it was a bit overpriced for what you got. Don't get me wrong, the Lobster Martini was fantastic! However, we did have a Beet Salad (or something like that) that was very plain and bland and another Satay type dish that was good, but something I felt I could have gotten at Joe's for half the price. Any one else have a great experience that will convince me to give it another try?