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2014 Cheap lunch near wall $5-$10

Looks like we eat at a lot of the same places!

Sam's Falafel
Raul's Empanadas
Dig Inn just opened at 80 Broad, though admittedly I haven't been.
Sophie's for Cuban, the burrito joint next to it isn't bad either.

Aug 19, 2014
taylor04 in Manhattan

New ShopRite in Cedar Knolls

I went on Thursday night, the store was completely mobbed. It's very nice, they certainly went for that Wegman's look but the quality of the products are not up to par with a Wegmans. They had an Oyster Bar with actual bar stools where you can slurp oysters and cocktails, didn't get a closer look due to the crowds but that alone warrants a trip there imo!

Still it's a great addition to the area and probably the nicest shop around, and yes, the Shoprite at Rt 10/202 has closed. They had a 25% off sale going the last two weeks, this past Friday it appeared to be shutdown.

Nov 10, 2013
taylor04 in New Jersey

Belvidere (Warren County)

Honestly, take 10 minutes and drive down 519 to Easton (I realize its not in your preferred direction, but you'll be going a long way north or east hunting for good eats, trust a local!)

There are a lot of great choices there for dinner, two of my favorites being Sette Luna and Maxims 22. Never had a bad meal at either of them, plus there are other options in town as well.


Sep 04, 2013
taylor04 in New Jersey

I-78 food

If you do find yourself in Easton (could be halfway point depending on your origin), Maxim's 22 Bistro is excellent, has a beautiful bar with a nice selection of beers.


Feb 19, 2013
taylor04 in New Jersey

Decent coffee shop / cafe near Penn Station?

Stumptown in the Ace Hotel on 29th & Broadway is my choice, a brief walk from Penn Station but that's the best you'll do in the area. I've heard Culture Espresso is pretty good too but never been myself, it's on 38th around 6th Ave I think.

Culture Espresso Bar
72 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018

18 W 29th Street, New York, NY 10001

Oct 14, 2010
taylor04 in Manhattan

Northern New Jersey Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

Interested in perhaps roasting your own beans? Cate's Green Coffee in Oakland sells lots of fair trade beans, but they're all green. Can't get any fresher!


Apr 18, 2010
taylor04 in New Jersey

Please help me improve my pizza further

I have started making pizza at home within the last year and after many trials I've finally settled on Peter Reinhart's Neo-Neopolitan Pizza Dough as my favorite. If you search on Google Books you can get the full recipe. Also, check out the freshloaf forums if you haven't been there yet, lots of good info.

Also, if you're thinking about getting a stone, I highly recommend a Fibrament. Mine has been fantastic for pizza, bread and anything else I can throw at it.

Mar 29, 2010
taylor04 in Home Cooking

The Taco- Case of the Tortilla.

Unfortunately without fresh masa it would seem that making tortillas is a losing battle, at least for me. I've used Manseca and water ala Bayless's recipe but they always just seem to be average at best. Plus it's tough to get the moisture of the dough just perfect to where it doesn't crack at the edges or stick to the plastic/press. I've heard some people add lard to their dough, I have some manteca in the fridge so I may try that next time I'm in the mood and see if it gets me better results.

Mar 18, 2010
taylor04 in Home Cooking

Restaurants Near Montclair State

Right on Valley Rd in Upper Montclair is the Uptown Bistro. Never been myself but had heard from others it was good.

Mar 03, 2010
taylor04 in New Jersey

Bourdain & Ripert's new radio show on XM

For anyone that doesn't have XM, you can signup for a free 7 day trial of their online service here - http://www.xmradio.com/onxm/promo.xmc

If you want to listen to all 5 weeks of their show, just create a new email address and sign up again once your 7 day trial period is over.

Feb 17, 2010
taylor04 in Food Media & News

North NJ - Good resturant to sit and talk?

I'm not sure how quiet it will be but Chakra in Paramus is pretty good. And if you get a "booth" they're sort of like big comfy couches.

Jan 14, 2010
taylor04 in New Jersey

BLU, Montclair, NJ

Agree 100%. My favorite restaurant by far in this state. Next Door is fantastic as well (same Chef, "next door" to Blu.)

New Cuisianrt ELITE Food Processor?

I just picked up one of these FP's last week. By plunger do you mean the feed tube insert? If so there is a small piece of plastic at the top of the tube that you slide backwards 1/4" to lock and push forward to unlock. If that makes sense...

Oct 06, 2009
taylor04 in Cookware

Pork shoulder taking forever in oven

Total cooking time was 22 hours if you could believe it. I turned the oven down low overnight so it would not overcook (and I wouldn't have to get up at 3am to pull it out.) I think that's what really stalled the whole process. Will probably invest in an oven thermometer now but I believe it was just too low to get any headway. Once I raised it up in the morning it hit 190*+ within 2 hours or so.

Sep 29, 2009
taylor04 in Home Cooking

Pork shoulder taking forever in oven

Quite north of the mason dixon line here but the original craving was for a sloppy pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw. Even have some white bread around for the juice.

Sadly no liquid at the bottom of the pan to make a jus. Not sure if it didn't produce much or it just evaporated after spending a day in the oven.

Makes me wish I owned a house so I could get a smoker and do things right.

Sep 28, 2009
taylor04 in Home Cooking

Pork shoulder taking forever in oven

It seems that jump from 225 overnight up to 250 made a big difference in my oven. Reached 195 so i took it out. Just dug in to it, oh my god, maybe the most succulent pork I've ever had. Thanks all!

(Now I just need to figure out how my g/f and I can eat an 8 pound piece of pork lol)

Sep 28, 2009
taylor04 in Home Cooking

Pork shoulder taking forever in oven

I agree, this seems to be taking forever! I just checked it, starting to move over 175. Still looks juicy and the bone is starting to wiggle.

No oven thermo for me (should really get one though) but my meat thermometer is accurate. Good thing I don't pay for the gas in my condo! haha

Sep 28, 2009
taylor04 in Home Cooking

Pork shoulder taking forever in oven

I've actually had a piece of foil loosely tenting the top of the roast the entire time. Maybe I should leave the temp at 225? As long as it's done in time for dinner (9 hours from now) I'll be a happy man.

Sep 28, 2009
taylor04 in Home Cooking

Pork shoulder taking forever in oven

Had a craving for pulled pork yesterday but the smallest shoulder I could buy was 8.25lbs. Undeterred I put it in a 225* oven at 11am on Sunday. Before I went to bed it was not even close (as expected) so I dropped the temp to 215. Checked just recently (now 21 hours in) and my pork is still at 165*. I have bumped the oven to 250 so I hope it will get up in temp soon. However, I'm worried if it sat at low temps too long. Will this still be safe to eat or do I risk some bacterial growth?

On a positive note, my apartment smells of porky goodness!


Sep 28, 2009
taylor04 in Home Cooking

Caribbean/BVI Chicken Roti

Been trying to duplicate this for years. Look for Dhalpuri recipes, that seems to be the closest thing I can find to the dough used in the BVI's. Never tried it myself though, I usually just make a thick vegetable stew with curry powder, put it in a big tortilla wrap and throw it on a grill pan to get some crisp on the outside. Serve with some mango chutney and an icy Carib.

Jun 09, 2009
taylor04 in Home Cooking

Starbucks Chocolate Chip Scone, any idea how to recreate?

Oh, please post that, sounds great! I've been trying to duplicate their cinnamon chip scones for ever but can't seem to get it right. Mine are always to "spongy" whereas the Starbuck's variety are almost biscotti-like.

Jan 11, 2008
taylor04 in Home Cooking

Great Hot Dogs at Rutt's Hut? Fuhgedaboudit!

Skip over Hot Dog Johnny's and go further south to Toby's Cup in Phillipsburg. Tiny green shack on the side of Rt. 22 that's been there since the 30's. Great deep-fried dogs that rival those of Rutt's Hut. Definitely worth the trip if you're a dog lover.

Dec 05, 2007
taylor04 in New Jersey