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Pre-fixe Lunch at Del Posto vs. Maialino...Which one to choose & why?

I am taking a dear friend from out of town to lunch next week. She's been to a number of the top places for lunch in the city (e.g., JG, EMP, Cafe Boulud, etc.). While Italian is not always my first choice, I have made reservations at Del Posto vs. Maialino. I've tried neither. Can some folks help me out with my decision making process? (Note: she is having lunch on Monday at Boulud Sud. I am not sure how relevant this is to how you would direct me.) Most Grateful...Michael

Apr 29, 2012
mhm2109 in Manhattan

Please Help Me Choose: Only 3 Nights in Montreal

what a coincidence. I made a reservation today at APDC. They could only give me the counter, but I have heard that the counter is great for 2 people. I am still trying to chose between L'OS, Laloux, Europea, or APDC for my bday dinner. It's just going to be me and my best friend. Can you or other weigh in? Thanks

Tocqueville's Restaurant Week Dinner Menu? get the menu, you have to call and they connect you to a poorly recorded voicemail. The food was mediocre, the dining room was cramped, and the waiters all reminded me of busboys and runners I used to work with. How they got to be front waiters at a place like Tocquville is beyond me. Never going back.

1 East 15th Street, New York, NY 10003

Jan 30, 2009
mhm2109 in Manhattan

Tocqueville's Restaurant Week Dinner Menu?

Has anyone seen Tocqueville's "Restaurant Week" dinner menu or know if it's on-line anywhere? I am not sure if they participated in last summer's "Restaurant Week" for dinner. If someone eat there then and had that menu, please share your experience. Many thanks.

Jan 18, 2009
mhm2109 in Manhattan

Please Help Me Choose: Only 3 Nights in Montreal

Thanks thus far to the three of you...this is good info to go on.

Please Help Me Choose: Only 3 Nights in Montreal

I will be in Montreal in early Feb for a conference and I plan to eat my way through your beautiful city. I have a few foodie friends that I plan to bring along (drag if I must!) for these dining adventures. One drawback is that I will be in town on a Sun, Mon & Tues night and I know that many places are closed on Sun & Mon. For Sunday 8 Feb (my birthday), I want to go somewhere with a group of 6 friends that's special and has an air of excitement. I have become OCD with choosing restaurants and making reservations...I think I need an intervention. Below are the places I have narrowed it down to...please help me choose.

Sunday: Laloux or L'Express for my birthday

Monday: Ferreria or Europea. (I guess if I don't choose Laloux or L'Express on Sunday, that one could go here as they are both open on Monday).

Tuesday: Bonaparte, Toque, Raza or La Colombe

Any help-especially strong opinions-would be greatly appreciated. If I am off-base and there are other places (especially not so well known) that I should venture to, please advise. It would be great to learn about them. Many thanks!

Jean Georges or Chanterelle for a Special B-day Dinner?

Thanks for your reply. I would definitely send a note to the owners...they would be horrified...and rightly so.

Oct 01, 2008
mhm2109 in Manhattan

Jean Georges or Chanterelle for a Special B-day Dinner?

I would appreciate some help in deciding which place to take a dear friend for her birthday. I have been to both, but not for approx 7-10 years. I know both have excellent food, yet I prefer smaller less formal places for foodies. These were her two choices so I need to decide. Can people chime-in about their recent experiences - food, wine and service? Also, if there are must-have dishes and nice wines (which won't break the bank), I would be happy to know about them. Many thanks. -MM

Sep 30, 2008
mhm2109 in Manhattan